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Lloyd Blankfein Quotes

Lloyd Craig Blankfein

Lloyd Blankfein quotes: the banker’s best quotes.

“Find the job that you like. You’ll be better at it and you’ll last longer in it.”

“Push yourself to try something new and to grow with each move. And that knowledge and ability can be obtained only through a willingness to strike out for something better. That could mean changing careers or pushing for a new idea or strategy in your current one. In either case, push yourself to try something new and to grow with each move.”

“Be confident, find a job you like, be a well-rounded, complete person, give back to the community, keep an open mind, surround yourself with ambitious people and put yourself in situations with the opportunity for growth.”

“Try to surround yourself with people who are equally ambitious. Put yourself in situations where you can grow, where you’ll not only push yourself but others will push you.”

“Your security rests in knowing how to do a variety of things and being able to do them better than others.”

“Don’t let necessity in a given moment become the excuse of a lifetime of inertia. Keep trying to get yourself to the right place.”

“I started out as a lawyer and came in laterally to Goldman Sachs. So I learned, myself, that life is unpredictable. That you really should, in terms of your career, try to be excellent at what you’re doing. I think if you focus on your job, and you focus on being broad in the context of your job, the next jobs follow from that.”

“I got into Goldman really by acquisition because I had gone—I grew up in east New York in the Linden Projects, I did go to fancy schools, but my resume wasn’t up to a Wall Street set of resumes. I went to college. I went to law school and practiced for a while.”

“I grew up with the idea that college was more an aspiration than an expectation. I saw my parents struggle most of their lives and the daily battle to keep afloat sometimes even drained what hopes and dreams they had for me. They didn’t go to college and neither did my only, older sibling.”

“College was an intimidating place for me. The other students seemed naturally confident; many had traveled and seemed to understand the world. To this day, I can’t forget how insecure I felt, but it made me work harder.”

“Once I realized I belonged, I became more ambitious. You have overcome obstacles, pressures and self-doubt and you have done it because you have ambition. You want to succeed for your families and yourselves. And there is no more powerful force through which to do that than through education and know how.”

“Now that you belong, feed off your ambition. That means being focused, disciplined, demanding, self-critical and open-minded. Your challenges won’t fall away. In fact, they may get steeper.”

“That, my friends, is life. But just as the struggles are great, so are the rewards. There’s another way to look at it: ask yourself if you really have a choice. You already knew the answer to that question. We owe it to our families and to ourselves to keep striving.”

“But looking back, I grew up in a world of unlimited opportunity. Each night I would read, and reading opened up the world to me. I love reading history and especially biography. In biographies, you are almost always reading about people who started out unimportant but ended up having a significant life.”

“What I liked most about biographies then and now is that the person you are reading about is in his or her early life on page 50, doesn’t know about the success he or she will achieve on page 300. They couldn’t see the greatness that lay ahead. If you think about it, that’s a great justification for the optimism that you should have for the life ahead of you. All of you are only on about page 50 of your biography, with hundreds of pages to go.”

“Confidence really matters. Recognize you have earned the right to be confident. You have made great sacrifices and overcome great obstacles to get where you are today. You built up muscles that others who’ve had an easier time don’t have. Those muscles will serve you for the rest of your life.”

“I’m just a banker ‘doing God’s work.'”

“What were the chances that a kid from the projects would run one of the great financial institutions in the world?”

“You just never know. That unpredictability is the great thing about life. You change. The world changes. You live in a country where we are still blessed with enormous opportunity. Leave yourself open to the world of possibility. You have the ambition, you have the smarts and you have the toughness. So, turn the page on your biography. You have just started a new chapter in your lives.”

“In my own experience, I plotted and planned my life when I was getting out of law school to know by what year I’d make it to the Supreme Court. That didn’t work out the way I planned.”

“Being good at school and being smart are two separate things.”

“Is it possible to have too much ambition? Is it possible to be too successful?”

“Ambition is your inner voice that tells you you can and should strive to go beyond your circumstances or station in life.”

“All you can do is the best you can do.”

