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Dustin Johnson Quotes

Dustin Johnson

Dustin Johnson quotes: on battling demons, becoming the man his kids can be proud of, what goes into being the best, and more.

“Having a good game plan, a good strategy, and executing obviously is going to be the big key.”

“You’ve got to focus on the shot at hand and that’s all you can really focus on.”

“My father told me, ‘If you want to go somewhere, you’ll learn real quick.'”

“You learn a lot more from failures or situations where you don’t win, than the situations where you do. I try to take positives out of every situation and see what I can do to improve.”

“Telling me that I can’t do something is probably the worst thing that anyone can say, because I’ll definitely do it. I’m very determined.”

“I can have someone tell me to do stuff all the time every day, and if I don’t want to do it, I ain’t gonna do it.”

“I never, ever thought I was a bad guy. I just got into a situation where I felt very intimidated, and made a couple of bad decisions. I’m a pretty smart guy. I know the difference between right and wrong.”

“I learned I didn’t handle stress the right way. My way of getting rid of it was drinking or partying. Yeah, that might work for that day or the next week, but eventually everything keeps piling up. I didn’t go to rehab during my break from golf, instead I hired a team of experts, such as a life coach, to help me understand how to get the most out of my talent.”

“As a student, I didn’t care much for school. I always believed golf was my future, and I wasn’t afraid to let my teachers know. One of my most memorable moments came in middle school, when my geography teacher asked me to find a location on a map. I looked at the teacher and said, ‘Mrs. Kennedy, I don’t need to know where that is. When I’m on tour, I’ll get my pilot to fly my private jet to where I need to go.’ I was reminded of that story years later, and I was right.”

“I always knew I wanted to play golf and go to college. I try hard to be a positive role model, especially on the golf course. I try to carry myself well, and don’t do anything outrageous. I try to play the game like a gentleman and give everyone respect. That’s how the game should be played.”

“I enjoy playing it every time I step on the course.”

“Golf is a weird sport. Some days you got it. Some days you don’t.”

“I’ve been working hard on it, working hard on my fitness. I’m feeling good. Golf is a funny game, so I can’t go out and say, ‘I’m going to win this tournament,’ but I just want to compete and put myself in position to have a chance.”

“Any athlete, professional athlete, across any sport, diet and training are a huge part of it. If you look at the top 10 guys in the world, they all train, they all work on their diet, it’s just something you have to do. With training and diet, probably the biggest thing I’ve changed is when I’m on the road I rent a house and I have a chef who comes and cooks for me so I can keep everything the same.”

“It’s a lot to stay in shape and be ready for four days each week. The thing people probably don’t understand is the amount of work I put in to get where I am. I don’t think most people have any idea how much time I spend in the gym, practicing, playing. And diet’s really important, too.”

“I’ve been working hard on my game and been working hard on me, and so it means a great deal to have some success right out of the gate. It gives me a lot of confidence, too. Confidence is definitely there. I feel really good about where I’m at.”

“I always think I’m dialed in. I’m out there playing for myself.”

“I always feel like the best player in the world.”

“I like being number one. It means I’m playing really good golf. Winning takes care of that, too. Every week I try to put myself in position to win.”

“All of my buddies, we’re super competitive with each other no matter what we’re doing. Yeah, it doesn’t matter what it is, we want to win and that’s kind of the mentality I’ve got, whatever sports we’re playing.”

“No matter what time of year you play it, it’s going to be great and I’m going to enjoy it.”

“I try not to get too emotional, whether it’s going really well or going really bad, I always try to stay even keel—which is great for golf, but it isn’t always great for life.”

“I love being on the water, wakesurfing and wakeboarding. I’m not thinking about golf. I’m just wondering if my cooler’s got enough ice to make it through the day.”

“My training and nutrition plan has really evolved over the years. It’s so important for me to take care of myself mentally and physically. Working out and eating right helps me feel better and play better on the course.”

“As I get older, I want to make things as easy as possible, even though they don’t get any easier.”

“I need to keep practicing and continue to get better. There are things I want to do with my career.”

“My life has already changed, there’s nothing better than fatherhood. Being a father and role model changed my perspective on life.”

“I’ve really grown up and I am starting to become the person I want my kids to look up to.”

“My wife, Paulina Gretzky, understands everything it takes to get to where you want to be and the sacrifices you have to make. Having her dad as the greatest hockey player, she understands.”

“My talking points include family, simple life and dedication.”

“With me, what you see is what you get. I try to treat everyone with respect.”

“I sign autographs and try to be as nice to people as possible, and I do pretty well with that. I understand the importance of it.”

“I don’t think I’ve even scratched the surface. And that was a really big part of what I’ve been doing, to help myself reach that potential.”

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