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Who Is Producer Michael And What’s His Net Worth?

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With his flamboyant outfits, exotic cars, luxury watches and tours of mega mansions, Michael Blakey (better known as @ProducerMichael on social media) is hard to miss. But who the heck is he? And how’d he get so rich?

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So Producer Michael, as you might’ve guessed, is a music, TV, and film producer. He’s worked with artists such as Eminem and Willie Nelson.

Born in London in 1958, he began producing tracks before his 20th birthday. He also worked as a session drummer and composer.

Michael would go on to start several of his own record labels and create music for a variety of movies and television shows. At the time of writing this, he’s sold north of 100 million albums and won five Grammys.

These days, he’s more focused on managing other artists, being an influencer, and running his company OMG VIP, which brings artists and their fans together in intimate and memorable experiences.

Producer Michael’s net worth

Producer Michael Beverly Hills

Alright, so how much money has the man made thus far? Well, Celebrity Net Worth lists him at a $60 million dollar net worth, while Wealthy Persons says $70 million. Either way, it’s nothing to sneeze at.

Especially considering he’s already spent a small fortune collecting some of the finer things in life. To still have a net worth of roughly $65 million is pretty damn remarkable.

Producer Michael has turned his passion for flashin’ into quite the YouTube business. He and his partner, Adam Swords, are “in it to win it.”

They’ve racked up billions of views, thanks to a dopamine drip of supercars, luxury timepieces, private jets, high-end homes, and pretty ladies. Speaking of which.

Producer Michael gets Caroline wet

In one of Michael’s most viral videos, he teams up with LA real estate agent, Caroline Choi, to tour a mansion in Newport Beach.

Priced at $14.5 million dollars, the 6,500 square-foot crib has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, an office, home gym, and a garage fit for a fleet of cars.

Oh, and of course, a pool that Producer Michael inevitably pushes Caroline into after 32-minutes of anticipation. Brilliant.

It’s like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous meets OnlyFans, presented by Austin Powers’ real-life doppelganger.

Say what you want, the guy knows how to produce great content.

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