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Vince Del Monte Quotes

Skinny Vinny

Vince Del Monte quotes: on success, muscle building, life, and more… from “The Skinny Guy Savior.”

“The biggest challenge as an entrepreneur is identifying and executing on the ‘dollar bill projects’ that will 10X your revenue versus wasting your time chasing the ‘penny projects’ that may increase your business a measly 10%.”

“A good coach gets you to stop and kill any project that will not lead to a solid financial stability to build from.”

“Let revelations lead to revisions in your life and you won’t need to keep setting resolutions.”

“The fastest and easiest path to success is to model it.  Surround yourself with people who have already arrived where you want to drive.”

“Freedom is not something you buy, it must be earned and it requires sacrifice and confronting challenges and fears… over and over and over.”

“Be willing to live tight and go broke in the short term, for the good of the long term.”

“If you’re spending time with people who are lazy and negative, you will act accordingly.  If you’re spending time with people who are achieving, serving, and leading, you will also act accordingly.⁣”

“Focus on quality of leads.  Not all leads are created equal.  It’s better to pay twice as much for leads that are your ideal customer.”

“Everything is a good idea… if it’s backed by marketing, sales, and massive action.  While you could debate the pros and cons of every idea, at the end of the day, your idea isn’t the difference maker.  You are!  Any idea or business model can and will work.  The question is, ‘Will you work?'”

“I’ve been in business for 10 years online because we’re always evolving our products and when you spend $47 with me, you’re going to get 10X the value.  The days of ‘whipping up a product’ are gone.”

“No one wants to work with a generalist in the first place because people want someone that knows their specific problems.”

“You will never be successful at something that you are afraid to fail at.”

“Man up and start making decisions like you’re at war, because you are!  Building a business is not for the faint of heart.  It’s lonely, it’s scary, and nothing is guaranteed.  Most people simply aren’t cut out for war.”

“You can’t become the best version of yourself if you’re sleeping through the reality of your current situation.”

“If you can build some muscle, you can challenge your mind, attract more money, pursue your mission, and win at marriage.  Remember, how you do anything is how you do everything.”

“Hire leaders who are focused on growing your business, not: ‘Yes boss!  You got it boss!'”

“Do you know that success is your responsibility?  It’s not your boss’ job to make you rich.  It’s not your coach’s role to keep you motivated.  It’s not your parents’ part to remove every obstacle in your path.  Success is and always will be your responsibility.  Take initiative, put in the work, and never ever quit until you succeed.”

“If you’re building your life around metrics, status, possessions and favor, you’re screwed.”

“I believe that what you have done is nothing compared to what you can do.”

“Embrace performance.  Swallow your pride.  Stay in your lane.  Work with a coach who can guide you from posing to performing.  Like is too short to pose.”

“Don’t do things in your life because you want external approval but because you want to reorient your life around a true inner transformation.  If you’re trying to change your body for any other reason, even if it’s health-related, you’re missing the point.”

“People take what they pay for far more seriously.  If you try to give it to them for free, without any kind of investment or ‘skin in the game’ on their end, the likelihood that they won’t follow through skyrockets.”

“The reward you get for conquering one challenge is a bigger challenge.  Welcome to life.”

“The fewer people involved, the less successful you’ll be.  To attain any goal, you need people.  Different people will buy you ideas, knowledge, speed, introductions, attention, belief, and accountability.”

“Getting to the next level of growth is inconvenient and boring.  Accept it.”

“I’ve learned, you simply cannot build an empire alone.  It takes a clear vision, a unified and effective team, and great leadership to build a business that will reach its fullest potential and be recognized as an industry leader.”

“People want a success they have not been groomed for.  It’s like a baby being born prematurely.  What would happen to that baby if they were exposed to the world too early?  That baby wouldn’t survive.  Too many of us want success too early.”

“People should follow your work because of the message and the man behind the message – not a manipulation of metrics.”

“I was put here for more than macros, metabolism, and mechanics.”

“Looking and feeling good is a noble cause… unless everyone else in your life is getting kicked to the curb in the process.  Many people die alone because they never figure out how to make fitness a part of their life instead of making it their entire life.”

“The best marketing is the simplest marketing.  Simplify to amplify your income.”

“I want to encourage you to get clear on who you are and what you represent.  Define why you’re showing up so the only game you end up playing is your own, where the only possible outcome is one where you get to win.”

“Don’t confuse the temperature of your life with the climate.”

“Its not only about what you lose during your cut but what you gained.  Did you gain more knowledge, discipline, energy?  Did you gain better health, mindset, and habits?  If so, that’s the ultimate prize.”

“If you’re not continually investing more time and money, you’ll slow and get stuck.”

“Revenue feeds the ego but profits feed the family.”

“You can’t ‘block’ your way to winning a fight.  You must strike and attack.”

“You must prioritize to monetize.”

“Always be interviewing and recruiting new talent.”

“You can achieve your dream body with fitness as a small part of your life.  It just requires a smart program.”

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