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James Altucher Quotes

James Altucher Minimalist

James Altucher quotes: dizzying but delightful thoughts by author, podcaster, and entrepreneur James Altucher.

“They key: in whatever you do, don’t hold back.  Don’t hoard your energy.  Go all out!”

“Money finds a home only in places where it’s appreciated.  I didn’t appreciate the money.  So it left me.”

“People are scared and wanting purpose in their lives.  Always focusing on message first and helping others is what drives success.”

“When you complain, nobody wants to help you.”

“The struggle is always there.  It never ends.  Wrestling with it makes you live your potential.”

“Happiness is just a positive perception from your brain.  Some days you will be unhappy.  Our brain is a tool we use.  It’s not who we are.”

“When creating work that has your vision baked inside, trust the quality of your vision.  Take yourself out of all the games that don’t matter.  The work will be better, you’ll be happier, and your impact will probably be greater.”

“Every time you say yes to something you don’t want, your fire starts to go away.  You will get burned out.”

“Real people love real books.  I love the art of real books.  The spines.  The titles.  The beauty of words.”

“It’s no good having single goals.  They are setups for disappointment.”

“I hate the phrase ‘life is too short.’  Sometimes it feels very long to me.  But it’s certainly too short to spend any time on hard feelings.”

“After I beat this guy [in chess], he refused to pay the three dollars we had gambled.  We need more regulation in street capitalism.”

“Society tells us a diploma is a special life achievement.  It isn’t.  It’s yesterday.  I don’t hold onto all the things society tells me to hold onto.”

“Magical moments only exist right now.  They will never exist again.”

“Every day: declutter your brain, your emotions, the spirit of energy you had as a kid.  Just declutter.”

“I am actually very good at not only judging a book by its cover but I can completely read a book from beginning to end just by looking at its cover.”

“Don’t say yes when you want to say no.”

“All the flowers that look towards the sun get to bloom.  Including you.”

“When you get in the mud with a pig, the pig gets happy, and you get dirty.”

“Take a huge bowel movement every day.  If your body doesn’t flow, then your brain won’t flow.  Eat more fruit if you have to.”

“Love plus persistence equals success.”

“Luck is created by the prepared.”

“We choose our excuses.  They don’t choose us.  But love comes when we kiss our excuses and, magically, they kiss back and feed the next stage of our lives.  May you have many, many excuses in your life.”

“Not everything has to be about achievement.  I like to do things I love to do.  Achievement is a byproduct.”

“When you compare, you despair.  When you are humble, you learn.  When you get curious, you get better.”

“Taking time off in middle of the day is exactly what life is for.  Routine is for robots.”

“If something makes you uncomfortable in your creativity, do more of it.”

“I want an ‘F’ in effort and an ‘A’ in not giving a sh*t!”

“Negotiations are not about deals or money or success.  They are about finding your own inner value, developing confidence, and translating it to the outside.”

“Rejection – and the fear of rejection – is the biggest impediment we face to choosing ourselves.”

“If you are thinking too much, then stop.  Enjoy.  The world is not about hustle.  It’s about well-being each moment.”

“We think 60,000 thoughts a day.  Beauty cuts that in half.”

“Somewhere in the middle of ‘have everything you want’ and ‘to want nothing’ lies purpose.”

“Only think about the people you enjoy.  Only read the books that you enjoy, that make you happy to be human.  Only go to the events that actually make you laugh or fall in love.  Only deal with the people who love you back, who are winners and want you to win too.”

“Always tell the truth.  [But] wrap it in art.”

“The choices you make today will be your biography tomorrow.”

“I turn on Facebook and there’s all of this ‘do porn.’  If you aren’t hustling, you’re a failure.  This is BS.  There’s nothing really to do.  The world doesn’t need more doers.  Reading.  Almost every passion I have has been kickstarted by reading a book.  Or watching a good movie.  Enjoying.  I like to play.  I get ideas when I relax.  When I play.  When I enjoy.  Not when I am ‘killing it,’ but when I’m peaceful.”

“An idea is considered crazy until the day before it’s considered genius.”

“Reinvention is a habit.  It’s only when I’ve forgotten that that I’ve lost it all.”

“Every person I meet now, every interaction I have, I try to get one takeaway.

“The world is divided into two types of people: people who say ‘with all due respect’ and people like you.”

“People look for their passions.  But often, the passions find you.”

“We rob ourselves of our joy and happiness when we stop and check in with what everyone else is thinking and saying about us.”

“Get pretty good at two things so you are the best at the intersection.”

“Don’t be afraid to ask dumb questions.  That’s the key to all learning.”

“The moon exists whether or not there are clouds that obscure it.  Your thoughts and fears are the clouds.  But the real you is the moon.”

“I try to never do less of what I love so I can do more of the things I hate.”

“Forget purpose.  It’s okay to be happy without one.  The quest for a single purpose has ruined many lives.”

“Fly kites as much as possible.  When they are in the air, they keep you on the ground.”

“Play.  Everything in life should be play.  Play makes me think, makes me creative, make me try to be better.  Makes me laugh.  Oh, and it’s fun.  I love fun.  Every day, I make sure to play.”

“I want to be remembered for creating something beautiful.”

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