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James Bonadies Quotes

James Bonadies LMV Reviews

James Bonadies quotes: the louder half of Local Marketing Vault gives some great advice.

“When the product solves a major problem and delivers results, there is no telling what the numbers will look like.”

“Find where everybody isn’t, and go after that.”

“Fix your mind.  It may be the only thing holding you back.”

“Nothing comes easy, so roll up your damn sleeves.”

“I get asked all the time: ‘If there is one piece that marketers fail at, what would it be?’  Client-getting.  Without clients, the rest doesn’t mean diddly.  Spend time perfecting the art of sales and you will never go hungry.”

“‘Why?’  That’s the most important question to answer.”

“The path of least resistance is always the worst path to take… in life, and in business.”

“Don’t be a sheep in business.”

“Hard work takes a toll, and most quit right before their break.  Use that as fuel to keep grinding.”

“I enjoy the finer things in life… and that is part of what drives me.”

“Successful entrepreneurs always take action on ideas and tweak them as they go to turn them into a success.”

“The digital gold rush is real, but the difference is this won’t end anytime soon.”

“You can’t get rich thinking poor.  Change your mindset, change your circumstances.”

“My dream is my reality, so all sleep does is take me out of that reality.”

“The conscious mind is ignorant.  The subconscious may be stupid, but it leads us to paths we would normally talk ourselves out of.”

“Enjoy the process.  It just goes much faster if you enjoy it.”

“We can either be our own biggest asset, or our own worst enemy.”

“[On why local lead generation is all that and a bag of Skittles] Affiliate marketing?  Umm, yeah, I could never figure that out.  Businesses are failing because of a lack of customers.  They’ll pay money for someone to bring them customers.  All we do is use Google and Facebook to do that.  We are keeping their doors open and they are rewarding us for that.  All we’re doing is acting as the middleman, or the bridge for that business.  I’m sorry, but it’s the best… because it’s an actual business.  Not only that, but the statistics prove that this business will be around forever.”

“Success doesn’t know age or limit.  Start today and take daily actions toward your goal for as long as it takes.”

“It’s all in your thoughts.  Failure must be more painful than your fears.”

“You gotta start where you stand.”

“Imperfect action: take that first step into your journey, and never look back.”

“Figure out you, then why, then everything else comes easy.”

“Success comes, not when you want, but when you are ready.”

“Action.  Honestly?  Really the only asset you need.  Action creates an energy of reaction.  Hustle baby!”

“You don’t need a ton of tech skills to succeed online.  That’s a myth.  When I first started, I was a teacher, then a vice principal – and I didn’t know how to use anything besides Microsoft Office.”

“I built a huge business while working full-time in education.  So you do not need a lot of time… to start.  You can build things slowly, on the side.”

“No matter how you slice it, second place is and always will be the first loser.  Work harder and longer than your opponent.”

“The lack of money leaves people with no choices in life.  Money creates a freedom, so don’t be a slave to the lack of money.”

“It’s important to be able to see clearly… your goals… and look past all the garbage that will come in between.”

“Even at times when someone just has better talent, I make sure I will outlast them.  Nobody’s gonna out-hustle me.”

“I wish it was just about laying around.  Get your grind on.  There ain’t no shortcut.”

“Your opinion will never cut me a check.  I am a pro at what I do… so just let me do me.  You do you.”

“Blinders on.  Keep hustling and it just starts to happen.  No explanation.  It just does.”

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