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Kellyanne Conway Quotes

Kellyanne Elizabeth Conway

Kellyanne Conway quotes: on owning your sh*t, the danger of social media, not letting being a woman with kids stand in your way, and more.

“Opportunity does not always knock twice.  You have to make some of your own opportunities and you have to go in and grab those.”

“One of the most important things I tell my children is that hard work can pay off.  You can’t quit.  You can’t complain.  You never claim it’s unfair or unequal.”

“Know who you are and possess that confidence and just tune out the naysayers and the critics in a way where you feel like you possess a certain patience and perspective that many of us in the bubble lack.”

“Some of the best advice and insights I have ever received in my professional life have come from people – by listening to them, by getting out of the bubble.”

“He can win or she can’t win is up there with, ‘I’m going to lose 10 pounds, win the lottery, and live forever.’  Saying it does not make it so.”

“Nothing creates a winner quite like earning it, not just inheriting it.”

“I just can’t believe it’s always somebody else’s fault.  Sometimes you just have to take a look in the mirror and reflect on what went wrong.”

“I think when somebody seeks mercy and forgiveness and means it… people ought to think about that.  They ought to think about when somebody asks you for forgiveness and for mercy – are you willing to give it?”

“I went out on my own, years ago, to try to create some additional choices in a parallel universe.”

“I look at myself as a product of my choices, not a victim of my circumstances.”

“I don’t sugarcoat things, but I’m very polite in delivering them.”

“My mother didn’t feel sorry for herself, she was left with no child support, no alimony at a very young age, with a child to raise, a high school education and she just figured it out.  She didn’t complain, she didn’t rely upon government, she relied upon her own skill set, her own self-confidence, her own drive in moxie and her own duty to me and her and she relied upon her family and her faith.”

“I’ve been in a very male-dominated business for decades.  I found, particularly early on, that there’s plenty of room for passion, but there’s very little room for emotion.”

“When I was discussing my role with other senior campaign folks, they would say, ‘I know you have four kids, but…’  I said, ‘There’s nothing that comes after the ‘but’ that makes any sense to me, so don’t even try.’  Like, what is the ‘but?’  But they’ll eat Cheerios for the rest of their life?  Like, nobody will brush their teeth again until I get home?  I mean… what is the ‘but?’  And I do politely mention to them that the question isn’t, would you take the job?  The male sitting across from me who’s going to take a big job in the White House.”

“I went home every night to New Jersey – or most nights – and to help with the six-grade math homework or to make breakfast in the morning, just to make sure that that was there.  When I was single and didn’t have children, I used to laugh at this notion of quality time.”

“I appreciate having been promoted for merit, on merit.  And then bringing to bear whatever those extra special characteristics that all of us have.”

“I don’t have any special advice for America’s women, except to know who you are and to put your priorities in order and to not worry about the naysayers and critics say.”

“Women are trying to have it all but are trying to regain control over their time.  That’s why many women are busting out of the traditional workforce and starting their own businesses.”

“Women in America work so hard and not all of them get their shot.  And I feel like I worked hard, but I also got my opportunity, which puts in a different category of blessings.”

“I never knew I was so stupid or so ugly until there was social media.”

On Facebook, Twitter, texting, e-mails, remember, it’s a mode of communication, it is not communication.  It’s not real life.  So step aside, make sure people see something other than the top of your head and live in real time, in the real world.”

“I think the most important thing for all of us to realize is you have to make the decision and be comfortable with it.  And every woman should be respected for making her own choice.”

“I was raised to be a very strong and independent woman without anybody ever saying the word feminist or having any political conversation.”

“I’m not a celebrity, I’m just a pollster and campaign manger.  People should not look at me as someone who goes on TV… I’m on TV when everyone is still sleeping, or they are watching me from bed.  I’m already there.”

“I am a wife.  A mother.  A Catholic.  Counselor to the President of the United States of America.  This is a new day.  A new dawn for life.”

“Don’t be too busy for each other because that is something today that I find to be incredibly unfortunate.”

“Nobody understands your life, but you.”

“Every day is a fight for life, yet today is also a celebration of life.  It is a time to lift your voices and lift your spirits.”

“God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.”

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