“Let me tell you, there’s very few places where I don’t have an agenda.”

“The people who are successful in their lives… are the people who are the most flexible—who are able to learn, who are coachable.”

“To be successful you have to know the contents of your business and your focus, and you have to be a complete person. You have to be somebody else you want to talk with.”

“Being successful in business means… part of it is trying to guess what’s going to happen, part of it’s trying to guess the future.”

“As CEO of a big company, I have to be a kind of a champion of the interests of our people as insofar as their ability to do their job, to feel comfortable in their work environment, and to be able to fulfill their ambitions.”

“I always had a lot of confidence in my ability to gauge a situation and people and try to understand them and what they were saying and what their context was.”

“You have to, in your own life, get people to want to work with you and want to help you. The organizational chart, in my opinion, means very little. I need my boss’ goodwill, but I need the goodwill of my subordinates even more.”

“If you’re on a beach and a tsunami hits, you’ll drown whether you’re a small child or an Olympic swimmer. Some things will go bad no matter how good you are.”

“You don’t know how you’ll react to things until you live through them.”

“Accept that the worst thing you can imagine will inevitably happen. The definition of infinity is that you wait long enough, everything happens.”

“Once you think that something is improbable and everybody thinks it, people modify their behavior in a way that makes it more probable.”

“I’d say if you wanted to forestall bad events, the best thing to do is anticipate them and try to correct them before they get close.”

“Risk management isn’t about getting risk right all the time. It’s about trying to get risk right all the time.”

“Growth requires risk-taking. If you want to dampen risk and make sure you never have a problem, you do so, but that also will have an effect on growth.”

“Companies that grow create wealth. This, in turn, allows people to have jobs that create more growth and more wealth. It’s a virtuous cycle.”

“If you do something really well, the entire world beats a path to your door. The number three, number five, number 400 player gets nothing. It’s almost a winner take all.”

“There’s not a sport or activity in life where you have a really hard grip, you actually do better. Whether it’s baseball or golf or kicking a ball, the looser you are, the further the thing goes. If you’re tight, you’re not necessarily better.”

“Change is often the agent of progress in ways we can’t always readily see in the early days.”

“Everything changes, not as much as people think when change is happening, but it’s always changing.”

“Every time is a time of great change… and the technology is driving it.”

“Mysterious can be cool, if you’re in Hollywood and everyone’s happy. But it can be really bad if people perceive that the financial interests are adversarial, that there’s money versus people.”

“In markets, there are times when you are looking for what makes sense. At other times, you are looking for what you can do that is sensible versus constraints and uncertainties.”

“The best traders are not right more than they are wrong. They are quick adjusters. They are better at getting right when they are wrong.”

“Businesses will ultimately go where the markets and opportunities are.”

“America’s corporations learned long ago that equality is just good business and is the right thing to do.”

“I remember, my first job when I got my working papers at 13 was as a vendor at Yankee Stadium—the old Yankee Stadium, with very steep stairs in the upper decks. It was all commission-based. And I think a soft drink was 25 cents, and I think you got a 10% or 11% commission.”

“The list of things that are conventional today that I use every day that I thought would never make it… is a very long list.”

“I would have liked to be a nerd. I didn’t even make it to that. To the extent I bloomed, I’m a late bloomer.”

“You’ll see a lot of cycles, and like this one, you’ll get through it. Don’t get caught up in unrealistic optimism or detached pessimism.”

“If you don’t have passion for your work or the drive to make a better life for your kids than your own, then you won’t have what it takes to keep you going.”

“Be a well-rounded, complete person. Of course, it’s important to learn the things that you need to make a living. But, don’t forget to read, and to learn history, literature and about current events. You’ll be more interesting to others, more interesting to yourself and you’ll be more successful in your job. Most of the books I’ve read didn’t apply directly to my job or industry, but I’ve applied their lessons in unexpected ways.”

“My advice is grounded in my own experience. And my own experience, in many respects, is not that different from many of yours.”

“You have to feel proud of yourself.”

“Life is unpredictable. Don’t close your minds to possibilities.”

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