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Blueface Quotes

Blueface Quotes Lyrics

Blueface quotes: entertaining soundbites from Blueface.

“My favorite subject was lunchtime.”

“I wouldn’t have went to school if I wasn’t playing football.”

“I’m really a genius bro, sometimes I just think of this sh*t on accident.”

“I don’t like to say it, but I don’t care: I’m a real-life genius.”

“I knew I was going to be a 2019 XXL Freshman.”

“I feel like my rise is connected to my lyrics, my look, my dance, my character, it all feeds into the same funnel, which is me, myself.”

“I’m unique. I’m myself. I’m funny.”

“I’m a West Coast ratchet L.A. artist.”

“The old West Coast rappers are the way I rap: they weren’t always on beat but it was about telling a story. I’m just a little more modern so it doesn’t sound exactly the same.”

“I’m humble.”

“What stands out about me the most? Probably my chains. I don’t know.”

“I’ve been compared to, like, five different people. Suga Free, Silkk The Shocker—I get that one a lot. Somebody named Freeway. I don’t know who Freeway is.”

“I usually write to the beat. Really, the beat can make the song itself.”

“I’d rather you listen to my music with a confused face, you know? Rather than you just hearing a good flow to a good beat.”

“Everything ain’t just about the radio.”

“I don’t wanna go full mainstream and have my followers go, ‘What happened?'”

“The media do strange things.”

“Everybody’s waiting on the downfall of artists.”

“[On trash talkers] I love the jokes, man, it’s entertaining. That’s really what’s making it. But, that part right there is just more or less, catch ‘em slippin’, like, you know, ‘I’m a step ahead of you. I’m not fixing to go tit for tat with you, I’m gonna make an example.'”

“It felt great when I realized I could feed my family and I could be independent and on my own.”

“All my songs only have one verse. Not really gonna have somebody’s attention for that long, you know? If you get in and get out, they gonna wanna hear more. If they wanna hear more, they gonna have to go to that next song.”

“The word ‘thotiana’ has been around as long as the word ‘thot’ has been around. It was just catchy. It was just different. I hadn’t heard nobody use it in that term.”

“My name is named after Blueface, the blue hundred dollar bills, the blue flakes. Ben Frank is my signature, Blueface is my name. Everybody think it’s because I’m a Crip. That, too, f*ck it. It’s controversial, two meanings.”

“Basically, what I meant by that is I’d die for my respect. Somebody tries to take my chain, for instance, I’m gonna try to slide ‘em, I’m gonna try something, unless I got my blower on me. Then, I might take it off and let you turn around and walk off with it.”

“I noticed people started getting a little jealous when I started really blowing up.”

“I get reckless when I got a purpose to be reckless. I’m not a reckless guy just off, just off the rails. Like, ‘F*ck everybody.’ But, if you f*ck me, then I’m gonna get reckless. I’m gonna f*ck you. Right in the ass.”

“I didn’t know what kind of sound I wanted to make. I didn’t have no influences. I just heard my voice in the microphone and was like, ‘Damn, I like that.'”

“I fell in love with my voice. I had something inside of me that was like, ‘I like this.'”

“My music, it’s not like everybody gonna love it, it’s really what I make of it.”

“I might not have the best flow, sound… but when it comes to wordplay, cuz? Come on bro.”

“People be famous for everything other than music and that’s what they really trying to do. But they don’t know once you get famous for being this funny guy, nobody’s going to take you serious as a musician.”

“Listen, if you a comedian, and you try to jump in the rap lane, it’s not gonna work out the way you think it’s gonna work out. Just ’cause you got four million followers, five million followers, them people follow you ’cause you a comedian. So, once you try to rap they are not going to take you serious.”

“I just want to get paid to lay down, wake up when I want to wake up, go to sleep when I want to go to sleep, and my money just be there. I just want to make the most doing the least.”

“Going from worrying about money to not worrying about money, it’s all unreal. It’s hard to take in.”

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