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Quavo Net Worth

Quavo Net Wealth Bio

Quavo net worth: Quavious Keyate Marshall, aka Quavo, is a rapper with a net worth of $25 million dollars.  Continue down the page for 10 interesting details about Quavo’s life.

Quavo Huncho Shades

1. On April 2, 1991, Quavo was born in Athens, Georgia.  His father died when he was four.  His mother, a hairdresser, raised him, along with his nephew Krishnik (aka Takeoff) and cousin Kiari (aka Offset).  Eighteen years later, the three of them formed a rap group, which you now know as Migos.

Quavo Artwork

2. He went to Berkmar High School in Lilburn, Georgia.  He was their star quarterback, and once held a record for most completed passes in a game—at 28.  His team, however, only won one of 10 games his senior year.  After the season, just months before graduating, Quavo dropped out of high school to focus on music.

Quavo Rose Gold Instagram

3. He can hoop too.  Quavo is a regular in the annual NBA All-Star Celebrity Game.  In 2018, after putting up 19 points, he earned MVP honors.

Quavo 21 Savage Basketball

4. It was in junior high that Quavo, along with cousin Offset and nephew Takeoff, first started making music.  The hip-hop threesome used to bribe DJs with free drinks—if they’d play some of their songs at the club.

Migos Magazine Cover

5. Migos became an official rap trio in 2009, first calling themselves Polo Club.  Their 2013 song “Versace” put ’em on the map.  “Bad and Boujee” and “MotorSport” made ’em mainstream.  All three members have since launched solo projects, outside of Migos, that have been successful as well.

Quavo Pink Paint

6. The Migos members were arrested, mid-concert, in April 2015; Quavo was hit with possession of narcotics, weed and a firearm in a school safety zone.  He pled no contest and was sentenced to 12-months.  After paying fines, however, he was able to avoid serving any actual time.  He was later accused of robbing Eric the Jewler at a Grammys after-party.  His most embarrassing run-in with the law occurred long before all this, when, in middle school, he got busted for stealing a $12 pair of socks from Macy’s.

Quavo Showing Chains

7. Quavo was a guest judge on Netflix’s first-ever music competition program, Rhythm + Flow.  He is the executive producer for an animated kids series that uses the Atlanta hip-hop scene to spread positive messages to youngsters, aged eight to twelve.  He also co-produced a horror film called The Resort.

Quavo Huncho Icy

8. Quavo is always trying to up his game.  In an interview with Highsnobiety, he said: “You gotta upgrade your style just like you upgrade your whips and cars and houses.  I’m most definitely rock with Prada, I’m rocking Moncler, Alyx, anything Virgil puts his hands on.  I got a McLaren 720S.  A 4×4 Mercedes Benz, the big truck.  A Maybach.  A couple four-wheelers.  I keep it fresh.”

Quavo Classic Car

9. Quavo is known for lugging around a backpack, loaded with cash, everywhere he goes.  He’s also got his two favorite chains on him at all times: Remy the rat, from Ratatouille and Yoda from Star Wars.  Oh, and a fresh T-shirt—just in case he spills.

Quavo Hallway Hanging

10. Quavo used to have the hots for Nicki Minaj.  He is currently dating fellow hip-hop superstar, Saweetie.  He does not have any kids.

Quavo Saweetie Birthday

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