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Bruno Mars Quotes

Peter Gene Hernandez

Bruno Mars quotes: the pop star’s most popular quotes.

“You can’t knock on opportunity’s door and not be ready.”

“I think that success is having fun.”

“When everything in life gets so complicated it only takes a day to change it.”

“You gotta lose.  You just have to lose to win, to understand.”

“I feel like you have to constantly keep proving yourself, and you have to constantly keep getting out there.”

“If perfect is what you’re searching for then just stay the same.”

“The moment you stop, you’ll see.  You’ll see.  So don’t stop.  Keep going.  Keep going.”

“Be in control.  Know who you are.  And don’t try to be different just to be different.”

“And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while.”

“You gotta know what you are, who you are and how you want to be portrayed.  You have to be who you are, and hopefully they dig it.”

“You have to envision your life, and then go backwards.  I’ve been living by that motto for a while, so I see where I need to be.”

“When it’s your time, it is your time.”

“If music is what you want to do, if music is what you love and your passion… it doesn’t take a fragrance, it’s not about the tabloids, it’s about you putting in the work, practicing every day, practicing your vocals, practicing your instrument, practicing songwriting.  Hopefully one day you write the song the whole world wants to get down to.  I promise you, if you go out there and sing and you put your heart and soul into it and you follow your dream, one day you’re going to be sitting next to Ellen DeGeneres talking about how you broke records and rocked the Super Bowl.”

“It’s dedicating yourself to your craft.  Spending thousands of hours in a studio learning how to write a song, learning how to play different chords, training yourself to sing.  You know, to get better and better.”

“To write you must have an imagination… to have an imagination you must be free.”

“No one sells a song better than the person that wrote it.”

“I’m competing with billions of other songs.  It’s like winning the lottery – you just gotta get lucky.”

“Music is not math.  It’s science.  You keep mixing the stuff up until it blows up on you, or it becomes this incredible potion.”

“It’s just all love.  That’s what music is.  That’s why music is created.  To make people feel good, to uplift people.  That’s what musicians are for: to give everyone an escape, to let everyone feel good and take people out of everyday problems, so that they can hear music and sing words that are hopefully relatable.”

“I just write songs that I strongly believe in and that are coming from inside.  There’s no tricks.  It’s honesty with big melodies.”

“‘Uptown Funk’ took us almost a year to write.  And there’s songs that’ve taken us two hours to write.  And we throw ‘em away.  ‘Uptown Funk’ was in the trashcan about 10 times.”

“I think I don’t take myself too seriously.  You know, as far as, it’s a fun life.  I take my music serious, but I like to have fun.”

“I know I’m gonna figure – I’m gonna figure it out, just give me some time.”

“I feel it’s my job to continue being a student of music if I want to continue being an artist and a producer of other artists.  You have to keep filling your mind with other music.  You have to be ahead of the curve.”

“Ever since I was a kid, this was all I wanted to do.  I’ve wanted to do music.  I wanted to sing.  It’s all I know.”

“My dream was to not get a day job but to sleep, wake up and do my music.  I want to keep that dream forever.”

“I love singing.  If I can find a way to do that and feed my family, then I’m a happy man.”

“If I was a billionaire, I’d be smart with my money.”

“Oh I swear the world better prepare… for when I’m a billionaire.”

“My goals are – I don’t need much.  I’m a simple man.  I think that success is having fun.  And when I’m having fun doing music, I’m happy.  If I can make a little money on the side doing it, I’m really happy.”

“Becoming famous was never what I wanted to do.  There’s a lot of things that come with fame – it’s what people in the limelight have to do.”

“‘I can take this sh*t away from you, young man.’  That was the lesson.  You’ve slaved away for years and years and years.  You’ve prepped your whole life.  It’s all you know how to do.  You’re a kid experiencing life in f*cking Sin City, and that was the lesson: it can all be taken away.  Put you in a weird place.  Embarrass you.”

“When people fall is when they’re like, ‘Okay, now I’m here, what’s next?  A clothing line?’  That’s not what I’m trying to do.  It’s like, ‘Don’t be a sh*t.  Remember your dream.  Do your music and keep it special.’”

“Dealing with a loss affects your life.  It shows you the real importance of life.  Nothing else matters in this world but family and your loved ones.”

“[On retiring back to Hawaii eventually] On a beach, drinking out of a coconut, watching some kids running around in the sand, looking at the ocean… and then planning a reunion tour, overweight.”

“I felt like I didn’t have any pizzazz, and a lot of girls say I’m out of this world, so I was like I guess I’m from Mars.”

“I can’t write a better song than my heroes have written already, like Marvin Gaye and ‘What’s Going On.’  But maybe I can write a song that can bring everybody together on the dance floor to escape the reality of what’s going on.”

“I’m a sh*t-talking guy living his dreams, and that’s what I wanted to give.  This is what I wanna hear.  This is what I wanna say.”

“I don’t know where I’m gonna end up.  But I want to keep writing songs.  There’s a feeling you get from writing a good song that you don’t get from anything else.  You forever want that feeling, the same way you forever want to eat good food, you forever want to be in love.”

“I just really care about what people see.  I want them to know that I’m working hard for this.”

“You know, I just do whatever feels right to me!  And so that’s what you’re gonna get!”

“I’m creating my world.  I’m creating my America.  I’m creating what I want to feel every day.”

“Keep going and keep doing it.”

“You’re amazing, just the way you are.”

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