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Zooey Deschanel Quotes

Zooey Claire

Zooey Deschanel quotes: the actor slash musician keeps it 100.

“If people just want to be famous, that’s just not enough to get you up at four in the morning to go to work.  You have to love what you’re doing.”

“Know what suits you.”

“This business is all about branding.  It’s just about doing what you like so that when you look at yourself, you’re not disgusted.”

“Every time I’ve followed my gut it’s been better than when I’ve tried to do what I was supposed to do.”

“I think it’s important to do a lot of different things.  You don’t want to stop appreciating them because of the grind.  I think it’s really important to have, at least for me, different things that you enjoy doing.  They can all play different roles in making you feel creatively satisfied.”

“Everyone has the heartbreak that shapes them in a way that they could never go back to the innocence that they had before.”

“I never stop myself from doing something because I’m afraid of what people might think.”

“I put myself out there; it’s part of my job, and I get it: people will attack me.  At first I was thrown off, but now I have a pretty thick skin about it.”

“It’s strange because a lot of people are like, ‘You can’t change human nature – people are inherently negative.’  I don’t think that’s true.  If you expect the best from people, they’ll step up.”

“You can’t expect to make no effort.  You still have to make the effort and be kind and understanding.”

“For those of you who tried, but didn’t make it, settle down – it’s never what you think.  The summit doesn’t differ from the deep, dark valley.  And the valley doesn’t differ from the kitchen sink.”

“Humor is a part of spirituality.”

“What led me to be an actor is that I have a strange something in me that can drastically change the way I appear to the world.  Growing up, I couldn’t understand why people would always have different ideas of me – but because of that I became aware of how you can manipulate your own ability to change.  And then I learned to make a career of it.”

“I’ve always been really picky about roles and make a point of reminding myself that it’s not about the money – because, obviously, there’s a lot of money to be made in this business if you’re willing to do anything.”

“I always wanted to be normal.  I tried really hard, but it’s like I try so hard and then people still say I’m offbeat.  I’ve learned to accept that and take advantage of it as an actor.”

“I’m just being myself.  There is not an ounce of me that believes any of that crap that they say.  We can’t be feminine and be feminists and be successful?  I want to be a f*cking feminist and wear a f*cking Peter Pan collar.  So f*cking what?”

“Being tender and open is beautiful.  As a woman, I feel continually shhh’ed.  Too sensitive.  Too mushy.  Too wishy washy.  Blah blah.  Don’t let someone steal your tenderness.  Don’t allow the coldness and fear of others to tarnish your perfectly vulnerable beating heart.  Nothing is more powerful than allowing yourself to truly be affected by things.”

“I’ve been writing music since I was about eight.  I would write sporadically.  I wrote a lot of music in high school.”

“Writing music is really personal, and it’s a really exciting thing to participate in because it represents the full creative process: it feels like something is coming from nothing.”

“Whether it’s a song, a stranger, a mountain, a tea kettle, an article, a sentence, a footstep – feel it all.  Look around you.  All of this is for you.  Take it and have gratitude.  Give it and feel love.”

“I mean, the idea that it might help somebody out or help somebody make the decision to become a stewardess or otherwise… is that art does have the power to affect people.  I feel really privileged to be a part of that.”

“I think that it’s our responsibility to create a world in which girls can grow up and not have to limit their dreams or possibilities.”

“Always the aim for me is making people feel like they are not alone.  That’s just the greatest feeling.”

“You don’t have to wear expensive clothes to look good.”

“I don’t like to limit myself.  Anything that I would love to wear, I wear!”

“I’ve always been a unique person who has my own unique style.  Being comfortable and being stylish are not mutually exclusive.”

“Why is being feminine or girly a bad thing?  Why do we need to act like men to be strong and powerful?  We all have different qualities but they’re equally as good.”

“I’m a very positive person.”

“I like having a schedule.  I tend to be the type of person that thrives on something being regular.”

“When you have endless time, you take all day to go to the grocery store.  But, if you have to be at work for 14 hours a day, you manage your time better.  I know I do.”

“I work almost completely year-round, since I was 18 or 19.  It’s nine months a year, and then you’re out of town, there are crazy hours and all of the things that go with filmmaking, which is a pretty all-consuming business, although I’m very blessed to be a part of it.”

“I’m way too busy working to get into any kind of trouble.  Not that I would anyway.  I don’t understand the people who think about their celebrity first and their career second.  How do those people stay motivated?”

“I am always early to work but sometimes late to other things.”

“I’m a person who gets better with practice.  Getting older is awesome – because you get more practice.”

“The more creative I am, the more it feeds into other creative aspects of my life.”

“I think every year I become happier because I become more confident and more comfortable in my own skin.”

“I just sort of follow my bliss, so-to-speak, and then I see where that takes me.”

“I’m always trying to do stuff I haven’t done before or challenge myself so I’m not resting on my laurels all of the time… because if I just found my little niche and never left it, I’d be pretty boring, I think.”

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