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Craig Ballantyne Quotes

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Craig Ballantyne quotes: “The world’s most productive man” simplifies success for us.

“Now is the time to take action.  It’s never too late to be who you want to be.”

“You must learn to ruthlessly hack away at the activities and obligations that don’t serve you.  Eliminate or delegate everything that is not essential to your biggest mission in life.”

“If you want to have the health, relationships, and income you deserve, then you must learn to make time for what’s important.  Don’t hope that workouts, date nights, deep work, or personal time will happen.  Make them happen by ruthlessly eliminating the unnecessary from your schedule and prioritizing those ‘big rocks’ before anything else.  This is the only way to guarantee progress and ensure that you are that much closer to living your perfect life.”

“Success loves speed.  Take faster action today – and everyday – for the rest of your life.”

“If you’re an entrepreneur or high-performer, stress is just part of the game.  The question is not whether you’ll face stress, but how you’ll handle it when it arises.”

“Don’t let your phone rob you of your life.  If you aren’t making a conscious effort to turn off your devices and reconnect with the real world, you’re depriving yourself of valuable productive time and mental clarity.  Excessive social media and electronic use have been linked to increased social anxiety, depression, and feelings of low self-esteem.  None of which are conducive to living your perfect life.  So put the phone down!  Spend time with your friends and family.  Read.  Play an instrument.  Journal.  Paint.  Do things you enjoy and release yourself from the pressure of society.”

“Be clear about your number one priority and attack it with great energy.”

“When you prioritize making a life over making a living?  That is when everything will change.  You’ll be forced to eliminate the unnecessary and focus only on the most important.  And I’m not going to lie to you, it will be hard for a while.  But once this sticks… once you put those big rocks in place and show up to your work fulfilled, fired up, and energized by the rest of your life?  That’s when you’ll start making more money in less time and have a blast while doing it.”

“If you are struggling with anxiety or overwhelm I can promise you one thing⁣: you are focused internally.  You are thinking about yourself and when you do this, the wheels start spinning and they get your anxiety engine revving.  But the solution is simple: take action.  Action beats anxiety.  Motion beats meditation.  Work beats worry.  When you take action, you force yourself out of your head and into an external focus.  And when you’re externally focused, you starve anxiety and other negative emotions from the fuel they need to keep you down.  So if you want to attack anxiety, attack it with massive action.  If you’re anxious about your job and the bills you have to pay, put in some extra effort in the office and set up routines that guarantee high-performance.  If you’re anxious about your relationship with your spouse, schedule a date night and set better boundaries around your time.  If you’re anxious about your health, go to the gym and cook a healthy meal.  Take some sort of action today towards achieving your goals and becoming unstoppable.”

“Be strategic.  Build systems.  And be the dictator of your days, even if they don’t start till 8 in the morning… or 10… or noon.  Stop making excuses.  Start dominating your days.”

“Creating your perfect day doesn’t start in the morning when your alarm goes off.  It starts the night before.  How you spend the last few hours leading up to bed will set the tone for your next day and determine the level of energy, enthusiasm, and excitement you will feel in the morning.”

“Until you are crystal clear on what you’re willing to give up for your goals, you’ll never achieve them.”

“The key to effective leadership – when leading yourself or your team – is decisiveness.  And the fastest way to develop your decision-making muscle is to make decisions faster.  Especially the small ones.  Anytime you’re tasked with a decision, whether it’s:⁣ what movie to watch, where to eat dinner, what book to buy – make the decision instantly.  Don’t think about it, don’t deliberate, don’t mentally mull over your options.  Make a decision and stick to it!  The faster you can make small decisions, the faster you’ll be able to make big ones, and the better leader you’ll be.”

“When you have discipline in your days, direction for your decisions, and a strategic plan for sales, you’ll finally be able to make more money and have less stress.”

“Success is rarely the result of huge jumps and actions.  It’s the compound effect of tiny, seemingly unimportant decisions made each and every day.  If you want to begin down your path to becoming unstoppable and creating the life that you want, then start with one small action today.  Turn off the TV tonight and instead, read with your spouse.  When you’re out at dinner, order a water instead of a soda.  When you wake up tomorrow, spend 15 minutes stretching and walking outside instead of diving straight into your social media feeds.  Just do one thing that brings you closer to success and fulfillment, no matter how small it might be.  If you will do this every day for a year, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.”

“It’s time to step up to your greatness and stand and deliver.  You got this.”

“Every day I meet people that aren’t achieving their goals simply because they don’t believe they can.  You are the creator of your own destiny and you can do whatever you commit to.  That is why accountability is so important.”

“You must stop discounting your worth, your value, and your gifts.  Listen, you are amazing, exceptional, and an expert in one area of life.  You have gifts.  You were born with strengths.  Don’t let the world, the negative media, or jealous people beat that out of you.”

“It’s not the number of years in your life but the amount of life in your years that really matters.  If you commit to growth, get out of your comfort zone, and constantly challenge yourself to do bigger and better things, you can condense decades of experience into 12 months.”

“You must invest your time and energy only into the tasks and activities that drive growth and increase profits.  Every hour that you waste on the small stuff – things like paper work, accounting, or handling the ‘technical’ components of your business – is an hour where you actively lost money.  So forget the small stuff.  Outsource it.  Delegate it.  Automate it.  Eliminate it.  But do not waste your time and energy doing it.  Instead, invest all of your time and creative energy into the things that will drive your business to the next level and help you live your perfect life.”

“Success: it all starts with preparation and planning.”

“Use this 3-C Formula to have a perfect day everyday⁣.  Control what you can; cope with what you can’t.  Conquer the chaos in your life to win your days.  Concentrate on what counts.”

“Excuses are nothing but an alibi for mediocrity.”

“If you want to be a more successful entrepreneur, start by focusing on your body.  The more consistently you train your body, the harder you push yourself in the gym, and the more effort you put into sculpting your physique and truly maxing out your health?  The better you will show up in your business.  Not only will you have more energy and focus and creativity, but you’ll increase your work ethic and ability to handle challenges as they arise.”

“Stop the BS stories that are holding you back from what you really want and replace them with empowering stories that will set you up for success.”

“If you can identify the thoughts that are going through your ideal clients’ head each day of the week and then address those thoughts in your posts and stories… you will win every time.  Remember: when you share content that makes your followers feel like you’re ‘inside their heads’ and you can describe the problems and challenges they are facing better than they can?  They will assume that you must have the solution.”

“Get started now and course correct along the way.”

“Everyone makes mistakes in life.  It’s just a part of being human.  Whether they were big or small, we are not defined by our errors and oversights… but by how we choose to respond to them and the actions we take to fix them.”

“When you can learn to harness the rage, the anger, and all of the bad or dark parts of yourself and use them for good?  That’s when you will become truly unstoppable.  So stop hiding from your trauma, pain, and abuse.  And instead face it and use it to help you reach the next level.”

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