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John Assaraf Quotes

John Assaraf

John Assaraf quotes: some wisdom from the brain whisperer.

“The greatest law of success ever created – G.O.Y.A. – get off your ass!”

“Get centered.  Connect with your inner wisdom.”

“Make staying the same more painful than change.”

“You become and achieve whatever it is you are reinforcing.”

“You gotta make time to nurture your relationship and help it grow.  Whatever you appreciate, appreciates.”

“Sometimes I just like to walk alone on a quiet beach.  Connecting to nature.”

“You are in control of your mindset, perceptions, and beliefs.  Choose the ones that are empowering, uplifting, and positive.”

“Change always begins from the inside.”

“Amateurs practice until it hurts, then quit.  Pros practice until it doesn’t.”

“If you’re self-aware, you begin to understand why you have the emotional reactions you have.  And acknowledging the way you feel and understanding the difference between real and imaginary threats… helps you to move onward and forward.”

“Monetary success is great but without fulfillment, you will live an empty life.”

“To find the most happiness and success, you need to control your emotions.  Keep your negative emotions in check and learn to get over them quickly.  With positive emotions make sure to celebrate and cherish your victories.  Reward yourself for great achievements and use them as motivation to become fearless.”

“Whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.”

“You have the potential to achieve any goal and reach any dream.  Affirm this now and start taking action.”

“Your mindset determines the outcome.  Think strong.”

“You become what you think about.  If you are hard on yourself and practice negative self-talk, you will continue to be that person.  But if you love yourself, think positively, and work hard… you can manifest your dreams into reality.”

“Don’t be afraid to announce your goals, intentions, and desires to the universe.”

“Have faith and belief that everything you want to achieve in your life will happen.”

“Presence is one of the most valuable gifts you can give.”

“Achievement is great but don’t work so hard that you have no one to celebrate your success with.  Keep everything in perspective.  Don’t forget the people who support you through the good and bad times.”

“We all have setbacks in our life.  And with the right thinking, we can use them for our growth and comebacks.”

“Take 60 seconds and remind yourself of as many things as you can that you are grateful for.  Whatever you give energy… expands.”

“Choose your words kindly, your occasions on purpose, and every moment as if it were your last.”

“Work hard but have fun doing it.”

“Along the way, make sure to help others who are less fortunate.  Find people you can help bring up with you.  Giving back often brings more happiness than any amount of money.”

“You can increase your chances of success by making your decisions based on what you value most.”

“Seeing and feeling is believing.  We believe what we see and what we feel.  This is true for actually seeing something as well as mental seeing.  As you create an image on the screen of your mind, your brain believes it is happening and it is real.  Repetition of the visions causes the neural patterns to connect and strengthen, hereby causing the image to become more real.  Your mind then begins to believe it actually happened or is now happening.  Non-consciously, it’s an event that has actually taken place.  Combined with affirmations, it becomes a powerful tool in creating what you want in your physical world.  You set up the brain to feel and expect the ‘new’ image as part of your current reality… which it then helps you find and act on in the physical world.”

“If you are feeling uncomfortably uncertain about the future, remember: it hasn’t happened yet.  You still have the power to create what comes next.”

“Your level of success is all about your mindset.”

“Do more of what you love, less of what you tolerate, none of what you hate.”

“In order to grow and achieve more, you have to challenge yourself and stretch your comfort zones.”

“Be purposeful, be patient, be active.”

“With the right mindset and attitude, you can sail through any storm.”

“If you can have a more aware, compassionate, accepting relationship with the feelings that arise within you as a result of failure of rejection, then you can transform your fears into fuel for your vision, goals, and dreams.”

“You have to take action if you want to make changes in your life.”

“Mental discipline and meditative practice changes the workings of the brain and allows people to achieve different levels of awareness and peacefulness.”

“Believe in yourself.  You have what it takes to make your dreams come true.”

“Vision boards are a powerful way to help keep you motivated, stay true to your intentions, and focus on the results you want to achieve.”

“One of the greatest success secrets is to let go of all the planning, thinking, and doing – and just be.”

“Awareness gives you choice.  Choice gives you freedom.”

“Goals tell your brain what to do.  They give your brain a target to aim for.  Without them, you give away control and the opportunity for positive changes to take place.”

“Meditate.  Take action.  Review and plan.  Visualize.  Breathe.  Be grateful.”

“Choose the waves of emotions that are positive and empower you.”

“If you want to achieve success that you haven’t yet achieved, then you have to be willing to do what you haven’t yet done.  If you always do what you’ve done (and are comfortable with), you’ll keep getting what you’ve always had.  Success is not a mystery.  It’s a science.”

“If you want to change your behavior and create daily habits for success, you have to start communicating more effectively and positively with your subconscious mind.”

“Regardless of your situation, feeding your optimism, happiness, and creativity is a critical part of your path forward; while feeding pessimism, suffering, and closed-mindedness will inevitably hold you back.”

“Change your brain.  Change your results.”

“The road to success starts in your mind.”

“It’s the action steps you take on a consistent and persistent basis that will really make the difference for you.”

“Every day I prime my brain with my vision, my purpose, my goals and dreams.  I can do it while I’m working out, or just after I meditate.  This is one of the best ways to get the blueprint ingrained in your subconscious mind.  I read it.  I feel it.  I see it in my mind’s eye.  Then I take the action steps daily to achieve it.  My focus is to make progress each and every day.  Some days are better than others, but my focus never waivers towards the end goal.”

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