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Dame Dash Quotes

Damon Anthony Dash

Dame Dash quotes: about honor, perspective, money, lames, and life.

“Wealth is happiness.  It’s how much you laugh and how much the people you love, laugh.”

“I know that anything I can imagine I can make happen… so I am really careful about how small my thoughts are.”

“The more you care, the more you prepare.  Period.”

“You’d be surprised how many people are scared to think.”

“It seems that we are slaves to patterns.  Just because we have been taught something everyday of our lives doesn’t make it right.  Our test in life is: once we become aware, will we do what’s right?  Or do what we are used to?  (Which is convenient.)  Life’s tests aren’t meant to be easy.”

“Building a brand means being consistent.”

“An entrepreneur can’t quit.  You have to see it through.”

“On one hand, my mom died and it broke my heart; on the other hand, it made me great.  It’s about perspective.”

“You have to not only control the product, you have to control the distribution as well.”

“The money doesn’t mean sh*t.  It’s the experience.”

“I really don’t care what people think.  I’m playing a different game.  I sell companies like artists sell records.  I don’t expect everybody to understand.”

“Always respect your brotherhood no matter what.”

“Men can have a difference of perspective and speak aggressively with emotion based on the passion of what they believe in and still have respect for each other.  That’s what men do.”

“We’re here to live.  We’re here to learn.  We’re not here to be perfect.  We’re supposed to embrace all our imperfections.  And I think if we can imagine and find a bright side in anything, that will become a reality.”

“You can’t think anything’s ever gonna be given to you other than opportunity.”

“I think people don’t think life exists past the tombstone, but I know personally from losing people I love, that’s not the case.”

“There’s nothing more fun than realizing your dream and being able to spend money while you’re young.”

“I’ll never throw sugar on sh*t – it still stinks.”

“I put art and creativity first, then I monetize that.  Corporate will make you change the art and creativity so that they can make the money for themselves… which f*cks up history.  I opened up galleries around the world so a creative can be a creative without compromise.  Live aspirational without compromise of quality of living and still be independent.  I walk that like I talk that.”

“I wanna think about things that people don’t think about.”

“Posing is not cool.  I just don’t see the reason for being mad about making mistakes.”

“Nothing better than getting money with the people you love the most.”

“A boss never hates on another boss – that’s not boss.”

“I’m not in the music business, but if I come across a true artist that’s doing cool sh*t?  I’ll support them.  It’s never for the bread – always for the art.”

“Hit records are easy, but the performance is all that counts.”

“Money means so much only to dudes that can’t get girls without it.  Bottle service f*cked the whole world up.  I’m just sayin’.”

“A real man knows never to mess with a man’s family to prove a point.  It’s in poor taste and out of line and only a desperate coward would go that far.”

“Logically speaking… why would you care about someone’s opinion that you don’t love… and doesn’t love you?  Especially a lame?  Could care less what a lame thinks about me.  Worrying about another man’s business is what makes you a lame in the first place.”

“I don’t like being mad.  Emotion is not profitable.  Anxiety and all that other sh*t – fear?  I ain’t got time for that sh*t.”

“I’ve always gone all-out for something I believe in, but once I don’t?  I’m out.”

“There is always an upside and a downside in every situation.  It’s all about your perspective and it’s a choice.  Some choose the downside because it’s easy to just worry and do nothing.  I choose the upside… that usually means there’s an opportunity to capitalize on… but that takes work and I’m wit’ that.”

“I gave him direct answers ’cause that’s how bosses talk.”

“Bottom line is if your work is good you don’t have to come outside… or promote… and it doesn’t matter if people like you.  If your work is good, you’ll have a line around the corner like it’s the first of the month every day.”

“The thing about only having a million dollars and calling yourself a millionaire is if you buy a bag of potato chips you’re not a millionaire anymore.  I been saying this for decades.”

“Anything that I enjoy, I figure out how to monetize.”

“I admire the strength in honor… because… honor isn’t convenient.  It’s not easy.”

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