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Alex Becker quotes: the tech entrepreneur’s best content.

“Stop trying to be the person people want you to be and you want them to think you are.  Literally, nothing has less to do with you or your happiness.”

“Work 10 times harder than everyone else to make a life that is 10 times more satisfying than everyone else’s.”

“Normal is the opposite of awesome.  F*ck normal.  Be awesome.”

“Excellence is going the extra mile.”

“You can’t be great while operating like a little b*tch.  Set big goals and aim high so that even if you miss, you’ve still done something big.”

“Failure is fine.  Losing is fine.  Looking back on life with nothing but regret f*cking sucks.”

“Success favors the bold, aggressive, risk-taking, no-excuse-making sharks.”

“I’m not here to make $100 a day.  I’m here to create excessive wealth and you should be too.”

“No one ever won anything real by being a victim.  Read all the PC ‘everybody wins’ garbage you want, but know that’s exactly what it is: wishful garbage.  The more you buy into it, the more others are going to run your life.”

“If you’re not scared, you’re half-assing your potential.”

“Show up every day; there’s no such thing as an overnight success.”

“To be a winner you have to do what it takes to win.  The real world is not going to pull its goalie and let you have a free win with a complimentary participation trophy.  It’s going to swat your ball away and make fun of you.”

“I bust my ass so I can go wherever the f*ck I want whenever the f*ck I want with the people I want.”

“Everyone said I would fail because of my stubborn ‘f*ck you’ attitude.  And boy did I.  I failed to work for them, I failed their school classes, I failed at living life the way they thought was right.  The reason I failed them… is the reason I succeed.”

“You don’t get what you want.  You get what you do.”

“Build cool sh*t, do big things, make a life of extreme financial freedom.  But none of those things are worth it if you don’t take a step [back] and use what you’ve earned to make one-of-a-kind memories.  You never know when your time is going to come and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.  Sometimes you need to take a break from ‘peak performance’ and say f*ck it and stop taking tomorrow as a given.”

“Today isn’t about today, it won’t affect today, but the way you live today will change everything 5-10 years from now.”

“Everyone wants the selfie on top of Mount Everest.  No one actually wants to climb it.  Get excited about the climb and not the selfie… and you’ll get your selfie.”

“You can’t get to the top by focusing on the top – you get there by focusing on the bottom.”

“No one… and I mean no one starts off with any skills.  We are all very bad at everything we eventually become great at.  Very few people start off in the perfect life situation and with the perfect skillset to get what they want – and if you are waiting for that to happen [in order] to start, it will never happen.”

Your poor, stupid, broke, unskilled. Get a job, learn something, train yourself in profitable skills. Its that simple.

“Be cautious of people who spend all their time putting forth a message of how great they are versus working on building something great.”

“The internet and technology is an amazing thing and we are blessed to live in a time where anyone, anywhere, at any time – with a dream – can do something big with so little.  I’d still be cleaning toilets if it wasn’t for this little computer and the things I’ve created with it.”

“People want to live like the 1% while having the work ethic of the 99%.  That’s cute.”

“If people spent less time complaining and more time increasing their value through self-education, they’d recognize this is the golden age of financial freedom.”

“Being an entrepreneur and having average goals is like trying to be a boxer who’s afraid to hit too hard.  The result in both situations?  You’re gonna get your ass kicked.”

“Strength, self-reliance, and American capitalism… are an amazing thing.”

“So many strive to be successful… to become some fake, snooty version of themselves.  F*ck that.  Stay weird.  Be so successful that the world has to change to you, not the other way around.”

“[On his awkward photo shoot in the desert] I’m a natural introvert and would rather be in my office playing with ads and making video game YouTube videos.”

“Keep telling me I can’t and I’ll keep showing you you’re dumb.”

“Our culture tells you to become shallow, keep up with the Joneses, to bend and censor yourself to become successful.  F*ck.  That.  Change your bad habits.  Improve your skillset.  Don’t change you.  Apologize for nothing.  Success is meant to be fun.  Life is too short not to enjoy that fun.”

“Leave your excuses the f*ck behind.  No one cares.”

“Your limitations will always hold you [back], until you realize they don’t f*cking matter.  Ignore them, do it anyways, and turn the difficulty they caused into a strength that few have.”

“It’s always easy to make things bigger and more negative than they need to be.  The next time you catch yourself making a mountain out of a molehill, ask yourself how much it will matter in a month.  Changing up the time frame, can help shut down overthinking!”

“You got to hustle, then hustle harder.”

“Get the f*ck off the sidelines.  Stop watching, stop counting other people’s money, stop idolizing others and become your own hero.  Now get the F off Instagram and get back to work.”

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