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DaBaby Quotes

DaBaby Best Quotes

DaBaby quotes: Kirk’s content dipped in VVS diamonds.

“You can’t cheat the game. You can’t cheat the grind. You get out what you put in at the end of the day.”

“You gotta milk the game. You gotta take advantage of it. When you got something going, you would be a fool to step on your own toes and go left with it.”

“I just had that mindset to never settle. That’s a credit to my pops, too. He used to say ‘the sky’s the limit’ every time we talked.”

“Just stay focused.”

“And I’m the type of person, if I ain’t wrong, I’m gonna stand on that. I don’t lose no sleep at all with having sh*t going on. I just let the work overpower the sh*t.”

“I like pressure. I love it when you have to perform at a certain level or else. That’s when I’m at my best.”

“I am the type where I don’t worry about anything else but how to top what I did yesterday. My main goal is to top what I did before.”

“You have to know what you’re doing because people in the industry know what they’re doing. Also, just being mature enough to not be blown away by all of this going on.”

“Don’t take sh*t personal. Business is business. Do your own thang. Know how to deal with people.”

“Just treat people the way you want to be treated.”

“It’s a full-on lifestyle. Know how to deal with money—reinvesting is imperative. Even when I ain’t have sh*t, I was putting everything I had back into getting here. It was all about just stretching, pushing the envelope and making sh*t happen. That’s what I do. I make sh*t happen.”

“I just knew I could never answer the question: ‘What are you going to be when you grow up?’ ‘Cause it was just gon’ happen.”

“I’ve studied the greats. I’ve studied all the genius marketers throughout the rap game. I borrow from anybody with something to offer. I’ve just always been a hustler.”

“I was all about touching people and influencing people, I always been that type of person. I was the one teaching people things, I just always had a way with my words and I always spoke with substance.”

“I made that a point when I was creating my sound from the beginning, I didn’t want to sound like anybody. Once I kind of found my own sound, I mastered it.”

“When I hear a beat that I can talk my sh*t on, it takes me there. It just took me there. As soon as I heard it it just took me there. I don’t know how I be coming up with the sh*t I be coming up with. It just be bleeding through me.”

“It’s just the way I’m set up, being that once-in-a-generation, once-in-a-lifetime, once-in-an-era type of star.”

“And that’s what I’m gonna be: a bad motherf*cker. And with the sh*t I’m gon’ do and whatever lane I’m in, I’m gonna bend the rules. I’m gonna stretch it out and see what’s been done, see how to do me and how to do it differently.”

“My work ethic comes from kicking the door down. Me coming from where I come from, it ain’t a city where you got any other rappers from.”

“We’re from the hood and are serious and real, but at the end of the day, that don’t get you anywhere. I can be a worldwide artist; I can act and do comedy. I can really spit with the best of them, but I can also make songs. Some spitters can’t make songs.”

“The way I make something out of nothing, I got that from my momma. That’s 100% her. Staying happy through the struggle, staying close to family and sh*t, I learned that from her, because if we didn’t have sh*t, you couldn’t tell.”

“No, I wasn’t a bad kid. I was always intelligent, and strong-minded, and outgoing, like I am now.”

“I’m pretty sure my expectations are higher than the average person’s. It just sets standards.”

“I’d bet the house on me every time. I do it every motherf*cking day, and I ain’t been wrong yet.”

“My internet presence was definitely bigger than the music. I’m so good at marketing, so once I knew I had them looking, I turned up with the music. I knew what I was doing. It was premeditated.”

“I don’t play the ugly game, I think everyone is beautiful and I see it in me now more and more.”

“I mean I’m just me. I wouldn’t even call myself a tough guy, I’m just me. I remain myself and I respect everybody.”

“It’s just the risk that I take and the sacrifice that I make: putting myself, my career, my family’s peace of mind on the line just to do right by my fans. It ain’t no gray area. You’re either with that and willing to go out of your way to make people who contribute to your dreams coming true happy or you aren’t.”

“I like pushing the envelope and being creative. I’m a high-level performer. It’s about, how I can take it to another level? I try not to be complacent in my music or with my performances. I gotta keep it fresh and rock out.”

“A lot of times I set standards or I put things ahead of me on purpose, because that’s just how I am. I challenge myself.”

“I plan to exceed all expectations.”

“I really came from nothing. I’m not perfect at all but look, I done been through it all, and still got plenty more to go through. If you willing to go through it with me, grab my hand, let’s go. If not, I wish you the best.”

“I’ve been broke my whole life, you get what I’m saying? I’m scared of the bank.”

“I still remember back when we ain’t have no money… had to act like I was watching something, wasn’t no cable. I saw the screen, it was blue. I ain’t have no AC; it was hot. But now you can reach in my pockets, and pull out a motherf*ckin’ knot.”

“I just closed a deal for an M. Now I’m out in LA like a motherf*ckin’ Laker.”

“You gotta show the money when you become a rapper. I can’t wear a hoodie every day and act like I don’t know no better, you get what I’m saying?”

“Anything I do, I’m doing it for a reason.”

“My name was originally Da Baby Jesus, but I changed it like two years into my career because I didn’t want to offend anyone; although I feel like my purpose in the game is related and still is, I didn’t want my name to be a distraction from the music.”

“My relationship with God today is about expressing how grateful I am, more than anything. Asking him for more lessons. I tell him to give me the chance to adapt and get right. We planned this from the get-go, me and God. I asked him for it and met him halfway. And every time I meet him halfway, boom, it goes how it’s supposed to go.”

“I’m definitely bringing something different to the table. I’m more than excited for what’s to come. I’m going to have a great year. We’ve brought it this far and it ain’t stopping now.”

“It’s pandemonium!”

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