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Drew Brees Quotes

Brees QB

Drew Brees quotes: NFL quarterback talks hard work, the road to success, satisfaction, and more.

“What I’ve discovered along the way is that the road to success is usually a pretty bumpy one.  And there are no shortcuts.”

“Never let anyone in life tell you that you can’t have something that you are willing to work for.”

“You have to push past your perceived limits, push past that point you thought was as far as you can go.”

“When you wake up, think about winning the day.  Don’t worry about a week or a month from now – just think about one day at a time.  If you are worried about the mountain in the distance, you might trip over the molehill right in front of you.  Win the day!”

“We’ve got something special going here.  We want to keep it going.  You don’t have many opportunities like this, and the window of opportunity for us is now.”

“You are either getting better or getting worse, but you are never staying the same.”

“You can always be a little bit better.”

“Each and every year I feel like I’ve gotten a little bit better and that’s always been my goal, was just to get a little bit better.”

“I expect to make big plays.  And when I don’t, I’m upset about it.”

“I expect to win out there.”

“The truth is, you don’t learn much from winning, but losing can make you a lot stronger.”

“I realized I could focus on my mistakes and feel sorry for myself, or I could learn from those mistakes and use them as motivation to come back stronger.”

“Under pressure, would I fold and disappear, or would I show everyone that when bad things happen, you fight?”

“I obviously take a lot of pride in what I do on the football field, because that has the ability to influence a lot of people.  That puts smiles on people’s faces.  That gives people a pep in their step on Monday morning when they go back to work.”

“Sometimes all you need is just for somebody to believe in you in order to be able to accomplish maybe what you never thought you could.”

“I know I can go out there and play much better than I did yesterday.  But to come out with a win is key.”

“Anyone can see the adversity in a difficult situation, but it takes a stronger person to see the opportunity.”

“Forget all the doubters.  Forget all the critics.  Is there satisfaction in proving them wrong?  Sure, but I don’t want to give those people the gratification of even dwelling on their words that long.  There’s a motivator much more powerful than doubt.  I play in honor of those who believe in me.”

“We mean well.  Give us the benefit of the doubt once in a while!”

“There’s always a little bit of personal satisfaction when you prove somebody wrong.”

“It has been an interesting road, but I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world, because I feel like all of those instances in my life I felt molded me and strengthened me and made me who I am.”

“I don’t know about voodoo, but I believe in destiny.”

“I needed New Orleans so badly back in 2006, just somebody to believe in me, somebody to care about me.”

“There’s not anything, I don’t think, that I can’t do or accomplish.”

“I’m not just trying to be a good game manager.  I’m trying to be great.”

“We had a saying that the fun stops at one.”

“That says it all.  When you say ‘victory’ that says it all.”

“Each day, you get an ounce more confidence.  When we’re playing like we are, there’s no reason not to.”

“I hope our hopes and aspirations are bigger than setting records.”

“We just believed in ourselves, and we knew that we had an entire city and maybe an entire country behind us.  What can I say?  I tried to imagine what this moment would be like for a long time, and it’s better than expected.”

“There are a very few consistent, common threads among the most successful NFL quarterbacks.  Most of them are intangibles, which you can’t measure with a physical test.  You need leadership ability, competitiveness, drive, and will.  You need focus, poise, and charisma.”

“I’m a very modest person.  But I’m also extremely confident.  And if you put me in the situation or in the moment, I’m gonna have some swagger, I’m gonna have some cockiness.”

“A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend.  A successful woman is one who can find such a man.”

“A word to the wise ain’t necessary – it’s the stupid ones that need the advice.”

“I think the fact is that anybody who goes into politics feels like ‘I can make a difference.’  But it’s not one person, you need so many others.”

“But I’ve found that when you start talking to people, everybody’s family has something they’ve dealt with.  Every family has issues and is a little dysfunctional.  It’s not whether you will have problems within your family; it’s how you handle those difficulties when they come your way.”

“If you are looking for your purpose or calling, you will find it in your pain.”

“God, I know that if you bring me to it, you will bring me through it.  I know you have a plan, but quite honestly I don’t see it right now.  But I know it’s there.  I know I have to believe.  I know I need to have faith.  I have to trust you.  And I do trust you.  But it’s hard right now.”

“I’m just feeling like it was meant to be.  What can I say?  The birth of my son, and in the first year of his life, we won a Super Bowl Championship.”

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