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Akshay Kumar Quotes

Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia

Akshay Kumar quotes: the actor reflects on his career and life.

“Strive for excellence and success will follow.”

“It’s up to us, have a vision, think big, ignore the no sayers, work your ass off and change the world.”

“When you taste super-success after tasting super-failure, there is huge relief.”

“Failure is unfortunately as common as success.”

“If you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in life!”

“It’s the best thing if your work is your passion in life. It makes me feel like I’m always on break.”

“I think everyone has the power to create greatness.”

“I’m a realist. Where I come from, ‘phenomenons’ don’t exist. I’m from a land where people make mistakes and try again, harder, faster; where negativity is not an option.”

“You learn from your mistakes and try again.”

“What is meant to happen will happen. I have seen failure as well as success several times.”

“Thank your haters for being strong because it made you raise your game.”

“Be hard like a stone but shine like a sun in the ocean of dark waves.”

“Legends are not born in a day. And remember, even legends could fall in a day if they make a wrong move.”

“When your friend is making fun of you, don’t be sad. Instead, encourage him. You will get a tough partner.”

“This world is watching, get ready to fight when you are young.”

“I see the friends I made over the years who have become family today, people I became acquainted with who have achieved so much in their lives. They taught me something with each meeting.”

“I’m an athletic actor. I’m known for my action; I’m a guy who does my own stunts on screen. I could break bricks with my hands when I was 12.”

“I enjoy the risk of bungee-jumping. I used to pay money to do it. Now, it’s the opposite. I get paid to do action.”

“I was a player. Now I am the game.”

“There’s absolutely nothing irrational about me. Insane, yes. Irrational, no. But my dumbest fear would be spinning in the magic tea cups. Who the hell wants to pay to spin around like a bent yoyo for laughs?”

“Martial art has always been my first love. My love for sports will never die. I love martial arts and I want to promote it in whichever way I can. I am a fighter first, then an actor.”

“To be honest I had learnt martial arts for a girl. So I started learning the art to impress her, but eventually I started loving martial art more than the girl. So later it became a habit. It became fun.”

“Each one of us has his own place in the industry. I’ve been able to prove that you don’t necessarily have to be a Khan to be successful!”

“The day I take either my body or my work for granted will be the day you hear that I’ve smashed every inch of myself to pieces.”

“Youth is a lifestyle; it’s not a blessing from God. If we treat our bodies as if they are not the most precious things we possess, then obviously we will show wear and tear. We’re like a good pair of jeans. If we take care of them, they’ll remain classic forever, but if we batter and abuse them they’ll look like tattered old rags.”

“My secret is a good lifestyle. I’ve been saying it for years. We are what we eat and we can’t hide what we do. Go to bed early, wake up with the crows, don’t sleep, smoke or drink your life away.”

“I train for fun, I train to play. The scarier, the more dangerous, the more challenging I make my sessions, the greater the achievement I feel. I don’t train because I have to. I train because I want to. I love pushing my body to lengths every morning. It makes me feel alive.”

“I’m a confident man because I believe in people.”

“I have no worries because at the end of the day, once you’ve put all your effort in, destiny has far greater power than even your own willpower.”

“Work is not a chore for me, it’s my calling. I would be nothing without it. I live to keep it alive. I love being at home, I adore my family more than anything in the world. But I haven’t learnt to take it easy yet. As long as I have fuel in my tank, I can work day and night.”

“I am a man who wants to work as much as I can, who wants to employ as many hard-working members of our industry as possible. The more I work, the more people earn from my multiple movies. I don’t want to look back ever and say, ‘I could have done more in my career.’ We only have so much time to accomplish our goals. I’m barely halfway through achieving mine.”

“When big names don’t take you, what do you do? If a journalist finds that top publications are not taking him and he believes in his own talent, he writes for the smaller ones, right? You can’t be sitting at home. You have to work!”

“I once overheard a producer telling his associate that they should take me, as at least I will come to the sets on time! Professionalism does make a lot of difference. You may be an average actor, your films may not work, but if you are a good person, you can still keep getting work.”

“What is the most surprising change I have seen over the last 10 years? I think it is the number of zeroes on my check!”

“I do not hold God ransom to my success; whatever is his will is my way. I stand by moments; I do not stand by time.”

“Today, when my hard work has paid off I can chill out about it.”

“I have earned enough money in my life. When I started my career, for about 10 years, I told myself I want to make money. Now, I just want to do different roles.”

“I’m not hungry for success. I am only hungry for good work, and that is how it is with most superstars. Every day I tell myself how fortunate I am to be where I am.”

“Work is work, but family is for life. That’s what really matters to me.”

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