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Aisha Tyler Quotes

Aisha Naomi Tyler

Aisha Tyler quotes: the entertainer tells it like it is.

“Get up, go out into the world, and do awesome sh*t.”

“I believe fully that if you want to do something, you just go do it. You can sit around, think about it, waiting until things are perfect, wringing your hands, dithering and hesitating and slowly twisting your panties into a perfect little fisherman’s knot. Or you can get up off your lazy f*cking ass and do something. What’s the worst that can happen?”

“Real success and accomplishment, at whatever it is you are passionate about, requires real work. Real sacrifice. Real disappointment. Real failure. And it requires the ability to scrape your sorry ass up off the floor, stumble to your feet, wipe the rivulets of watery drool from your face, and do it again, like an obstinate toddler running against the wall with his head in a bucket.”

“But if you really want something, you don’t punch it in the face. You stick with it until you stop wanting to hit it and start wanting to hug it, and then kiss it, and finally make sweet, sweet love to it that will leave you both in a shivering puddle of tears.”

“Until then, it’s absolutely fine to fake it till you make it. Jump in with both feet. ‘Act as if.’ Just remember, you’ve got to actually put in the hours, and do the real, hard work of ‘becoming as if.'”

“You can’t control where you were born, the family you were born into, what you look like; you can’t control any of those circumstances. The only thing you can control is how you react.”

“One thing about creativity is, when you feel confident and respected, you’re more likely to pitch more interesting stuff because you’re not as precious with it. You feel like, ‘This is going to land, and I’m going to be supported in this.'”

“But you never know what you can create if you put your heart into it unreservedly, and never let anyone else make you feel as if you don’t belong. Because a rebel is just a guy who doesn’t have the good sense to go the same way the crowd is going, and the composure to act like that was his idea all along.”

“Bravery is the engine of change.”

“Hard work is far more valuable than talent. The world is littered with brilliant, talented, lazy nobodies. If you have talent and you don’t have the stones to get up every day and perfect that talent, accept criticism, look at yourself honestly, suck on the hard lozenge of failure, and try to constantly and consistently improve, well then, you don’t have sh*t.”

“I believe in hard work. I think that everything flows out of that. I really love being busy because I am—feel like I am at my best when I am busy. I love to be busy and be challenged. I’m my happiest when I’m under pressure and almost overwhelmed by how much I have to get done.”

“Nothing really worth having is easy to get. The hard-fought battles, the goals won with sacrifice, are the ones that matter.”

“Sometimes the mistake I see people make is thinking that they’re always going to be up, and I think that’s impossible for anyone.”

“Success is not the absence of failure; it’s the persistence through failure.”

“You can only really learn from failure. To win, you need to fail, and fail hard.”

“Stark and egregious errors, the truly epic failures, forge character. They burnish your edges and make you the person you are.”

“Wounds turn into scars and scars make you tough.”

“When one is undone—sprawled across the cold tile of a public bathroom in a pool of one’s own vomit, or shivering in the back of a taxi in a pair of urine-soaked skinny jeans with no money for cab fare and a dead cell phone battery—much like a wobbly toddler or an unhinged politician, one immediately looks for someone else to blame. God. Your parents. Ex-girlfriends. Undocumented immigrants. Marvin in Human Resources. China.”

“The only concept or experience or core belief that I can attribute my other-ness to is that I just started out a weirdo and I stayed a weirdo. And it took me a long time to embrace my outsidership and see it as a strength rather than a weakness.”

“I can’t control what’s fair and unfair. I can’t control the nature of the business or the nature of society or the nature of the world, but what I can control is how I choose to see the world and what I choose to put back into it.”

“I feel if you believe in equality, you have to believe in it for everybody. And that’s the way I’ve always lived my life.”

“I think the thing I fear most in life is waking up one day and not feeling challenge: feeling ambivalent or glib about what I have to do that day.”

“The best advice anybody could have given me was to keep getting up over and over again.”

“I thought I was gonna be an attorney, so I went to Dartmouth and I was a government major and I minored in environmental policy, and I didn’t do anything academically around the arts.”

“I acted out a lot. I was very nerdy. I was very isolated, which I made up for by kind of talking and trying to entertain people and get them to like me, so I did theater and improv in high school and college, but always as a hobby.”

“I started out being a stand-up and writing my own material. That took me to Talk Soup, where I was writing and performing for TV.”

“I love stand-up, and it’s where I came from creatively, so it’s something I never want to walk away from.”

“The only way I was going to be funny was if I was myself, and either you liked it, or you didn’t. Either you got on my train, or you didn’t. Freeing myself of this idea that I had to fit a certain mold was when I was able to be my funniest.”

“There’s a part of every person that is entertained by the idealistic, the fantastic.”

“I take the most wrenchingly painful moments of my life, brush them off and present them for the amusement of others. Luckily for me, my childhood was torture. Comedy is ugly. It’s honest, it’s raw.”

“If you have a secret, and it’s embarrassing to you, when you tell that story, you own it. It becomes yours, and no one can use it against you.”

“I visualize myself winning the Olympic Pentathlon, inventing a phone that can be controlled by brain waves, or doing the laundry. I do not actually do these things, but I see myself doing them, and that is almost more satisfying, because I am also lying down.”

“I am constantly re-evaluating my goals and trying to strike items from my to-do list that aren’t critical.”

“Am I going to complain about being typecast as smart? I don’t think so. I’m just myself, so I don’t know that I think of myself as a nerd icon.”

“I’m the kindest, most supportive friend ever, probably to my own detriment, but I hope that I am toughening up a little bit.”

“I don’t want to be pandered to, so I try not to pander.”

“I’m my own boss and my boss is a total ass.”

“Yes, I do get recognized in public. It’s pretty nice.”

“In my life and my work, I really try to be just fully myself. I’m just going to be the best version of me that I could possibly be and be as funny as I possibly can. I’ve just got to be myself and hopefully people will find me.”

“I believe that the essence of marriage is choosing someone who loves you for who you are, embraces everything about you, and building a life with that person. Whether that life is with children or without children, it’s honestly immaterial to building a life with someone that you love fully.”

“I think people sleepwalk through their lives, and for me, I wanted to embrace everything. And that meant the agonizing pain and the transcendence, and you can’t have one without the other.”

“You know, it’s about getting out there and having a good time. Not about worrying. All these young books for women are like ‘I’m 29 with a closet full of Prada shoes and I can’t get a date.’ Come on.”

“A belief in feminism is a belief in personal freedom—the freedom to live a life free of fear of violence, to select a fulfilling career and be compensated fairly, to choose when to start a family, to marry whom you love. I want everyone, regardless of gender, to live a life free of restriction or fear, able to pursue their own personal brand of happiness and fulfillment.”

“I don’t think of myself as a role model, but I do feel like, for women out there who are trying to figure out who they are, the most important choice to make is to live a life that’s true to who you are inside. And let your ideas and your heart and your mind drive your fashion choices.”

“I’m black, and black don’t crack. It does droop. I am black, and there’s no getting around that, but being black doesn’t define every aspect of my life.”

“When I get old and slow down I want to look behind me and see all the fire and the wreckage and no stone left unturned.”

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