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Robb Quinn Art Of Sales Review

Robb Quinn Scale Sales Fast

Robb Quinn wants to tell me how to scale sales fast. This, according to his latest Facebook ad. Can he though? Let’s find out. I’m gonna go through his funnel and write a review as I go. First, though, here’s our anti-agency model:

So Robb Quinn’s ad takes me over to RobbQuinn.org, where I’m asked to enter my name, email and phone number in exchange for a free video download featuring Robb’s “Reversal Method” for landing long-term, big-ticket contracts… even if I’m shy and suck at sales. Okay, I’ll bite.

Agency Clients Reversal Method

After submitting my information, I check my inbox and open Robb’s first autoresponder, which reads as follows:

Smart move getting your hands on this, “Reversal Method” training!

Most Agency Owners are complacent with selling month to month.

The fact you took action shows you’re unique amongst the pack.

You’re not like all these other agencies flooding the market just trying to make a quick buck.

Let’s not wait any longer..

Click HERE to download your free training on how to Easily Sell Long Term Contracts.

I’m looking forward to watching your success closely!

Robb Quinn
Art of Sales

Hey, so far so good. I like me a marketer who keeps their promises. Anyhoo, I click the link and land on this page:

Agency Audit RobbQuinn

Like most pitch value videos, Robb Quinn starts out humble bragging: at 22 years old, he sold Kirby vacuums door-to-door and led his region in sales; at 24 years old, he moved on to selling gym memberships, and was ranked #1 out of more than 60+ reps; next, digital marketing for the Yellow Pages, where he again did his thang; and of course, he had the usual screenshots of current students inside his Art of Sales group, which, if I see one more of those things with names blocked out and red rectangles highlighting the important parts and fire emojis and incredible income claims… I just, I can’t.

(Everyone selling a course has a zillion of those and they can easily be faked. Or maybe they’re from someone who has something to gain by talking up the course creator. Like maybe they sell for him or get paid to do support. Or perhaps they’re just exaggerating, knowing other sheeple in the group will PM them, asking for their secrets; at which point, they’ll sell ’em something of their own. I’m not sayin’ this is the case with Robb’s testimonials—just that, for the love of God, I’m so sick of seeing gurus trying to sell based off meaningless, possibly-altered, probably-heavily-biased feedback from a private Facebook group.)

Wait, where was I? Oh yeah: Robb Quinn’s “Reversal Method” and how it help me land higher-retainer clients resulting in acquiring an extra $25k per month, without any additional ad spend or getting any more leads. (Per one of his slides in the video.)

To pull this off, there are three steps. Now, to be fair to Robb, I won’t document everything here. Go through his funnel yourself… if you want the nitty-gritty, alright?

But here’s the high-level overview: First, go after high ticket niches only (businesses who can afford $3k per month and up). Second, establish a unique market value (so businesses see you as someone who’s different than all the other me-too agency owners out there). Third, apply Robb’s proprietary “Inception Selling Formula,” which’ll turn their disbelief into your belief using a special series of questions and language patterns.

The last 10-minutes of the video is your standard pitch for booking a strategy session (or “agency audit,” as Robb calls it) so that his team can hopefully channel their inner Art of Sales and close you into their high-ticket coaching program.

If you’d like to compare that to what we do? Basically, what I just did here, only at the local level, and then rent the site out to a small business owner (without having to do sales calls at all or spend so much as a dime on ads), you owe it to yourself to at least check out the link below.

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