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Clarence Clemons Quotes

Clarence Anicholas Clemons Jr

Clarence Clemons quotes: Sir Sax’s most popular quotes.

“Everybody calls me Big Man.”

“It’s a matter of choosing what is most important to you and putting that first. Once you have recognized your true purpose in life, this becomes much easier.”

“Sometimes you just do things and let your natural self become a part of what you’re doing.”

“Whether you do 100 things well, or one thing better than anyone else, I would say it’s simply about getting out there and sharing it with the world.”

“Being involved in the well-being and advancement of one’s own community is a most natural thing to do.”

“The more you do, the more comes back to you. I try to encourage people to get up off that brick, you know. Help us out here, I’m out here. I am doing, so I want to give everyone the opportunity to do something also.”

“It’s love. It’s two men—two strong, very virile men—finding that space in life where they can let go enough of their masculinity to feel the passion of love and respect and trust. Friendships are based on those things, and you seal it with a kiss.”

“I’m a mellow fellow. Nothing much bothers me.”

“I have no agenda—just to be loved. Somebody said to me, ‘Whenever somebody says your name, a smile comes to their face.’ That’s a great accolade. I strive to keep it that way.”

“I grew up with a very religious background.”

“My exposure to religion and religious music in my early life was a total positive thing. It has enabled me to become the man that I am today.”

“The word spiritual, not the word religious, is the key.”

“In the mental calmness of a spiritual life, I have found that the answers to the whys in our lives are able to come to you. In my music I find the same thing.”

“I was looking toward a pro football career but God had another plan for me.”

“God will give you no more than you can handle.”

“I didn’t want a saxophone. I wanted electric trains. But my father decided to get the saxophone. I wanted an electric train for Christmas but I got the saxophone instead. He heard this saxophone player, and he decided that that was what he wanted his son to do. Thank God.”

“I always had this vision of what I wanted to do in life.”

“To me, music is a river. I have lived my life beside the river. Every day, I get up and look at the river. I watch it and notice when it rises and falls.”

“I do read music, but I prefer playing from the heart.”

“Rock ‘n’ roll, to me, is very serious because we deal with the young people. We deal with people who need something, and that’s the same thing that a preacher does. He feeds you something that you need spiritually in your soul and in your makeup.”

“I take my job as a rock and roll sax player very seriously. To do it the way that I must do it, I must be in good condition. The better shape you’re in, the harder you can rock.”

“I think that I am very blessed and fortunate to have found my purpose in life and that purpose requires me to keep my body fit.”

“Working out has always been a way of life for me. It’s a crazy world, so I meditate for 20 minutes. I also meditate for 20 minutes before a concert.”

“The calm mind allows one to connect with the inner self, the soul, the very source of our being. That’s where the music lives. That’s where my music comes from.”

“I visualize what I do before I do it. Visualizing makes me better.”

“I found out how great the E Street Band is. The reality of a band that you can’t scoop aside, can’t put in a corner.”

“When you learn a Bruce Springsteen song, it’s like learning to ride a bike. You don’t forget it.”

“I’ve had an amazing life. It all comes from my relationship with Bruce. If Bruce and I had never met, I would never have met these people or lived the kind of life that I live right now.”

“I just want to keep on living so I can keep seeing the change.”

“I know that one day I’m going to die. I want to accomplish as much as I can before I do.”

“Death is not just the end, it’s the beginning.”

“As long as my mouth, hands, and brain still work, I’ll be out there doing it. I’m going to keep going till I’m not there anymore. This is what’s keeping me alive and feeling young and inspired.”

“My mom used to say to me that the older you get, the more friends you lose. That’s the way life is. You keep doing it until your time comes. I’m trying to enjoy my life, and keep doing what I love to do until my time comes. Hopefully I will inspire somebody along the way to keep it going.”

“My purpose in life is to bring joy and light to the world. I got the right job.”

“Life is about the journey. The heart of it, the spirit of it is that one note—that same note, night after night. That’s the promised land. That’s where I belong. That’s who I think I am.”

“I’ve been pretty blessed. Sometimes it comes in disguise.”

“Tears may come and go, but there’s one thing I know. All my life you’re a friend of mine. You can depend on me. I’ll be fine… ’cause you’re a friend of mine.”

“All right, homeboy. I’ll see you down the road, man. God bless.”

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