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Rob Dyrdek Quotes

Robert Stanley Dyrdek

Rob Dyrdek quotes: nuggets from the skater turned serial entrepreneur, Rob Dyrdek.

“I was raised by some very grounded, hard-working, middle-America parents.”

“I quit high school to be a pro skateboarder out of Ohio, which is just asinine, but it was meant to be.”

“In skateboarding, you’re never bigger than the streets.”

“MTV has been a great partner over the years.  I’m truly grateful for the platform they’ve provided for me to create and refine compelling, entertaining media at the highest level.”

“What I love to tell young kids is ultimately let your dreams evolve around your opportunities.  You have to focus on always learning.  It’s cliche, but the reality of it is that if you take action and try and fail you’re gonna learn a lot by the time you try it again, and you’ll build a foundation of experience that’s gonna be ultimately the rock that allows you to find success or follow your dreams.”

“I can’t watch myself on TV.”

“There are some key elements to business being a success, and that’s a smart visionary and great management behind the people that are going to build it.”

“Never undervalue the idea of partners.  Understanding your strengths and then going out trying to find like-minded people who will be another pillar of your success.”

“You’re better off owning 30% and having two amazing partners who compliment you and are equally as driven as you are, than having 100% and only having one aspect of it, unless you’re a super genius who is creative and business-minded at the same time.”

“No matter what I do, how much money I make, where I live, or what kind of car I drive, the stuff I skateboard on is the same stuff that every other kid in L.A., every kid in the country, everybody in the world is skateboarding on.”

“Sure, things are going to get sketchy, but when you’re having the time of your life… what’s sketchy?”

“I’ve got some alien blood in me.”

“With success comes responsibility of playing your part, to do what you can to help not only those that helped you get to where you’re at, but the future of who’s going to be playing a part of your business and everything you do in your entire career.”

“My entire life is a single body of work.”

“One thing about everything that I’ve done is it’s so diverse and all over the place, from doing crazy stunts that I can’t believe that I’ve done to launching professional skateboard leagues to all types of different business stuff and television shows.  To me, I’m real proud of the body of work that I’ve done… as opposed to one thing specifically.”

“I am truly blessed to have been a part of the MTV family for so long.”

“If my parents really understood how much I’ve learned that I could never learn in school, they’d be very proud.  Instead, I’m still their crazy kid, sagging his pants and dancing around on the laptop.”

“Take this wealth and this fame, always stay humble, keep your family close, and do ridiculously crazy things.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a vacation, to be quite honest with you.”

“In life some people trip and some fall but some take that trip and make a beautiful dance out of it.”

“Skateboarding has given me everything I have and created who I am.”

“Business is my passion.”

Justin Bieber, I love to death.  He’s such a cool, ridiculous, much crazier kid in real life – more than he’s really allowed to be, because he’s a unicorn and very rare.”

“There’s nothing more ridiculous than seeing yourself in a video game.”

“No one is going to give it to you.  Spend every day getting better and focus on that which you can control, let everything else fall into place.  You can’t stay focused on what you can get from success, but rather focus on becoming successful.”

“As I’ve evolved, I’m capable of doing a lot of things at once, but really, as an entrepreneur and business person, it’s more about adding the right structure to be able to handle scaling all those things as opposed to being at the forefront of doing a lot of them.”

“I operate best on big vision and creative detail.”

“I had to learn the hard way.  There was a blindness, without any education or will or drive.  Everything I started in the beginning from skate shops to record labels to a million and one side hustles that I went in without knowing how I was going to do it – a lot of those ventures just went out of business.”

“If I liked an idea, even slightly, I would throw some money at it.  I’ve had a lot of random things not work out that people don’t know about.”

“I try to seize every opportunity I can.”

“In all aspects of life, it’s always much funner when you surround yourself with people you enjoy being around.”

“Sometimes I’ll be somewhere, and the cops will show up to kick me out and end up just asking for a photo.”

“I built a very methodical television show around my business.  I learned how to use television as a platform to advertise products.  I created a platform showcasing the stuff that I build.  It’s taking the integration model to another level.”

“There is nothing like watching a crazy video for the very first time.”

“My gift is execution; when I decide I’m going to do something, I’ll stop at nothing to do it.  Along the way, you take a lot of risks and go for it, but you have to believe in it.  You gotta believe in your idea, and lucky for me, I found a lot of success in that.”

“I started my first company when I was 18 and learned by trial through fire, having no formal education or entrepreneurial experience.”

“As a professional skateboarder, I can’t look at anyone getting hurt – it freaks me out.”

“Live an inspiring life.  I don’t do anything if I don’t have a passion for it.  I can’t wait to get up in the morning and start the day.  I just have such a passion for life and everything I do.”

“Anything is possible if you’re willing to work for it.”

“I live a pretty balanced life.  As hard as I do work and as many things that I do… I take a lot of time to stay physically strong.  I really just try to get the proper rest.  I don’t run myself into the ground.”

“Half of my success is my fearlessness and recklessness – of just seeing the end and not stopping until you get there.”

“Without a doubt, Dana White is my biggest influence.”

“I love everything I do and I can still remember the days of cashing my first royalty check for $2.  I have such a great life, I’m proud of everything.”

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