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Partner With Anthony Review (And 5 Red Flags)

Anthony Morrison Self Made

“So why should you not be an Amazon store owner? Here’s a million reasons why,” says Anthony Morrison, pointing to his ClickFunnels Million Dollar Affiliate plaque, in his latest YouTube ad.

“Here’s the deal: I’ve made millions of dollars not selling on Amazon, and not having an Amazon store. In fact, it is super super difficult. But there is one way that I have made a million dollars—and that’s as an affiliate online,” he continues.

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From there, Anthony goes to his whiteboard and lists four reasons you shouldn’t sell on Amazon: (1) It’s complex. (2) The competition is huge. (3) It takes a ton of time. (4) Price wars: when newbies enter the market, the more established brands are able to sell for less, thus driving the little guys right into the ground.

The solution? Well, according to the smooth-talking Morrison brother rockin’ a Self-Made chain, instead of trying to start your own Amazon store, why not just become an Amazon affiliate?

“Have you ever thought about, like, working with Amazon as opposed to against Amazon?” he asks.

Anthony then switches over to his computer screen and shows you how to sign up to be an affiliate for Amazon and explains how you can earn as much as 10% on every referred sale.

Anthony Morrison supposedly used affiliate marketing to pay off his parents’ home

Morrison Family Digital Empire

Anthony tells how he discovered affiliate marketing, almost by necessity, after his dad lost his entire life savings in a real estate deal gone bad. Determined to help his parents out financially, he mastered affiliate marketing and eventually earned enough money to pay off their mortgage. Allegedly.

“We went from desperation to a Cinderella lifestyle in just a few short months,” recalls Anthony’s father.

That was back in 2006, by the way. And after all these years, Anthony points out, he’s still cashing big checks as a super affiliate. What’s more, it’s an internet business that has survived a housing crash, a recession, and even a worldwide pandemic.

“Listen, affiliate marketing is the number one way to have success online; and what I wanna do is partner with you to do it,” he says.

And instead of charging thousands of dollars like most courses, you can Partner With Anthony for just a few bucks. And you’ll never feel stuck, ’cause Anthony will be right there working alongside you—so you can both make more money.

Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Not so fast.

Partner With Anthony warnings—five things to think about

Partner With Anthony Overview

One, if you know anything about the Morrison brothers, you know they’ve got more ways to take your money than a roomful of personal injury attorneys. If you think you’ll only be in this for “a few bucks,” think again. Anthony’s gonna pepper you with upsells once you’re a member.

Two, he never really says how it all works. Where will you get traffic from—paid ads? If so, how much will you need for that? And what’s Anthony’s role in all of this? To let you do all the grunt work while he sits back and takes the lion’s share of the profits?

Three, where was Anthony’s proof? You tellin’ me this dude really promotes products on Amazon—still to this day—for piddly little commissions… when he’s makin’ millions selling trainings and coaching? Doubt it.

Four, wait, so he’s sayin’ there’s not a ton of competition for affiliate marketing? Bro. Shut the actual f*ck up. Affiliate marketing is the most saturated online business there is. Think about it. It’s free. Anyone can sign up. And you can be in business in just a few minutes. What’s not to like? And so, naturally, everyone and their auntie’s already doing affiliate marketing.

Five, didn’t Amazon just slash commissions due to Covid? I mean, damn, whaddya gonna make—fifty cents a sale? You better have an email list of 500,000 people or one of the most popular blogs in the world or be a gotdamn Facebook ads savant to make the math work. Good luck.

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