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Chris Cavallini Quotes

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Chris Cavallini quotes: high-intensity truths about beliefs, bod ‘n’ biz.

“Everything great in this life has to be earned; not given.”

“If you want long-term success, stop avoiding what’s hard.  A very simple, effective way to stop procrastinating, making excuses or to destroy the BS limiting beliefs we have about ourselves – that we suck – is to seek out discomfort as frequently as possible.  Too much comfort leads to self-absorption, low self-esteem, feelings of purposelessness and discontent.  These are scientific facts, not my subjective option.  Of course, everyone’s ‘uncomfortable’ is different, so whether it’s cold water immersion or a 15-minute walk around the block, please… start today.”

“If you want this to be your year, it would probably helped if you stopped doing the same sh*t you’ve been doing since 2010.”

“Honor your word.  It’s one of the very few thins in this world you have full control over.  It’s real simple: if you say you’re gonna do something, do it.  Otherwise?  Keep your lies to yourself.”

“Life’s not always going to play fair.  But that’s not an excuse to decrease your level of effort.”

“Even the people who betray you are part of the plan.  Head up and keep it moving.”

“The best way to start surrounding yourself with the right people, is to first stop surrounding yourself with the wrong people.  Do that and watch as the rest starts to take care of itself.”

“You know who I appreciate?  Everyone who can take a joke by giving it right back instead of getting their feelings hurt like a little b*tch.  Much love to everyone out there who respects themselves enough to not get offended over things that aren’t offensive.”

“I’ve accepted that I’ll never be where I want to be, which is totally cool, because I f*cking love the process.”

“One of the most liberating things we can ever do for ourselves is look in the mirror and admit that we’re actually the problem.  Like for real, embrace the fact that everything happening to us, is happening because of us.  It’s not the fact you weren’t born into privilege.  It’s not the economy.  It’s not your asshole boss.  It’s not your haters.  It’s not Donald Trump.  It’s not the fact you’ve been cheated on, lied to, or that you weren’t hugged enough growing up.  It’s you.  Whether good, bad or whatever falls in between, your life is your fault.”

“The easiest way to create positive, lasting change is to start telling yourself, ‘I get to do this,’ instead of, ‘I have to do this.’  Do it.  Thank me later.”

“When you’re in hell, have hit rock bottom or find yourself lost in the darkness, sometimes a change in perspective is all it takes to see the light.”

“No one has ever looked back on their life to proudly reminisce about all the weekends they took off, sleep they got, junk food they ate and latest episodic television series they binged-watched.”

“When you’re going through hell – and trust me, you will; or will again at some point – you got two options.  You can do nothing, complain, blame others, stay there and permanently get the sh*t kicked out of you.  Or, you can put your war paint on, fight your way back into the light and, like a Phoenix, rise up from the ashes and become something more.  That choice is forever yours to make.”

“Whether or not we like to admit it, it’s kill or be killed out there.  Govern yourself accordingly.”

“If you’re not sure what you wanna be, be the person who celebrates the accomplishments of others, randomly compliments strangers and encourages everyone around you to do a little better.”

“If you want to be respected, be consistent.”

“Anytime you think you can’t, you just have to do it anyway.  A happy, fulfilled, inspiring life is literally that simple.”

“[On having employees do ice baths] I’m not paying my employees to sit in an ice bath… I’m making an investment in my team to help them destroy their limiting beliefs and by seeking out discomfort, prove to them they’re capable of a hell of a lot more than what they currently believe is possible.”

“Don’t reward yourself with food for all the hard work you haven’t done.  You’re not a dog, but even if you were, do you really think you deserve a treat?”

“With every workout you do and healthy meal you eat, you lay a brick down on the foundation of what will soon be the new and improved, fitter, healthier, more confident, better version of your current self.”

“Having your goals on paper and reviewing them daily increases the probability of a successful outcome by 5,000%.  It’s also very easy to do, is a form of visualization/manifestation technique and shouldn’t be looked at an an ‘extra’ – [but] rather as a mandatory part of the goal-seeking process.”

“There’s a single common denominator between all the social media gurus, books, templates, courses, mastermind groups, seminars and motivation videos on the internet… after you get through all the strategies, principles, tools, formulas and positive self-talk, it still always come down to one thing: do… the… f*cking… work.  End of story.”

“I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason so many Americans lack self-discipline, is because from a young age it was instilled in us to associate the word ‘discipline’ in the most negative context imaginable, as if it’s something that exclusively comes with a death sentence of some kind.  But in reality, the opposite is true.  Self-discipline isn’t a punishment.  Far from it actually.  Self-discipline is a reward.  One that we have the opportunity to earn anytime we elect to forgo short-term gratification over the sustained long-term, to achieve the things we want most in life.  Change your thinking, change your life.  Start today.”

“You can be on someone’s ass all the time and still have love for them.  You can be raw, direct and radically candid with people but still genuinely have their best interest in mind.  It’s called accountability.  It keeps us honest, real and moving forward.”

“Some of the most inspiring things you’ll ever see are nothing more than a byproduct of someone who refused to quit, when logically, it may have made sense to do so.”

“Don’t underestimate the power and value of being sick and tired of your life at the moment.  Some of the most epic comebacks made, empires created and legacies left, were by people who decided to no longer tolerate the circumstances of their life.”

“I wish more people would realIze that it doesn’t matter what you’ve done; what matters is what you’re going to do.”

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