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Josh Brolin Quotes

Joshua James Brolin

Josh Brolin quotes: on drinking wine from Dixie Cups, living life metaphorically sh*t-faced, buying beautiful homes all over Cali, and more.

“I don’t care who you are, the pressure is on to go to the next task immediately.”

“Any kid that feels like they don’t have any kind of future, whether they’re on a street corner in Harlem or in a little town in Kansas where nothing happens, it’s all out there for them.  They can do whatever they dream or wish or see on television, or read about in the papers.”

“You have to be okay with wins and losses.  You can’t just be looking for the wins and, when the losses happen, you can’t buy more and more because you’re sure it’s going to bounce.  We call that revenge trading.”

“Folks can believe what they like but eventually a man’s got to declare if he’s going to do what is right.”

“Nothing misleads people like the truth.”

“The only way change will ever happen is if we speak up, and we have to know that it actually has an impact.  Because we have a lot more power than we think we do.”

“Rebellion, just to be clear, can mean holding onto some of your own integrity, of not playing into the idea of sensationalism.  We all have our moments, and that’s your guys’ job – to take those moments and make them turgid, gaseous, make them big, and it’s bigger than the person is.  When you start believing your own press, that’s when it gets really sad.”

“I got picked on a lot.  I was a complete geek in school.  I had braces.  I didn’t have the hot girlfriend.  I wasn’t ever sought after.  I was a stocky, awkward kid who got laughed off the tennis court when I tried that.”

“I was raised in a family where no one had a serious bone in their body and every answer was a riddle, a joke or a prank.”

“I almost became a music major, but somehow I was so enthralled with the camera and becoming a director that I stuck with film school and theatrics.”

“I started out with this dream of being a director and doing cinematography and bought my first film camera at 15.”

“I only took a high school acting class because there was no other class I wanted to take.  I loved it, but I was always against acting as a profession.  I didn’t like the monetary fluctuations I saw.”

“I grew up, especially as an actor, thinking that I had to move to New York to be a good actor.  But after a while you start to live the world a little bit and you start to appreciate where you’re from.”

“I’m very happy to be involved with great filmmakers.  It’s all about the work.  It’s all about how to make the story better.  So at the end of the day, you feel a trust that you usually don’t feel.”

“Look, I’m going to take full advantage of this situation just because I love working with great filmmakers.  But I’ve been around for a while, and I’m not going to play into the hype that I’m some great, you know, discovery.”

“When accepting or preparing for a role, fear is the motivating factor.  Fear – there’s always fear.  You recreate yourself in every movie, don’t you?”

“I remember at the premiere of my second movie I started crying.  I thought, I’m so bad that I either have to stop this and do something else or learn what I’m doing.”

“The next couple of jobs will determine, at least from a business point of view, if I’m a guy who’s actually the real thing or I’m a guy who’s had a nice moment.”

“I think you can have a whole terrific, smart career as a second and third banana and work more and have much less risk than the lead guy.  But I like being the lead guy.”

“I have to tell you, you can’t have an ego when you’re an actor.  A lot of actors have them, but in reality most of those people are just sensitive artists dying for a hug and a compliment.”

“I’m really, really lucky.  I was given my dad’s good genes.”

“I have been in love, and in debt, and in drink, this many and many a year.  ‘Twas drink made me fall in love, and love made me run into debt, and though I have struggled and struggled and strove, I cannot get out of them yet.'”

“There’s something that happens to me when I drink that all moral code disappears.  So it’s like if I were to take that drink, after about halfway through, I would start thinking about jumping out that window.  Not to kill myself, but just because there must be somebody down there to catch me, and I wonder if I can pull it off or if I could land on that van.  It just seemed like fun.  I want to live more drunk.  I want to live drunkenly.  I just don’t want to take the drink.”

“I’m starring in the two biggest blockbusters of the season, cleaned up my life and have clout I never dreamed of.  And that’s the problem.”

“I’m an anomaly, I know that.  I was living in professional obscurity for a very long time – it wasn’t a bad thing, I was very happy, making a living – but I am now the guy who it changed for later on in life.”

“I gotta make money – it all tends to disappear in this field.”

“I’ve never gotten bitter about where I was at in my career.  I’ve always earned enough money to put my kids through school and eat and all that, so I was never one of those guys who said, ‘Why am I not in this other position?  Why am I not that other guy?  Why am I me?'”

“My whole thing is with all the money I make, I just want to buy as many places in California as I can because I love it.”

“We do Days Inn trips, we do motel trips, we drink wine in Dixie Cups and stuff like that.  We save money by taking modest trips with family during my time off.  The last really expensive trip we took was so uncomfortable.  It’s so lazy.  I want somebody to give me a great $30 massage as opposed to a bad $265 massage.”

“I love the competitive part of stocks.  A lot of fear and greed, that’s all it is.  All I see is green and red.”

“It takes me 10 minutes to get ready to go out, and that includes the shower.”

“I’m having a nice moment in my career, and I don’t want to sabotage it quite yet.”

“I’ve been given an amazing opportunity and I could not be more grateful.  But I also know that all this will eventually die off.  It’s not real.  It will go away and then you’ll go away and then, I don’t know, I’ll be left sitting in some English hotel room.”

“This is what I love about my job.  I get to travel, see the world, meet new cultures.  I mean, it’s all bacterial, but, hey, what the f*ck?”

“It’s amazing.  We love that people are involved, family’s involved, friends are involved.  It’s a good thing.”

“To complain now would be kind of sad.  I like the way things are going.”

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