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Josh Bezoni Quotes

BioTrust Josh Bezoni Tips

Josh Bezoni quotes: the story of BioTrust cofounder and lessons learned along the way.

“[After the market crashed in ’08 and his first business – a golf supplement – tanked] There were days where I didn’t wanna get out of bed.  I sold everything.  I had a big house, Mercedes.  I was trying to get out of leases we couldn’t afford.  I owed a lot of people money.  And I could’ve declared bankruptcy, but I didn’t.  I paid everyone back.  My father taught me: you pay people what you owe them.  We didn’t take the shortcut out.”

“I hate public speaking.  I don’t even like doing podcasts.  I’m kind of a private guy.”

“It wasn’t an overnight success story – for me it was like a 20 year success story.”

“I worked for Bill Phillips.  Some of the best advice I can give you is to go work for someone else who’s already done it.  I learned everything from that guy.”

“We all have a leg up… being born in America.  Even just to be born in the first place.  God gives you a gift, and says, ‘What are you gonna do with it?'”

“[On growing up in small-town, Iowa, with an entrepreneurial spirit] I sold worms [for fish bait], shoveled sidewalks, mowed lawns, and in high school, started painting houses.  We’d make more in a summer than a lot of other kids… and that’s how I put myself through college.”

“Don’t go after something just chasing money.  Do something you’re passionate about, if at all possible.  Sometimes it’s not.  You’ve gotta pay your dues, work your way up.”

“One thing we implemented with BioTrust in the begging is we feed a hungry child for every order placed.”

“Making it a win-win for everyone will come back to you many times over.”

“If everything’s easy, you don’t learn the lessons you’re supposed to learn in life.”

“The more you can help people while running a business, the more blessed you are.”

“I just feel blessed that we’re able to provide products – fish oils, probiotics, and proteins – that help people be healthy from the inside out.”

“We had a babysitter that used to abuse my sisters and I when we were kids.  That caused me to turn my back on God, and go, ‘Why would this happen?’  But, you know, I read something recently and it said, ‘It’s your responsibility to heal.’  And so, you can’t be a victim your whole life.”

“If you’re gonna partner with someone, you’ve gotta have matching work ethics.  Because, if someone’s on the beach and the other guy’s working his tail off, it’s not gonna pan out well.”

“We’ve all gone through really traumatic times, but what I want you to get out of this is: you’re only as sick as your secrets.  If you let that out and give to God and get the help you need, you can really come through this… and come out better on the other side.”

“I don’t think people understand how easy it is to start a business in this country – it’s so simple.  You can do it as a sole proprietor.  You don’t even need an LLC to start.”

“You’ve gotta go through life and you’ve gotta meet mentors and build relationships and give value to them.  You don’t think you need ’em on the way up – like when I was makin’ millions of dollars per year – but you need that support, you need those friends on your way down.  You can’t do it alone.”

“My point is: I ran away from my trauma for years.  Twenty, 30 years.  You push it down.  You don’t think about it.  You don’t wanna deal with it.  You don’t wanna talk to anybody about it.  And that stuff will start really just bubbling up from the inside and really effecting you.  So I’m working with a therapist and there shouldn’t be this stigma about it.  And what I’ve found is the pain’s either gonna consume you or you can use it to fuel you and help others.”

“I say: ‘Don’t let fear win.’  Right?  Because, all the time, fear’s gonna come up.”

“Not coming from money, in the beginning, it was like: ‘How do I get stuff?’  But then once I got the stuff [cool cars, etc.], it got to a point where it brought me more stress.  Money can buy short-term happiness, but it can’t bring ya joy.  And that’s really the journey I’ve been on the last few years, is: ‘How can I make an impact outside of that [material stuff]?'”

“Look at the impact and legacy of Bill Gates.  To me, it’s head and shoulders above others who had that same opportunity to help, but didn’t [such as Steve Jobs – as Apple apparently did no charity while he was in charge].”

“[On a recent rough patch with BioTrust] You can’t sprint forever.  And no company goes to the top and just stays there.  There’s peaks and valleys in every business.  But had the company not dipped into another valley, I never would’ve faced my issues.  I would’ve died with a lot of money, and never got close to friends, I wouldn’t have gotten married.”

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