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Mary J. Blige Quotes

Mary Jane Blige

Mary J. Blige quotes: powerful soundbites from the singer slash rapper.

“If we didn’t have understanding of our journey, we wouldn’t be able to go on.”

“When you’re going to do whatever you’re going to do, you have to get your… put your mind into it.”

“Believe in yourself when nobody else does.”

“There’s so many things that life is, and no matter how many breakthroughs, trials will exist and we’re going to get through it.  Just be strong.”

“Don’t give up, be positive.  Don’t ever say it’ll never happen or it’ll never happen.”

“When life is real, it’s not going to be smooth.”

“You either learn from your experiences or go back and do the same thing, and I learned from my experiences.”

“The important thing is to realize that no matter what people’s opinions may be, they’re only just that – people’s opinions.  You have to believe in your heart what you know to be true about yourself.  And let that be that.”

“When you tell your truth, you are coming from a real place, so you are automatically a leader.”

“You demand respect and you’ll get it.  First of all, you give respect.”

“If you’re looking for inner peace from the outside world, you’re not going to get that.  The inner peace starts with looking at you from the inside.  Understanding that everything that comes to you is what you are.  Everything from friends to boyfriends to the job you get – it’s all a direct reflection of what you are on the inside.”

“When you know what pain is, and when you have to make a choice, you learn that it is a decision.  People think it’s a fairytale thing – love and happiness – but you have to work hard.  And then, you feel it deeply.”

“In your life there’s peaks and valleys and sometimes we regress, and we don’t even know we regress.  You just have to learn how to accept all of your mistakes and learn to love yourself again.”

“You can’t get around pain and opposition, but you can try to be joyful in the trial, and thank yourself for the trial, and thank God for the strength to get through it.”

“I believe there should be no more drama, but it’s everywhere you go.  It’s just about how you get out.  You’ve gotta bob and weave because it’s everywhere.  How do I keep the drama low?  It’s about using your head.”

“No one compares to you.  Just remember that.  There’s no one out there – there’s only one of you, and that’s it.  And whatever you believe about you that’s great, no one else has it.  And I can’t look like you, there’s no way I can slip into your body and be you, and you can’t slip into my body and be me.  This is all we’re gonna get.”

“Negative words are powerful boomerangs so be careful what you say about people and yourself.”

“It’s that first step – getting out the door – that’s the toughest.  If you can do that, you’ve already won.”

“As a kid, I dreamed about being onstage.”

“When you come from so many damaged places you don’t ever want to spiral back there, so you gotta continue to check yourself.”

“As a child I always wanted to be a singer.  The music my mother played in the house moved me – Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Mahalia Jackson.  It was truly spiritual.  It made you understand what God was.  We are all spirits.  We get depressed.  But music makes you want to live.  I know my music has saved my life.”

“I care about me now.  When I didn’t care about me, I was, like, ‘Why is this going wrong?  Why is my life so bad?’  But when you don’t care about yourself, nobody else is going to care about you.  So I learned to love myself, even if nobody else does.”

“When you hold on to anger and unforgiveness, you can’t move forward.”

“I cannot save the world, that’s not what I’m trying to do.  I guess I’m just trying to walk the walk and be an example to those that want it.  Not everybody does, but if Mary J. Blige can come out of that same hole you were in, then you can do it too – that’s my goal: to do that without saying it, but actually live it.”

“I can have as many bad days as anyone.  But I choose to say, ‘I’m just fine.'”

“I wish I had known that education is the key.  That knowledge is power.  Now I pick up books and watch educational shows with my husband.  I’m seeing how knowledge can elevate you.”

“I know who I am.  I am not perfect.  I’m not the most beautiful woman in the world.  But I’m one of them.”

“So as long as I’m a human being and I’m not perfect, I’m able to say, ‘I’m having some growing pains.'”

“Once you climb to another level, you have to figure out how to sustain it.”

“I’m definitely gonna work hard… whatever comes my way, I’m gonna work hard on it.”

“It’s not just songs and glamour.  It’s sweat, blood, broken toes, and mistakes… it’s life.”

“I’m hoping that my entrepreneurial side will have me at a place where I don’t have to do anything.  That’s what I’m striving for.”

“I believe there are certain things that God uses to get us out of a bad situation, and I believe music was one of the things he used for me.”

“I don’t know.  Only God knows where the story ends for me, but I know where the story begins.  It’s up to us to choose whether we win or lose and I choose to win.”

“My responsibility to God is to live.  That’s the gift he gave me.  What I do with it is up to me.”

“I’m on my way to a place where I’d never dreamed I’d be, and that’s perfection.”

“If you’re here right now in your life, your journey continues and you’ve lived to tell the story.”

“My journey continues, because I’ve, you know, conquered a lot.  And I know how to conquer the rest.”

“For the first time in my life, I’m proud of myself.”

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