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Jason Capital quotes: strong advice from the head honcho of high status.

“Truth: materialistic sh*t does not impress the people worth impressing.”

Copy is the number one high income skill.”

“Focus on growing yourself as much as you focus on growing your clients.  You’ll do better and so will they.”

“Everyone I know who is successful?  They are so urgent about what they do.”

“Look at who you get your information from.  Are you getting it from the best?  Or are you getting it from someone who’s just pretty good?  It makes a big, big difference.”

“[On writing copy that’s guaranteed to increase sales] The best way to do it isn’t to talk about the dream (i.e., how to pick up chicks), it’s to talk about the pain (i.e., the real reason beautiful girls aren’t attracted to you – and it’s not what you think).”

“If your heart is pounding, that’s your f*cking cue.  That’s your body saying, ‘F*cking do this.'”

“In real life, the hare wins – speed wins.”

“Ninety-nine percent of men and women out there go through life afraid of rejection and never know what could have been.”

“F*ck your couch.  Your couch is your comfort zone.  If you’re on your couch eating, watching Netflix, smoking something green (and legal in a handful of states), what aren’t you doing?  You’re not increasing your income.  You’re not inspiring anyone.  You’re not unlocking true freedom.  The kind of ‘f*ck you’ freedom where you can up and leave to Bora Bora like, today, if you so desire.  So again, f*ck your couch.”

“If you wanna be successful in life, you have to become incredibly persuasive.  There’s no way around this.”

“This game is always evolving.  The only way to play and win is to be ready to adapt at a moment’s notice.  And the only way I know how to do that is to live life with a light grip.  What did Ferris Bueller say?  ‘Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out alive.'”

“I don’t know any online marketer who makes a ridiculous amount of money, who isn’t a good copywriter.”

“If we only live and work with what’s actually real, we’ll realize there’s nothing in our way, at all.”

“If it’s important, you should never just ‘do it.’  Put yourself in the right state beforehand – and then take action.”

“You’re good.  You’re cool.  You’re more than enough.  You’ve got what it takes.  You’re doing it.  You’re going there.  You’re making it happen.  You’re pushing ahead.  You won’t be stopped.  You won’t ever stop.  Your truth is too important.  Now get out there and share it with the f*cking world.”

“[On how to force yourself to write good copy when you don’t feel like it] Look, if you don’t feel good, it is your f*cking responsibility to make yourself feel good.  You are in control of your emotions.  You drink from your own sources.  Your state is your responsibility.”

“The greatest gift you can give to others is to be the example.”

“Procrastinate on procrastination and you’ll no longer be a procrastinator.”

“You gotta write every f*cking day.  At least one hour every day.”

“If you feel dead inside, it’s not just you that’s suffering.  Everyone around you is suffering.”

“Is it getting tough?  Keep f*cking going.  Is it getting easy?  Keep f*cking going.  Are your doubters running their mouth?  Keep f*cking going.  Would it just be easier to take the boring, predictable route everyone else takes?  Keep f*cking going.  There are ways to get there faster… with less effort… and more fun – that’s what mentors and the right trainings or courses are for.  But there’s one ingredient the recipe always requires: keep f*cking going.”

“Nobody can guarantee your success in this life, but if you can do the things necessary to deserve it?  It’s coming for you.”

“[On coping with stress and anxiety] Breathe deeper, breathe in, learn how to breathe.”

“Online, there are sheep and there are lions.  You know the sheep.  They comment on everything, they try to rip you and your dreams down, and they need each other to validate what they’re saying.  And then you’ve got lions.  They don’t need anyone to do what they must do.  They take action.  They’re dominating their path.  They’re looking at problems and they’re f*cking roaring at those problems.”

“Environment is destiny.”

“You deserve to have it all and more.  So when the universe asks you how much you want, I want you to say: ‘I.  Want.  It.  All.'”

“Opportunities don’t come that often – when you get a chance, when you see things going well, double the f*ck down.”

“If you’ve got people hating on you or getting the wrong idea, check them.  You may be doing a f*cking gift for them.”

“I’m telling you: stand the f*ck up and say what you need to say.  If you don’t do that, you’re costing yourself a f*cking fortune.”

“It’s the boring sh*t that creates success.”

“What’s not okay?  Is when you stop choosing and betting on yourself.  You want it all?  You can get it all.  But you must keep f*cking going.”

“You will not convert today’s prospects with yesterday’s marketing.”

“Massive success is not unique to any person, industry, or circumstance.”

“We wanna live proactively, not reactively.  If you wake up and respond to other people’s text messages and emails and DMs and all that stuff, we are living reactively.  When we wake up and do the most important thing for ourselves first, we are living proactively.  Much, much better.  I promise you that.”

“Winter is coming.  I need you to commit right now.  Commit to the skills, commit to the hustle, commit to getting it while the getting is f*cking good.  The only way to get from the sh*t house to the penthouse is total f*cking commitment.”

“I want you to keep tasting everything that the buffet of life has to offer.”

“Rich people don’t watch the news.  They’re busy dominating their path.  They’re busy doing what they want.  They’re not distracted by sensationalized stories and violent images and celebrity scandals.  I want you to focus on what you want.  I want you to focus on yourself and your path and giving as much value as you can to the world… and becoming the most valuable version of yourself.”

“You want your ads, your emails, your website to convert better?  Your webinars, your VSLs, your sales pages?  Here’s a tip: master your metaphors.  And one of the best ways to do that is to watch really f*cking good movies.  Because when you nail down the right metaphor, you nail down the idea you want installed in the heart, mind, and gut of your prospect.  Wanna covert better?  Start mastering your motherf*cking metaphors.”

“If you can’t beat fear, do it scared.”

“Circumstances don’t make or break you; they reveal you.”

“Copy is the oxygen of digital marketing.  It’s used for Facebook ads, Instagram, sales letters, webinars, even sharing ideas with others.  And if you argue with that, well, you’re arguing using copy.  Even for my business, copy is king.”

“People ask me, ‘Jason, you’re 30 years old.  Why don’t you act more like an adult?’  Listen.  If you ever seen me acting like an adult, punch me.  Adults are boring, adults are repetitive, adults are stifled, adults are slaves to the chains of habit, adult don’t dream, adults aren’t open, adults don’t dare, adults don’t play, adults choose comfort over adventure, the known over the unknown.  That’s just how I see it.  I will never be an ‘adult.’  I’ll just always be me.”

“I’m going to do what I must do because I am going to become who I am destined to become.”

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