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Joe Buck Quotes

Joseph Francis Buck

Joe Buck quotes: regarding that shoulder chip, his critics, being himself, and more.

“You have to trust yourself.”

“If you’re prepared, you can be relaxed.”

“This is the time when you need to push boundaries, and push this as far as you’re willing to go, and see what your style really is.”

“If the whole world’s coming down around you so what?  What’s the worst that can happen?  It’s going to be okay.”

“Sometimes life doesn’t work the way you’d like, but you move on.”

“It’s not so easy doing what we all assume is routine.”

“We’re not all robots.  There are emotions that creep in.”

“There are certainly things you learn from the internet.  You certainly learn from people’s opinions.  I think you’re going to get some of the negative a lot more than the positive, but I think you can learn from it.”

“The worst thing in the world is to feel like people turn on the TV and say, ‘Oh God, it’s that guy again.’  I’m trying to avoid that.”

“You have to make that stand out from the rest of the three hours.  There are times when I’m having fun and being loose, and there are times when I’m ultra serious.  There are different levels of intensity, and I try to respect that when I’m doing it.”

“It’s kind of my intention to be myself on the show.  Nobody’s tuning in to listen to me.  That’s not why people are watching.”

“Believe me, I am not scared, and if someone doesn’t like what I say or how I say it or the words I choose, I really don’t give a sh*t anymore.”

“But for the most part, everybody wants to be liked.  At some point, you can’t be unrealistic about it.  The only people I want to really like me are my family and the people who employ me.”

“I think you kind of stick the pin in the balloon and let the air out, and if people know you can laugh at yourself, well, I can’t be that big of a dick.”

“Hey, so I had this hair plug procedure and I almost lost my voice and that gets people’s attention because nobody really talks about that stuff, so I figured why not?  Let it all hang out and if you’re going to write a book then write a book.”

“[On his new book] I really don’t care if one person buys this book or one million.  It felt good to write it.  You can write anything on a piece of paper.  The anxious part will be when the book goes out and the story that I reveal becomes common knowledge.  For a guy who was picked on in grade school, that will be the anxious part.  By the time it went through the process… I’m comfortable with everything that’s in there.  It’s warts and all.”

“My job is to call the action.  Not stand on a soapbox and go on and on and on about a point, and forget about the game.”

“I would never have gotten my first job announcing if I didn’t have the last name Buck.  When you’re lucky enough to do high-profile events, you’re surrounded by people telling you how good you are.  You need that one voice you trust, that one person who will tell you the truth.  When my mom says, ‘That didn’t sound like you.  It wasn’t your best,’ I listen.”

“I learned how to be a good person from my dad and that’s way more important than how to call a homerun or a touchdown or whatever it may be.”

“I got hired by the Cards when I was 21, and I could handle the job, but for the most part, I got hired because I was somebody’s kid.  When you start that way, you have a lot to prove.”

“I think I enjoy my job more now than I did when I started.  When I started in 1996 on a national level, I was 27 and part of me was scared to death.  Part of me was always trying to prove that I belonged and prove that I deserved the job and prove that I could handle it.”

“I have more fun now doing a game on a Saturday or Sunday than I’ve ever had.  I love the fact that every year, it’s gotten more and more fun.”

“I’ve put together a solid career, and I’m proud of it.”

“Music really calms me.  It lets me know, as I’m about to get ready to do the game – which at the time feels like everybody is paying every seconds worth of attention to and it’s the biggest thing in the world – that you are just part of a bigger picture going on in the United States and nobody really cares how you do or what you do.”

“After all of these years, I realize my energy comes from the people at the other end.”

“But I tell people all the time that if you can do the job, then there’s a spot for you.  I refuse to believe that there isn’t any room in this business.  People leave jobs and jobs open up every year.  If you can do the job, you’ll find your way into the broadcast booth.”

“I’m the luckiest guy in the world to be my parents’ son.”

“Name the great course in a great city, and we played there… there are very few American courses still on my bucket list.  Spoiled rotten, is what we are.”

“[On how long he’ll continue to call games] As long as they’ll have me, and as long as my family can handle me leaving every weekend.  When those two don’t mix, I’ll be done.”

“‘Treat everyone like gold.’  That’s the most important thing I’ve learned from my dad.  That’s how I’ve tried to live my life and act in my career.”

“I was always a ‘grass is greener‘ kind of guy.”

“I’m out there to be real, and I think people respond to that.  If you have some image that you’re protecting, eventually people get sick of it, and I can’t imagine living that way for an entire lifetime.  I’d rather just be who I am, and that’s good enough.  And I’ve exceeded any dream I’ve ever had in this business.”

“I think I’m smart enough to realize how lucky I am.  It’s where the title of the book comes from.  My dad had a line at a banquet years ago: he and my mom were in bed one night, and my mom said, ‘What would you say if you met God?’  My dad said, ‘I would ask him: why have you been so good to me?’  I can’t come up with anything better than that.”

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