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Amiee Ball Quotes

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Amiee Ball quotes: about her SEO course, being bossless, leveling up, dealing with bad reviews, mompreneurship, and so much more.

“Wanna level up?  Wanna do great things?  Surround yourself with people who give you no other options but to succeed.”

“Always maximize your strengths.”

“Why spend 30 years trying to climb the corporate ladder for someone who is willing to throw you out the door in 30 seconds?”

“Be f*cking brave.  Say how you feel.  Leave the job you hate.  Find your passion.  Love with every ounce of your bones.  Stand up for what you believe in.  Don’t settle.  And never apologize for who you are.”

“Where will your journey lead and will the destination be everything you dreamed?”

“As a mom, the one thing you always pray for is to raise children who, at the very least, do better than you.”

“Fight for what you want… what you deserve.  Stop settling for less.  Stop being comfortable.  Or?  Just be content with mediocrity.”

“Ask: ‘What if this actually works?’  Consider the alternatives and start asking the right questions.  It just might rock your world.”

“Always remember those who made getting where you are today possible.”

“People who want success bad enough push the limits to reach it.  They work harder, go faster, and do what it takes to surround themselves with others who will hold them accountable to do the same.”

“What’s stopping you?  Be fearless.  What’s the worst that could happen?  You fail?  Wouldn’t it be worse if you were born to succeed… and you just never tried?”

“You will never become truly wealthy by trading time for money.  Leverage systems.  Leverage people.  Leverage assets.  Leverage life.”

“You can make $1 million a year but if you have to work 100 hours per week, when will you enjoy it?”

“[On her upcoming talk at Local Marketing Vault Live] It’s an amazing journey going from a burnt-out employee to a freedom loving entrepreneur.  And, I’m totally stoked, that in just a few short weeks, I’ll be speaking alongside Jordan Belfort, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ to share my story and secrets to my success with a few hundred other budding business builders.  Here’s to 2019 and teaching more ambitious students how to build an empire of digital assets!”

“Live your best life with the people who you love and love you back.”

“Instead of worrying about the what ifs, imagine what is possible if you make a choice to actually take control of your future.  Decide to implement.  Decide to change.  Decide to say, ‘What if this is possible?’ instead of, ‘What if this doesn’t work?’  Believe in yourself.  Become decisive.  And start living on your terms.”

“[On being a so-called ‘boss lady’] I love hanging with strong entrepreneurial women!  Who are you surrounding yourself with?”

“Six years ago I wore dresses and business suits.  Now, I wear whatever the hell I want.”

“Sometimes, when you’re brave enough to say goodbye – to the ungrateful boss, the unhappy relationships, the unfulfilling experiences – life will reward you with a new hello.”

“Taking action is the difference between average and awesome.”

“Mindset can change everything… or it can change nothing.  Get your mind right.”

“Be courageous enough to start building the life you want.  Screw thinking about the worst that could happen and start dreaming about the best.”

“Step it up for what you want.  You get nowhere without hustle.”

“Stop letting history repeat itself.  Maybe it’s time to invest that tax return into something that will build long-term wealth.”

“Reason number 471 to be bossless: sleeping in on chilly days with your fat Boston Terrier.”

“‘It is what it is’ is a cop-out.  It is an excuse without giving a specific excuse.  The next time you say it?  Follow up with this: know you possess the power to change anything!”

“Stop the insanity of conforming – of being who you aren’t so you you can focus on maximizing the person you are meant to be.”

“Do you make it a priority to do business with those who do business with you?  I absolutely do.  With clients across the country, it’s not always possible; however, you can be damn sure that if I am choosing between two restaurants, insurance agents, real estate agents, remodelers, lenders, etc., the one who does business with me will always be my first choice.”

“You want freedom?  Money?  Excitement?  Love?  A new job?  A change of pace?  It requires a change of pace from you.  Step outside your comfort zone.  Make the choice to do something you wouldn’t normally do.  Success starts with you.”

“People who want it bad enough will always find a way.  People who don’t?  Will always find an excuse.  It’s not the lack of opportunities.  It’s you.”

“It doesn’t come easy.  Make a plan, pave a path, change the world.  And be badass when you do it.”

“Guess what?  All the hoping, wishing, praying and wanting won’t get you anywhere without action.  Want something to manifest?  Take the action to make it happen.  Just sayin’.”

“Never let the taste of success force you to think you’ve arrived.  Hang out with those to push you to level up.  Get addicted to success and become allergic to average.”

