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Damon Wayans Quotes

Damon Kyle Wayans

Damon Wayans quotes: serious sayings from the funny guy.

“I think it’s really simple.  It’s just belief in yourself.”

“Nobody can stop you but you.  And shame on you if you’re the one who stops yourself.  Homie don’t play dat.”

“If you have the ability and want it bad enough, do it!”

“The key qualities all successful people share are: drive, and belief in themselves.”

“Some struggle is healthy.  If you can embrace it rather than be angry, you can use it as your pilot light.”

“You’ve got to want it.  I can give you a role.  I can’t give you a career.”

“You have to look yourself in the eye and ask, ‘Who are you?’  It can’t be all about work.”

“You have a sense of responsibility, because you have to set an example.”

“I had a great childhood growing up even though we was crazy poor.  We was like P-O.  We couldn’t afford O-R.  That’s how Po we were.  I remember nights we didn’t eat.  We had sleep for dinner.”

“I was 12 years old when I had my first job, delivering packages.”

“Be a pimp.  That was my goal in life at a young age.  I got beat up by a girl, so that changed my goal.”

“I was always the class clown and got kicked out of class at least once a day for just being a goofball.  Not suspended or anything, just sit outside and look at the tree on the bench.  I got benched a lot.  You keep one foot on the bench and try to get as far away as possible.”

“It is harder to be funny without using profanity.  It is a challenge, and I think in today’s world, where we are so desensitized in terms of what we see on the news, and in life, profanity helps to get people’s attention, because it plays into the shock that we already live under.”

“I have to be able to laugh at myself.  Any true comedian has to be honest with himself.  And then I think it’s important to know how people perceive you, versus how you perceive yourself.  It keeps you grounded!”

“I wanted to be an animator originally.  I went to art school; I went to art college and everything.  But that screen was just calling me.”

“I tried to walk away from stand-up, but it’s been my therapy – my way of expressing anger, disappointments and fears, and celebrating my hopes.  It helps to regulate my thought process.”

“I’m going to start a website.  Seeing all these guys make money, I have a lot of stuff I want to sell on the internet.”

“You see people you identify with, and you take pieces of people you like and shape who you are.  Like, I sound just like my dad.  But that’s literally my vocal chords.  I can’t sound like anything else.  I sound like him, but I act like myself.”

“Even in real life, sometimes you find that person you click with – that you get irritated by every other person in the world, but you can be around this person every day and you’d be fine with it.”

“I write a daily journal for myself.  It keeps me in check.  In my journal, I can get really hard on myself.”

“I was in a creative rut, a self-described mid-life crisis.  After successful runs with sketch comedy shows and a string of movies I was searching for a new venue for my skills.  I wrote the novel Red Hats.  I wrote this from passion.  I wanted to do something different, to do something that spoke to me.”

“It’s something that I enjoyed doing.  I hope to write more books, but I don’t know.  I just did it because I could.  The opportunity was there.”

“We live in a climate of political correctness, and I don’t want to be fodder for CNN.  Mercedes makes these incredible cars, but they have to crash them a lot before they can perfect them.  Comedians are the same way with jokes.  I’m at peace with it.  I wanted to be around people I love more.”

“Our parents, to their credit, never said, ‘Stop having fun.’  They kept us close, and we had to be upstairs at six o’clock.  They didn’t want us to run in the streets.”

“My greatest production is my children.  Then, to see my grandbabies is the gravy.”

“But my kids, my brothers’ kids – they think about trying to top what we did.  My kids have a competitive drive I never had growing up.”

“You can’t help but look around at what goes around in the world and not look up in the sky and ask why.  And hope that there is something better out there.  Bigger and better.”

“I never thought about being famous.  I live to perform.”

“Society evolved and so have I and it is something I will continue to do both personally and professionally.  Continued learning, acceptance and thoughtful words are all important actions that will help make society a kinder and safer place for all people.  You know better, you do better.  I am very proud.”

“I’m happy to be healthy too.  I eat well and I exercise.  A lot of it is mental and spiritual along with a lot of positive thinking.”

“No regrets.  I went on to do what I wanted to do.  A lot of the things I wanted to do, I went on to do.”

“You’d better not kill me, man, I’ve got sh*t to do tomorrow!”

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