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Adele Quotes

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins MBE

Adele quotes: the English singer-songwriter’s greatest quotes.

“Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavement, even if it leads nowhere?”

“Be brave and fearless to know that even if you do make a wrong decision, you’re making it for a good reason.”

“It’s important so you stay in touch with yourself.  If you lose touch with yourself, no one’s going to want to talk to you or listen to anything you’re f*cking doing.  They’ll just point at you and laugh.  At you, not with you.”

“I don’t think sadness is always devastating.  It can be quite uplifting and joyful as well and sometimes, you have to allow yourself be sad in order to move forward.”

“When I sing ‘Someone like You,’ I know that every single person in the room will be able to relate to it.  That’s where that emotional connection comes from.  I have sympathy for myself, I have sympathy for them, they have sympathy for me, and I know that we are all there knowing exactly how each other feels.  It’s like a big pact.  You can just feel it.  You can slice it.”

“Life is so much easier when you don’t hoard your past.”

“Regrets and mistakes – they’re memories made.”

“I think no matter what you look like, the key is to first of all be happy with yourself.  And then you know if you want to try to improve things that you don’t like about yourself, then do it after you appreciate yourself.”

“A lot of people try to be brave and not shed a tear.  Sometimes when you know someone else feels as sh*tty as you do, or approaches things in a certain way just like you do, it makes you feel better about yourself.”

“I don’t make music for eyes.  I make music for ears.”

“I love hearing my audience breathe.”

“I wanted to be a singer forever.  But it’s not really my cup of tea, having the whole world know who you are.”

“I find it quite difficult to think that there’s, you know, about 20 million people listening to my album that I wrote very selfishly to get over a breakup.  I didn’t write it hoping that it’s going to be a hit.”

“I just want to make music, I don’t want people to talk about me.  All I’ve ever wanted to do was sing.  I don’t want to be a celebrity.  I don’t want to be in people’s faces, you know, constantly on covers of magazines that I haven’t even known I’m on.”

“I think it’s really important that you don’t think you’re great.  Because once you get to that point, you just f*ck everything up.  You think that everyone’s going to think you’re great all the time, and that’s rubbish.”

“I’d love to be an artist always, but if no one wants me, I’d love to write songs for other people, be a manager, nurture new talent.”

“I doubt I’ll be singing forever, because at some point people aren’t going to want to hear my music, and I hope that I’ll still get the opportunity to write songs.”

“I love a bit of drama.  That’s a bad thing.  I can flip really quickly.”

“A drunk tongue is an honest one in my opinion.”

“Beauty comes from within, not from what you wear.”

“I’m like Johnny Cash.  I only wear black.”

“Compared to my friends, I’m not that unusual.  It’s only magnified because I happen to write about it.”

“I have never been insecure, ever, about how I look, about what I want to do with myself.  My mum told me to only ever do things for myself, not for others.”

“I don’t want to be some skinny mini with my tits out.  I really don’t want to do it and I don’t want people confusing what it is that I’m about.”

“I don’t rely on my figure to sell records.”

“Exploiting yourself sexually is not a good look.  I don’t find it encouraging… I just stand there and sing.  I’m not worried that I’m a ‘plus size’ and so much bigger than other artists.  No matter what you look like the key is to be happy with yourself.”

“I like having my hair and face done, but I’m not going to lose weight because someone tells me to.  I make music to be a musician not to be on the cover of Playboy.”

“I don’t really need to stand out, there’s room for everyone.  Although I haven’t built a niche yet, I’m just writing love songs.”

“I don’t care if you’re black, white, short, tall, skinny, rich, or poor.  If you respect me, I’ll respect you.”

“When it comes to staying myself – my career isn’t my life, it doesn’t come home with me.  So it’s a piece of piss staying grounded and not being changed by it.  The same things I’ve always liked… still satisfy me.  My team’s the same and my group of friends are the same.  Of course I’m bowled over by people’s response to 21 [her second album], and when I meet artists I love, it blows my mind.  But it baffles me as well.  I go home and my best friend laughs at me, rather than going to a celebrity-studded party to rub shoulders with people who know me but who I don’t know.  I’m Z-list when it comes to that sh*t.”

“I have insecurities of course, but I don’t hang out with anyone who points them out to me.”

“I can’t dance to save my life.”

“I am quite loud and bolshie.  I’m a big personality.  I walk into a room, big and tall and loud.”

“I’m ballsy.  I have guts.  I’m not afraid of anyone.  I think that’s what makes me feel powerful.”

“I think I remind everyone of themselves.  Not saying everyone is my size, but it’s relatable because I’m not perfect, and I think a lot of people are portrayed as perfect, unreachable, and untouchable.”

“Don’t underestimate the things that I will do.”

“Mum loves me being famous!  She is so excited and proud, as she had me so young and couldn’t support me, so I am living her dream, it’s sweeter for both of us.  It’s her 40th birthday soon and I’m going to buy her 40 presents.”

“For the Grammys, I wore this green dress and everyone said I looked like Fiona from Shrek.  I don’t f*cking care.  It was Givenchy Couture!  They can say what they want.”

“My life is full of drama, and I don’t have time to worry about something as petty as what I look like.”

“I can’t be a product; no one can do that to me.  I have all the say; I have power over everything I do.”

“I’m really happy to be me, and I’d like to think people like me more because I’m happy with myself and not because I refuse to conform to anything.”

“My career’s not my life.  It’s my hobby.”

Adele, out.  Now read Queen B quotes.

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