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Jesse Eisenberg Quotes

Jesse Adam Eisenberg

Jesse Eisenberg quotes: high IQ quotes from the actor.

“Life is an ongoing battle. Don’t be a hero, live to fight another day.”

“It really couldn’t be more simple than this. If you’re afraid of everything out there, you quit going out there.”

“To criticize Facebook is to criticize the telephone.”

“Society will decide after the technology is created what we will and won’t accept.”

“Lies are for adults who are sad in their lives. Telling the truth and making some changes can help you be happier.”

“It’s amazing how quickly things can go from bad to total sh*tstorm.”

“Everything is easier when you have a company. Because going through a hard life with someone else is better than going through an easy life alone.”

“Every relationship has a kind of pattern, I guess, and maybe the pattern is more important than the stuff that makes up the pattern.”

“But kids think differently than adults think. Adults have spent so many years thinking more and more like each other because the more you live with other people the less you think like yourself and the more you think like them. But kids are new people so we still think more normally.”

“There’s a nerd in each of us. Everyone’s a geek in some way or other. Everyone’s an outsider.”

“I find people who want to help other people to be the most interesting. I come from a family of teachers, and my friends are teachers, often times in very difficult school situations.”

“To be generous is a great virtue. Mother Teresa was asked what was the meaning of life, and she said to help other people, and I thought, ‘What a strange thing to say,’ but maybe it’s the right thing to say.”

“It was totally understood, growing up, that we should support people who are struggling. This was not debatable. In my family, no one talked about, you know, the value of lower taxes. We talked about the value of education, of social security, of universal healthcare.”

“I grew up in Queens and New Jersey. I started doing children’s theater when I was seven to get out of school because I didn’t fit in. I did children’s theater when I was younger, and then when I was about 14 I started doing theater in New York City.”

“I had great difficulty in school interacting with others, and I took refuge in the contrived setting of play acting, which is what I still do.”

“As an actor, you try to bring as much of yourself to a part to try and create a feeling of authenticity and emotional truth and resonance.”

“I feel equal parts lucky and scared anytime I get a job.”

“If you went to Harvard Medical School, chances are you’ll be a doctor at some place. There’s a career trajectory. Acting, there’s nothing. It’s constantly trying to procure jobs. It’s very disconcerting.”

“I don’t concern myself with thinking ahead to the finished product. I focus more specifically on what the character is experiencing. Once you relieve yourself of the very arbitrary and always punishing pressure of what an audience is expecting you to do, acting becomes a lot more fun and pure.”

“If you’re acting, then there’s a prescribed way to behave; whereas in life, there’s no prescribed way. So acting feels like a comfortable way to get through the day.”

“You don’t have to be Superman, you are already a hero of your life. Every character I play has to be the hero of his own story, the way we’re all heroes of our own lives.”

“I see writing and acting as different parts of the same continuum. Writing is better for intense emotion. If you’re very angry about something, you shouldn’t present it as strongly when you’re acting. But if you’re really angry and writing about it, that’s the best way to get it out and across.”

“I write plays instinctively, and I have a musical that’s starting to get produced now. That’s what I would love to do, but it’s so hard.”

“I always think that acting in the plays I’ve written is like the second most terrifying thing in the world, and the first most terrifying thing in the world is sitting at home and not doing it. As nerve-racking as it is, I would feel worse not doing it.”

“The only suggestions I get on my plays is to make them more of what they already are, and that’s wonderful.”

“I feel things can always be funny, but that’s probably because I have some kind of leftover childhood need to make people laugh. For somebody like me, that’s the thing you excel at. I played basketball all the time, but I was nowhere near the best on the team, so you make fun of the guy who is the best on the team in a way that also seems to invite him in, and suddenly you have friends.”

“The payoff for me is the experience itself. I really do love it. I think there are probably a lot of actors like me who I think probably struggle to feel comfortable in their own lives, and acting in some ways provides a safe context for them to live out emotions that they possibly repress or live out experiences that they are not afforded by virtue of circumstance. So all that stuff for me is the real joy.”

“I have to pay the bills. Yeah. But it also has given me this wonderful feeling of not only doing something I love, but being integrated into a community that I really respect of people who are in the arts and hopefully progress cultural discussions through fiction. I think there’s nothing more wonderful than using fiction to reflect real-world cultural ideas.”

“All of my pleasures are guilty, but that’s just the way I’m wired.”

“I need to stay busy. Otherwise I go a little nutty.”

“The only way to be turned off to being famous is to be famous. But I realize that the only way to be disgusted by fame is to be famous, because otherwise it looks amazing. Then people stop you on the street, and it’s like the most annoying thing in the world. The first time it happened it’s great, and then the second time you have to shake somebody’s hand…”

“Subjected to the paparazzi is jarring, but it means I get to do the things I love. The moment I complain about the totally disproportionate relationship between the wonderful perks I get as a public figure and the minor inconveniences that I’m tasked with encountering, is the moment I hope somebody slaps me in the face.”

“The whole context of what we’re doing right now is vain for me. But all of our lives have unusual circumstances. And you learn to live with those circumstances.”

“I know my circumstances are the luckiest circumstances that have existed since, y’know, the dawn of civilization. I recognize that in an intellectual way. I just still put a lot of pressure on myself. When I think about the kind of luck I have, of not only being born in America, but being able to do the things that I want to do, it feels pretty stupid to feel anxiety.”

“It’s a great privilege to get to travel for work.”

“If I wasn’t acting, I would just be trying to make my own things, but being an actor gives me insight into these worlds that I just have would have never heard about because it requires other people to have passion for something that I don’t know about.”

“I don’t need to be amazed, I already know how it’s done.”

“I’m just incredibly lucky.”

“You deserve to be happy. I’m a human being and it’s okay for me to be a happy one.”

“So until next time, remember: cardio, seatbelts, and this really has nothing to do with anything, but a little sunscreen never hurt anybody. I’m Columbus, Ohio from Zombieland, saying goodnight.”

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