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Cameron Diaz Quotes

Cameron Michelle Diaz

Cameron Diaz quotes: on gratitude, simple living, working hard, and much more.

“Love your passion.”

“Great things only come through work.”

“I can’t think of anything that anyone has ever accomplished without having some sort of self-discipline.  Without knowing how to work for it.  Without learning how to earn it.”

“Any person I know who is successful in my business or any other business is so because they work their asses off for it, because nothing is for free.  If you want something, if you want to achieve success in any area of life, you must apply your discipline and your work ethic.  Because discipline is what helps you consciously do things in order to reach a desired goal.”

“Discipline is a rejection of entitlement and expectation.  Discipline is having a strong awareness that your choices have impact and that your actions make a difference.”

“Pain is weakness leaving your body.  Isn’t that such a great thing to know?  When you push through to the other side of pain, you are stronger for it; you let go of weakness and build resilience in your mind and body.  Because the more you resist giving up when you can actually keep going, the more your mind will also adapt – it will learn that it is capable and it will power you through the pain.”

“I think that anything that you do, any accomplishment that you make, you have to work for.  And I can tell you that hard work pays off.  It’s not just a cliché.”

“Whatever success people have in a field, it’s a result of hard work. If you ultimately succeed in one place, you must have worked hard there or somewhere else.”

“Have no regrets.  Your regrets aren’t what you did, but what you didn’t do.  So I take every opportunity.”

“Everything’s a risk, by the way.  There’s no guarantee.”

“For me, gratitude is the only attitude.”

“When things are meant to come together, they come together.”

“Accept what happened in the past.  You can’t waste your time and energy dwelling on what happened or what could’ve been or what might’ve been.”

“There’s a little part of you at all times that hopes to be somewhat objectified, and I think it’s healthy.”

“Convenience is not an acceptable foundational value for society.  It’s a disease.”

“I don’t care how smart a kid you are.  The only way you learn what’s not right is from experience.”

“That is why knowledge is so powerful – because when you really know something inside and out, you can see all of the opportunities to apply that knowledge through action every single day.”

“Inner beauty is what matters.”

“Beauty is a kind of radiance.  People who possess a true inner beauty, their eyes are a little brighter, their skin a little more dewy.  They vibrate at a different frequency.”

“The foundation of youth for me?  Exercise, healthy diet, lots of water, lots of laughter, lots of sex.”

“If you are not in the habit of being active, you are at risk for a number of ailments that would probably not be an issue if you just moved.  Moving your body on a daily basis, continually throughout the day, is your body’s instinct because it is essential to its well-being.”

“Healthy is not an accident, a gift, or a rabbit’s foot.  It is a habit.  It is a habit that will shape the bodies that we were born with, a habit that will support the genetic makeup we got from our parents.”

“It is the responsibility of every human, not just dancers, sports stars, kids, and Olympians – to move.  To embrace movement.  To become movement.  To live movement.  Because moving can turn a regular Monday into an extraordinary start to your week.  It can turn Tuesday into a quest, Wednesday into an adventure, Thursday into a triumph, Friday into a feat.  No matter how you spend your days, claiming your right to move is like claiming your freedom.”

“The responsibility to be healthy is in your hands – no one else is going to do it for you.  So ask yourself: do you want to live in a body that allows you to do the things you want to do, a body that is full of health and capability, that you are proud to call your own?  Because it’s your choice.”

“Intimacy starts with a relationship with yourself, an understanding of who you are.”

“Don’t compare yourself to others.  As women in today’s society, we are encouraged to compare ourselves to other women when what we need to do is focus on our own strengths, our own capabilities, our own beauty.”

“I don’t believe you should make fun of anyone but yourself.  I think humor is the best gift, and if you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?”

“Comparison is a brutal assault upon one’s self.  Once you compare yourself to someone else, what you’re really saying is that what you’re made of isn’t good enough.”

“It’s important to be active in the causes that are important to you.  That’s how we make changes in this world.”

“I’m honestly so grateful to have a job… when I get a job, I’m always amazed – I just appreciate what I have when I get it.”

“I will always want to do whatever it is that my heart is in, and whether I get paid for it or not means nothing.  It doesn’t matter.  I’ll do it if it means something to me and I want to be a part of it.”

“I believe in fate and what’s meant to be mine will be mine, and if it’s not in my lap, then it’s not mine.”

“I like doing my own thing.  I like creating, so I’m just looking for the project that makes the most sense for me now.”

“You screw me, I screw you back.  I’m a lady like that.”

“Don’t take crap from anybody.  My dad always used to tell me that if they challenge you to an after-school fight, tell them you won’t wait – you can kick their ass right now.”

“Fame does not define me.  If you are looking for fame to define you, then you will never be happy and you’ll always be searching for happiness, and you will never find it in fame.  Fulfillment comes from within you, by being authentic to yourself – not chasing fame.”

“I have gratitude.  I know myself better.  I feel more capable than ever.”

“I’m living my life.”

“Be grateful for the people in your life.”

“To me, that’s the wealth of my life: my friends and family and the experience I get to share with them.”

“I’m someone who loves to enjoy life and tries to focus on real things and real friendships.  That’s why I live very simply.  I’m a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl.  I don’t spend much time fixing myself up or trying to look cool.  I live like a normal person and even though I’m in a very high-profile business, I really don’t let it affect the way I live.”

“I am in love with life.  I think it’s pretty awesome when you are engaged in it.  It puts a smile on my face and in my heart.”

“I’m not ashamed of being a bubbly, funny person.  I think that’s as valid as being the dark, brooding, tortured Oscar-nominated one.”

“I’m a pretty girl who’s a model who doesn’t suck as an actress.”

“I’m living my life as a journey.  My quest is to make it better every year.”

“At this point, I’ve done so much, I feel fulfilled with the adventures I’ve sought out in my life.  I’m in a great place.”

“Embrace who you are.”

“Be grateful for the love you have.”

“Just live your life.”

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