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It All Comes Down To Money

What Questions

Just the tip: question everything.  Most of what we believe to be fact is nothing more than an idea that a more powerful person or entity embedded in us.  Usually, one that has billions of dollars on the line.

Whether it’s snacking on a low-fat cereal bar to lose weight or caking yourself in SPF 50 to prevent skin cancer or dropping $50k on that college degree you think you need or financing that Audi A3 convertible to feel a little younger, it’s Big Someone pulling the strings.

Government, Food, Pharma, Auto, Retail, Media, whoever.

Knowing that, I’ve become aggressively curious.  Like, is any of this “real?”  Or is it all bullsh*t?  Is everything I believe and do, and especially, buy, based on someone’s bottom line?

Probably.  But that’s not the issue.

What is, is that, in many cases, we’re being lied to.

“Whole grains are healthy.  Red meat causes cancer.  Watch your salt intake.  Stay away from cholesterol.”

Really, American Heart Association?

Here, I’ve got a recommended diet for you.  It’s called: eat a d*ck.  Liars.

That’s just one example though.

Everywhere you look, society’s being played like a fiddle.

Not you.  You’re way too woke.  You challenge convention.  Always.  Because maybe – just maybe – you’ll be healthier, happier, richer… if you zig when everyone else zags.

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