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Peter Pru Net Worth, Forbes Mention

Peter Pru Mansion

“Do you know how to catch a fake guru?” asks Peter Pru in yet another one of his YouTube ads, as he unironically stands in front of a pink mansion that’s not his. “Well let me tell you if you don’t already know.”

“You actually ask them to build your business for you. Because guess what: most gurus, the things that they teach, the concepts that they claim to have the ‘secret wealth formula,’ they actually haven’t done it themselves.”

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“Now what if somebody actually built your business for you? Made sales for you? And only then handed it over to you?” he continues.

“Would you think you could be successful? Well that is something the team here at Ecommerce Empire Builders (myself, Jordan, Ali) actually came to realize.”

“We realized that, combined total, we have 25+ years in online experience, millions of dollars in sales made online between us, and we actually wanna offer to build your business for you.”

“We do this for a handful of people each and every single month because we know it is the best way that we can actually guarantee your results.”

“So if you’re interested in learning more about what this entails, what this covers, click the button in the corner of this video, opt in, and you’ll be able to learn more about what this business-in-a-box covers.”

No niche, product, or experience needed. Peter Pru and his team gotcha covered. I walked you through that YouTube ad because that’s how Peter’s making the majority of his money these days—by peddling a done-for-you ecom store.

What do I think of the offer? I think there’s clearly more money and less risk in selling you the dream of having your own hands-free ecommerce store than there is in Peter actually doing this for himself.

But he was featured in Forbes, wasn’t he?

Peter Pru ClickFunnels Plaques

Peter Pru’s plaques (say that three times fast) prove he’s a big deal.

Sorta. He was mentioned in this article by Stephanie Burns, a contributor who covers female entrepreneurship. Is that weird to anyone else? Like, why not get a quote from, oh I dunno, a female? Huh, Stephanie?

Also, there’s a perfectly branded anchor text link back to Peter’s homepage. All things considered, and knowing so many gurus who do this, I’d bet big money he paid for that mention.

And if that’s the case, I think it’s incredibly misleading to lead with “as seen on Forbes” in all of your marketing.

Oh, and that makes his opening line about “how to spot a fake guru” hilarious. F*cking hypocrite.

That said, how rich has he gotten selling suckers people the system?

Estimating Peter Pru’s net worth

Peter Pru Lambo

Peter Pru has a habit of posing for pics in front of cool things that aren’t his.

With all the phony lifestyle marketing, you might think he’s made a lot more than he really has. Don’t get me wrong, we believe he’s easily a multi-millionaire at this point. But we’re putting his net worth at a modest $4 million dollars.

Nowhere near the amount you’d need to live in a mansion like the one he filmed his YouTube ad in front of.

Personally, I just don’t trust this dude. It seems like he created the illusion of success so he could start making big ticket sales. And now he actually is getting rich, but I don’t respect how he got there.

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