“You don’t have to burn yourself out to build a successful business.  In fact, the wealthiest owners know the secret is to build a business that runs itself.”

“Whether businesses, students, or friends, it has always been a passion of mine to share my success (and failures) with others in hopes of helping them achieve their goals too.  And now I’m fortunate enough to do what I love to make a difference in people’s lives each and every day.”

“In a world full of 10s, be an 11.  Go the extra mile.  Push harder than you thought possible.  Do what they say you couldn’t.  Prove all the haters wrong.  And finally, pity them… for they cannot see what is possible.”

“[On Instagram trolls] To be offended is a choice you make.  It’s not a condition inflicted upon you by anyone else.  So if I offend you, get the hell off my feed.”

“Know what you bring to the table.  Screw the haters and start dropping that sh*t like it’s hot.”

“Proven systems, imperfect action, and implementation spark success every time.”

“Life can be trying at times.  Sometimes it just feels good to live it up.  Like me.  This morning.  When I made myself a shampoo mohawk in the shower while singing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’  It was exhilarating actually.  What will you do tomorrow to live it up?”

“Get up.  Get motivated.  Change your life.  Change the world.”

“Along your entrepreneurial journey, you’ll cross paths with people who challenge you to step your game up.  It’s up to you to make the most of it.”

“Stop making excuses for yourself.  Bite the bullet, take the leap… you never know what lies ahead if you never try.”

“Be you.  Do you.  Stop worrying.  And just carry out your plan.”

“Stop making BS excuses for yourself.  You are the product of your own decisions.  You may not control everything that happens in life, but you can control how you respond to it.”

“Teach your kids to be bosses!”

“Just stop!  Stop trying to imitate others.  Stop listening to people whose opinions don’t matter.  Stop whining about things you can’t change.  Stop making excuses.  Stop doing what society thinks you should do.  And start taking action for your damn self.”

“You can wait for good things to happen or you can make them happen.  The choice is always yours.”

“Success is achieved because you grind when others aren’t willing to.”

“Time management is a myth.  Work-life balance is a joke.  There are no such things.  Set boundaries.  Stop intrusions.  Start focusing.  Make today your b*tch.”

“Be willing to do different.  Acknowledge your dreams and who you truly are.”

“When you’re not afraid to take action, success comes to you.”

“Three simple rules in life: (1) If you do not go after what you want in life, you’ll never have it; (2) If you do not ask, the answer will always be no; (3) If you do not step forward, you will always remain in the same place.”

“Regardless of what anyone says, no one – not you spouse, your parents, your friends, your kids, no one –  wants it as bad as you do.  So what’s stopping you?”

“Put on your big girl panties, pull up your sassy pants, and make today the day of reckoning.”

“I got asked today why I would teach others the exact step-by-step model that I’ve built my business around.  The answer is simple.  When I graduated college, my first full-time job paid me $24,000 per year.  After paying insurance and taxes, I barely brought home $400 per week – to feed my kids, pay the bills, and live.  Fast forward 10 years to the last full-time job I had.  It was a strong six-figures, but lacked purpose.  Too much red tape, too little appreciation, and too much ass-kissing required to get ahead.  I worked all the time but still wasn’t where I needed to be.  Now escape to present day and five years into investing in ‘virtual real estate.’  Using digital real estate, I’ve helped multiple business owners go from dying to thriving – all while working less and earning more.  And that’s what I do.  On a daily basis, I help business owners get more business to keep their doors open.  But with nearly five million small businesses in the USA alone, and new ones opening every day, there is no way I can help them all.  That’s exactly why I teach others to build this same business, using my strategies, my tactics, my model.  More people, making more money, doing more of what they love, and helping more businesses.  Total win-win!  And that is why I share this business model.  To make others successful, whatever their definition of that may be.”

“Don’t hate Monday; make Monday hate you.”

“Your life is built based on the decisions you make and the people you surround yourself with.  Choose wisely.”

“[Why being bossless forever beats the brakes off of being an employee] I’m not sharing this because life is perfect now.  It is not.  But it is different and I am grateful for that.  Now, I am not at the mercy of a job telling me where to fly for the next meeting or what I must do to meet quotas.  I make every event for my kids and even get to bring and pick them up from school each day (though I honestly despise carpool).  My bank account no longer shivers when I use my debit card.  My kids get to enjoy the world and experience things they always dreamed about.  My point to all this is not to boast, but to show you how much life can change over the course of just a few short years if only you choose to change it.”

“Life is not always in your control.  How you choose to deal with it is.”

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