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Phil Pustejovsky Net Worth And The Power Of Real Estate Investing

Phil Pustejovsky

Real estate is an ideal investment for building your net worth,” says the self-proclaimed “freedom mentor,” Phil Pustejovsky, in one of his videos.

To do it right, you need to acquire properties that pay you a positive cash flow each month, after all expenses are paid.

You can then take advantage of depreciation, which is like a “phantom expense,” Phil explains.

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And if you’re smart, and you shop for deals, you can create equity, even on day one.

In a perfect world, each home would appreciate, at a faster pace than inflation, over time. This isn’t typical, but it can happen.

And think about leverage, Phil says. For easy math, let’s say you put down $10k for a $100k property. At the end of year one, if that house does appreciate, and it’s now worth, say, $103k—well, guess what? You’re up 30% on that initial $10k, aren’t you? Not bad.

“As you can see, this thing is just tailor-made for building your net worth,” Phil says excitedly.

But the key, once again, he reiterates, is that it’s got to bring in money; to stand on its own two feet.

“Because if the property doesn’t cash flow, you’ve got a real problem on your hands. You’ve got to bring in money from somewhere else.”

“Which, that’s an issue because the whole point is to grow your net worth and not to be five years down the road and look good on paper, but be so cash-poor you can’t even feed yourself,” he adds.

And remember: it’s quality over quantity. A lot of real estate investors wanna brag about how many units they have, but so what? It’s about how productive your portfolio is, right? That’s all that matters.

So if you accidentally buy a property that won’t cash flow, whaddya do? Get rid of it. Flip it and move on. Only hold the clear winners.

Basically, you’ll have to “kiss a lot of frogs in order to find a prince.” Know that going in.

Phil Pustejovsky’s money situation

Phil Real Estate Mentor

Now that we know why Phil fell in love with real estate, let’s stick our noses into his personal affairs, shall we? I snooped around the internet, trying to find out how much the man’s made actually practicing what he preaches.

Turns out, Phil’s pretty tight-lipped about his own net worth, going as far as to plant articles which basically say, “Oh, you were looking for my net worth? Welp, I’m flattered but I’m also not gonna tell you because I don’t want a bullseye on my back.”

You see, Phil fears, if people knew how rich he was, he’d get hit with frivolous lawsuits—perhaps from tenants of his who’re hoping for a big payday. Makes sense I guess.

Nonetheless, and I’m not sure how accurate this is, but a site called Wealthy Persons has Phil Pustejovsky’s net worth listed at $6 million dollars. Personally, I’d be shocked if it was that low. Six milli ain’t nothin’. I bet it’s double that. But only Phil and his accountant know for sure.

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