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Chalene Johnson Quotes

Chalene Johnson Entrepreneur

Chalene Johnson quotes: here are the most inspiring and insightful sayings from celebrity trainer, lifestyle expert, and all around entrepreneur, Chalene Johnson.

“Know your worth and then add tax.  Never offer a discount.  Quality comes at a price.  Never charge a friend, but remember, most don’t value that which is free.  Know your worth and never apologize for it.”

“I’m a ride or die kinda girl, but I have questions.  Where are we going?  Do we have to die?  Can we work out before we leave?”

“Let’s slow down.  Breathe.  Pray.  Life is so precious.”

“You can’t go wrong when you fill your heart with love, your days with music, your view with palm trees, and your plate with plants!”

“It’s the journey that tests us, that rewards us, that gives us confidence in our ability to survive and thrive.”

“In case it hasn’t dawned on you, you are already more than enough.  You do not need to be the richest, thinnest, smartest, or funniest to be worthy.  It is not what you do or buy or have that makes you worthy.  It is who you are that makes you worthy.”

“Be careful with the words you use.  They leave a lasting impression and they form very stubborn beliefs.”

“When we exercise we honor our health, we honor our body, we honor our family and the people who matter most to us.  Never forget that your choice to exercise could be taken away in an instant.”

“When you’re in conflict with someone, ask yourself if your response will help to end it or defend it.”

“What do you need to be your best?  For me, it’s the space to be creative.  It’s time to think things through (by myself).  For me, it’s alone time every day where I can process thoughts, put pen to paper, day dream, develop an idea, or just breathe.  For me, I think best without distraction.”

“Don’t just appreciate your differences — be grateful for them.”

“I hope you do something every morning that pushes you, makes you better, gives you clarity, and sets your intention to take on the day.  For me, that’s my workout.”

“If you want something to last longer, take better care of it.”

“Feeling a bit stuck today?  A little odd, a little off, just not right?  Well change things up… just a little.  It works for me!  Get a new perspective.  Go outside.  Change the position of your desk.  Stand on your head.  Change your outfit.  Get a new pair of shoes.  Try a new hairstyle.”

“The result of saying no is a life filled with abundance.”

“Business builders who want a more intimate and connected relationship with their partner simply need to prioritize that person more than they do their paycheck or social media stats.”

“Your energy is contagious.  Make sure yours is worth catching.”

“When you look at the path someone takes to succeed, be it fitness, business, marriage, whatever, it’s usually not genetics or schooling or lucky breaks that separate them from the rest.  It’s often as simple as perseverance.”

“The truth is, if you want to impress someone?  Zip it.  Stop interrupting and just be the one that actually cares enough to listen.”

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