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Sophia Amoruso Quotes

Sophia Christina Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso quotes: tips and reflections from the Girlboss.

“You’ve already taken the first step toward an awesome life by simply wanting one.”

“Bet on yourself.”

“Abandon anything about your life and habits that might be holding you back. Learn to create your own opportunities. Know that there is no finish line; fortune favors action. Race balls-out toward the extraordinary life that you’ve always dreamed of, or still haven’t had time to dream up. And prepare to have a hell of a lot of fun along with way.”

“You combine hard work, creativity, and self-determination, and things start to happen.”

“Create your own job. Become the master of what you do. Fully immerse yourself in your culture.”

“Take the opportunity to seek out what you are good at, and find a place where you can flourish. Once you do, you’re going to kill it.”

“And the sh*tty jobs made the good ones more meaningful. Most people don’t land their dream job right out of the gate, which means we all have to start somewhere.”

“Each time you make a good decision or do something nice or take care of yourself; each time you show up to work and work hard and do your best at everything you can do, you’re planting seeds for a life that you can only hope will grow beyond your wildest dreams. Take care of the little things—even the little things that you hate—and treat them as promises to your own future. Soon you’ll see that fortune favors the bold who get sh*t done.”

“While I truly believe that you must have intentions to fulfill your dreams, I also think you have to leave room for the universe to have its way and play around a bit. Don’t get so focused on one particular opportunity that you’re blind to other ones that come up. If you think about one thing, and talk about it all the time, you’re being too obsessive. You might ruin it. If you let yourself meander a bit, then the right things and the right people fall into place. Some things are worth fighting for—don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely a fighter—but I really think that what is right should be easy. My dad has always said that the definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, and it’s so true.”

“In whatever you do, you’re not going to stand out unless you think big and have ideas that are truly original. That comes from tapping into your own creativity, not obsessing over what everyone else is doing.”

“We don’t need people who just have ideas; we need people who can also execute them.”

“The energy you’ll expend focusing on someone else’s life is better spent working on your own. Just be your own idol.”

“Opinions are like assholes; everybody’s got one.”

“No matter where you are in life, you’ll save a lot of time by not worrying too much about what other people think about you. The earlier in your life that you can learn that, the easier the rest of it will be.”

“You can end up ignoring, and even losing, the positive things in your life by focusing too much on the negative. That’s a huge drain, as well as a waste of time. When you think about people, you give them power.”

“You have to kick people out of your head as forcefully as you’d kick someone out of your house.”

“Surround yourself with people who are engaged, honest, and confident enough on their own quest to support you on yours. There is no time for losers.”

“It’s cool to be kind. It’s cool to be weird. It’s cool to be honest and to be secure with yourself.”

“Compete with yourself, not with others.”

“If you listen only to those around you, the chances of your dreams coming true are very small.”

“Be humble. You are never above having to pack boxes. Never forget where you came from. And always be polite. Good old-fashioned manners can get you very far.”

“If you believe that what you’re doing will have positive results, it will—even if it’s not immediately obvious. When you hold yourself to the same standard in your work that you do as a friend, girlfriend, student, or otherwise, it pays off.”

“True success lies in knowing your weaknesses and playing to your strengths.”

“There are secret opportunities hidden inside every failure.”

“When you approach everything as if it’s a big, fun experiment, then it’s not that big of a deal if things don’t work out. If the plan changes, that can be even better.”

“When your goal is to gain experience, perspective, and knowledge, failure is no longer a possibility.”

Entrepreneurial people are passionate about what they do, comfortable with taking risks, and quick at moving on from failures.”

“It takes a special kind of stubbornness to succeed as an entrepreneur.”

“Great entrepreneurs are like Indiana Jones. They take leaps before seeing the bridge because they know that if they don’t, someone else will get that holy grail. That holy grail is yours for the taking.”

“Life serves the risk-taker.”

“Without risk there is no reward and no change.”

“The straight and narrow is not the only path to success.”

“I believe that there is a silver lining in everything, and once you begin to see it, you’ll need sunglasses to combat the glare.”

“Confidence is more attractive than anything you could put on your body.”

“Focus on the positive things in your life and you’ll be shocked at how many more positive things start happening.”

“Treat your mind like your money; don’t waste it.”

“When I do things because I want to do them, and not because I have to, I can accomplish a lot.”

“If you’re frustrated because you’re not getting what you want, stop for a second. Have you actually flat-out asked for it? If you haven’t, stop complaining. You can’t expect the world to read your mind. You have to put it out there, and sometimes putting it out there is as simple as just saying, ‘Hey, can I have that?'”

“Keep reminding yourself over and over that this is what you want, and you’ll soon find that the more you know what you want, the less you’re willing to put up with what you don’t.”

“Our lives are so visual now, with social media and we’re constantly shifting gears. Nobody requires a table of contents. Nobody requires that one page leads to the next page; we’re okay being surprised by things that are eclectic.”

“Forcing me to figure out how to provide for myself was probably one of the best things my parents ever did for me.”

“I’ve always had to work hard because I had no other choice, but I always believed in myself.”

“A #GirlBoss is someone who’s in charge of her own life. She gets what she wants because she works for it.”

“I stopped feeling like I didn’t belong anywhere, and realized that I actually belonged anywhere I wanted to be.”

“Start making smart decisions now to avoid paying for stupid ones later.”

“Money looks better in the bank than on your feet.”

“No amount of money can buy you style. Having good style takes thought, creativity, confidence, self-awareness, even sometimes a little bit of work.”

“Luxury can be a great experience, and the things around you should represent the life that you’ve made for yourself, as long as you are taking the time to appreciate those items.”

“The only thing I smoke is my competition.”

“It’s not cool to get drunk on you own success.”

“Being in a good spot financially can open up so many doors.”

“Life is short. Don’t be lazy.”

“You ask questions. You take your life seriously, but you don’t take yourself too seriously. You’re going to take over the world, and change it in the process. You’re a badass.”

“You create the world, blink by blink. It is entirely yours to discover and yours to create.”

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