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Juanita Bynum Quotes

Juanita Bynum

Juanita Bynum quotes: on owning your sh*t, dealing with domestic violence, weathering life’s storms, weight loss, and more.

“God doesn’t give you all the details to your destiny!  He only asks you to take the next step and trust Him!”

“Stay focused on the future.”

“Try not to give the adversary a chance to take another snapshot of your euphoria and harmony!  Take it back!”

“Crises provide the motivation for innovation.  It is a call to change the way you do life.  The most important challenge will be to change yourself as well as to reinvent yourself in the process!  Go ahead!  Make the change!  Your future self will thank you!”

“My father told me to always face your fears head-on.”

“Real life does not come from the outside but from the inside.  You must first change internal.”

“The truth that you know is the thing that makes you free.”

“The teacher has not taught until the pupil has learned.  Your legacy outlives you.”

“You learn from mentors or experience.”

“Feedback is not failure!  Life has a way of course-correcting.”

“When you know better you do better!”

“Just because you made a mistake doesn’t mean it’s all over!  Too many people find themselves trapped.”

“Conducting our lives to look like The Untouchables – looking like we have it all together, like we are perfect – does not leave a straight path for others to follow.”

“Some people will only love you if you fit into their box.  Don’t be afraid to disappoint.”

“When I reflect on what God is still doing in my life, I don’t have time to focus on people who don’t like me.”

“Little people can do big things.  There is always room to make a difference!”

“I’ve been there… but I think the minute I allowed somebody to help me to take full responsibility for my life and not doing the blame game to say, ‘Oh, this is their fault,’ I took full responsibility in every area because every choice that I made, nobody put a gun to my head.  I made those choices due to a lack of wisdom.”

“I’m not insecure about being around people who have issues and struggles because I’ve been there and I’ve done it all.”

“I’m releasing my first ever weight loss book.  All that I had gone through, I felt like it was an opportunity to recreate myself.  Not a lot of people get an opportunity to walk in the place where they experience trouble and then have emotional strength and the spiritual support through their relationship with God or even a friendship that pulls them to a place of making a correction.”

“I believe that spiritual wellness is one of the key components of healthy lifestyle that impacts the whole body and rejuvenates the spirit.  Physical fitness and healthy nutrition allow the spirit to flourish to a whole new dimension.”

“You can’t sit back and say, ‘I’m going to be a great dancer,’ and you’re on the couch eating doughnuts every day, because you’re lying to yourself.  You have to press on and meet the goal.”

“I’m just very, very conscious of what I put in my body and how much of it I put in my body.”

“[On domestic violence] What I’m willing to bring to the table at this point is what I’m walking through right now.  I believe that I can bring it and impart it into the hearts of women with conviction.”

“My father was my rock, because he was that real man that was tangible; that helped to reaffirm and validate myself again.  When a man takes your femininity and womanhood and treats you like you’re nothing more than trash, it’s devastating.  Through it all my dad was there.”

“God put me on this path, and this is what I feel is strengthening me.  Not my prayers right now but the prayers that I’ve cried out to God when there was no problem.  And just asking God to strengthen me and to sustain me, caused me to be focused.  I think had I not done that out of obedience to him I probably would be in a real ugly state right now.”

“I don’t know about y’all, but I don’t want nobody that can’t catch me in the Spirit.  I don’t want nobody that can’t catch me in prayer; that can’t catch me in my Spirit; that can’t sense when something is wrong.  I need an eagle-like Spirit that’s got the power to intercede for me; to consecrate for me; to fast for me; to minister to me.”

“I only get bitter, frustrated and anxious when I believe a particular stressor I’m facing is never-ending.  If I just remember that they don’t last – nothing lasts forever – I can weather anything.”

“I believe that spirituality needs to be used in a proper manner, to the degree that we forgive and we pray, but by the same token, you have to take the responsibility to remove yourself out of harm’s way while you’re praying.”

“Spirituality is a very personal experience for every individual, a unique expression of their own understanding of the world.  I respect every religion and accept every person’s belief system and the peace it may bring.”

“I can’t tell you how many people have stopped me in malls and restaurants and said, ‘Dr. Bynum, we believe in you.’  They grabbed me in this transition when I wanted to quit.  That’s why I’m doing what I’m doing – for the people of God.  They are my inspiration.”

“My purpose keeps me going.”

“It’s not just your turn, it’s your time.”

“All the best for a year filled with success!”

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