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Amy Adams Quotes

Amy Lou Adam

Amy Adams quotes: the A-list actress’s best content.

“Find out who you are and embrace it.  It’s so much easier to face criticism when you are comfortable in your own skin.”

“Excitement and passion kind of go together.”

“I don’t see anything wrong with playing your cards.  I mean, is there something wrong with wanting to do your best?”

“If you’re not excited by it, why do you do it?”

“The illusion of perfection is an illusion anyway.  Perfect isn’t normal, nor is it interesting.”

“I think a lot of times we don’t pay enough attention to people with a positive attitude because we assume they are naive or stupid or unschooled.”

“What I respect in people more than anything is work ethic.”

“One of the things that’s really important to me is the work experience and feeling you can have an effect on that.”

“I like Cinderella, I really do.  She has a good work ethic.  I appreciate a good, hard-working gal.”

“I tend to be really pragmatic, but ultimately tend to be attracted to people who pull me into more spontaneity.  I’ve really learned that, through surrender, the best experiences of my life have happened.”

“I do believe that you don’t have to act like a man to be strong.  You can still be feminine.”

“I grew up as a Mormon, and that had more of an impact on my values than my beliefs.  I’m afraid I will always feel the weight of a lie.  I’m very hard on myself anyway.  Religious guilt carries over too.  You can’t really misbehave without feeling badly about it.  At least, I can’t.”

“I find that in life all you can do is try to be honest about who you are and how you’re feeling, and trust that it will be received in the correct way.”

“That’s always been my philosophy: I try to just be as straightforward as possible, and then I don’t really have to question what I said or regret anything.”

“That’s how I prepare for anything – I read whatever I can get my hands on, talk to people.  I’m a bit of a nerd like that.”

“I have worked with some of the meanest people in the world.  You can’t do anything to intimidate me.”

“Where I feel most empowered is in educating myself and being, hopefully, a mentor for younger women.”

“I think there are certain people that you’ll always want to impress no matter how much success you have.”

“You know, I love traveling and I love being exposed to different cultures, but really it’s the people that I’ve met along the way, not the places I’ve been, that have opened my eyes.”

“I love talking, and I love communicating with people and hearing new ideas.”

“I still think I’m like the poor girl from Colorado who worked three jobs to buy a car.  That’s still my mentality, so I’ll be walking down the street, and I forget what I do and who I am.”

“I was a pretty scrappy, tough kid; I got in all sorts of fights at school.  I defended myself – boys didn’t mess with me.  I’m one of seven kids… you have to fight for everything anyway.  That’ll keep your ego in check.”

“I knew I wanted to be a performer, but I didn’t know I would specifically be in film.  I actually never thought I would be in film.  I always envisioned being on the stage.”

“I’m very excited to be here.  It’s much bigger than I expected.”

“Moving out to L.A. for me was a leap of faith.  I was very secure in my dinner theater world; I loved it, and I was just like, ‘I think there’s something else out there for me and I just have to go for it.'”

“I’m like the luckiest girl in the world.  I’ve gotten to be a princess, I’ve gotten to work with the Muppets.  A lot of my childhood dreams about who I wanted to be when I was a grown-up, I at least get to play them in movies.”

“I’m lucky enough to get really interesting and diverse roles offered to me, and I just hope that that continues.  I just want to keep expanding as an artist and really try new things.”

“I’m overwhelmed.  I have so many people to thank.”

“There’s no halfway with me.  I ain’t got time to pretend I don’t want a job.”

“I want to go do more… I want that experience.  Whether I succeed or fail, I want to know what that is.”

“This has been my profession and I have been paying the bills from it since I was 17.”

“I feel like my relationship with my work is no longer a co-dependent one.  It feels really healthy.  I’m putting my best foot forward.  Before, it was always, ‘I can do better, I can do better.’  But now I know I am doing the best that I can.”

“I’m just doing what I enjoy.”

“I always had a larger view.  I’m interested in real life – my family, my friends.  I have tried never to define myself by my success, whatever that is.  My happiness is way beyond roles and awards.”

“I may succeed, I may fail, but I’ll try anything.”

“We’re only here briefly.  And while I’m here I want to allow myself joy.”

“Oh, we’re going to have a great time.”

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