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Amitabh Bachchan Quotes

Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan quotes: I Shop Vac’d his wisdom for you and emptied the bag below.

“A seed is small in size.  But it carries in its womb leaves, flowers, fruits, nay even the whole tree.  The human brain is very much like a seed.  It may not have a great shape and size.  But it traps within itself endless possibilities.  It is a fountainhead of thoughts and promises that can be fulfilled.”

“Tread the track of life with utmost caution.  But let this not deter you from taking giant leaps towards your goals.  Excessive caution may reduce your speed to move ahead in life.”

“Don’t live in the shadows of people’s judgement.  Make your own choices in the light of your own wisdom.”

“Yes, every venture is always filled with apprehensions.  But if we were to conduct ourselves continuously on that aspect, then we would lose the most important reason to be in this profession: to challenge the art of and be part of what is commonly known as our creative instincts.”

“I think, in any profession, what you fear most is not being able to perform, about not being able to meet new challenges.”

“Change is the nature of life but challenge is the future of life.  So challenge the changes.  Never change the challenges.”

No one is perfect, and criticism is always welcome and expected.”

“Bad luck either destroys you or makes you the man or woman you really are.”

“I like to feel the butterflies in the stomach, I like to go home and have a restless night and wonder how I’m going to be able to accomplish this feat – get jittery.  That hunger and those butterflies in the stomach are very essential for all creative people.”

“For every creative person, it’s a terrible moment when they say they have done all they want to do.”

“I don’t spend much time looking back at what happened.  I do remember it, but I don’t see any purpose of wanting to look back.”

“I should only look back at moments that were disparaging, look down upon, negative for me – moments where I could learn something.  And if I have been able to use that learning in future, then I am happy about it.”

“I’d like to believe that tomorrow is another challenge for me.  I’m sure there is lots more for me to do, because there is lots and lots of stuff still to be explored.”

“Coming together should be considered something positive for people and communities.  When thoughts come together, that can be more positive than an individual thought.”

“I do not deny the importance of truthfulness, but sometimes an untruth, which benefits someone, may turn out to be a better alternative.  It is better to have an impeccable character but it is more important to spread love and compassion.”

“It is good to praise others but it is important to look for faults within oneself.  It is nice to be concerned about people but to be introspective is even nicer.”

“‘No’ is an entire sentence in itself.  No means no, and when somebody says it, you need to stop.”

“Don’t let anyone make you believe the length of your skirt is a measure of your character.”

“I don’t know how others think about me, but if I have to walk the streets, I will, and if I need to stand in a queue at the airport, that’s okay.”

“The amount of things I have been through and the remarkable ways in which the body has reacted is just phenomenal.  No wonder I became religious, because you don’t know why something’s happening to you and you don’t know how you bounced back.”

“If Slumdog Millionaire projects India as a third world, dirty-underbelly, developing nation and causes pain and disgust among nationalists and patriots, let it be known that a murky underbelly exists and thrives even in the most developed nations.  It’s just that the Slumdog Millionaire idea authored by an Indian and conceived and cinematically put together by a Westerner, gets creative Golden Globe recognition.  The other would perhaps not.”

“[If you] Donate and do not talk about it, they say you do nothing for the society; [if you] do and talk about it, they say you seek publicity!”

“Everyone must accept that we will age and age is not always flattering.”

“Basically I am just another actor who loves his work and this thing about age only exists in the media.”

“The best part about being a superstar is that you can wear the most outrageous of clothes and they say, ‘It’s in!'”

“I just lead my life as naturally, as normally as I possibly can.  But I can’t help it if controversy is hounding me day in and day out.  I’m quite amazed sometimes by the way they go about it.  I grow a beard and it lands up in the editorial in The Times of India.”

“I get up in the morning, have a job to do, go there, come home, be with the family, that’s it.”

“I don’t use any techniques; I’m not trained to be an actor.  I just enjoy working in films.  It’s more instinctive rather than anything else.  I don’t do the calculated rehearsed kind of approach, and I hope that I can continue that because I believe that instinct is much stronger and greater when you are performing on camera.”

“I was born in fame.  I was always recognized and known.  Personally, I feel normal about it.”

“A lot of my fighting qualities I inherited from my parents.  They set tremendous examples right through my life.”

“My mother came from a very affluent background, very Westernized, while my father was more Eastern.  So I’ve had a very good blend of the East and the West.  I guess this has been extremely helpful in making my career and the way I function.”

“I’m very fortunate to have spent so much time in the industry and to have lived through several generations of filmmakers, actors and technicians.  There’s a huge volume of experience seeing people change and seeing content change.”

“I have never really been confident about my career at any stage.”

“I have never been a superstar and never believed in it.”

“Frankly I’ve never really subscribed to these adjectives tagging me as an ‘icon,’ ‘superstar,’ etc.  I’ve always thought of myself as an actor doing his job to the best of his ability.”

“I feel a burden if I don’t write.  I have fans across the globe.”

“I write my own blog every day.  I do the Twitter every day and the Facebook.  Without a gap.  I do everything myself: I load my own photographs; I sometimes take my own videos and post them.  When I wrote my first blog, I got one response.  Now, I sometimes get as many as 400 responses for my posts.”

“In my childhood I was obsessed with cameras but could not afford one.  After much persuasion my father, Harivansh Rai Bachchan, bought me a box camera which I treasured for years.  Initially I clicked trees and nature and as I grew up started noticing prettier things – motorbike, sleek cars and cool girls.  But the hamartia of life is when you desire something you cannot afford it and when you are able to afford it you are too old to use it.  Now I don’t need all gadgets but it’s satisfying to know that at least I can afford them.”

“I don’t have anything in particular to achieve; I don’t want to go any particular direction.  I just want to take up the challenges of life as we go along.”

“I want to keep working.  I shall continue to do my best.”

“I’m very lucky and very fortunate to have survived and to still be working after 45 years.”

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