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Josh Elizetxe Quotes

Josh Elizetxe quotes: the internet entrepreneur and traffic pro discusses habits, goals, mindset, money, and more.

“Make your life a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do.”

“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”

“I stopped caring about what people think.  I stopped thinking I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, etc.  Once I got rid of those limiting beliefs and started being my true self, I started to attract better people, better opportunities, and my businesses grew faster than ever before.”

“I don’t mind competition.  Competition, for me, is a great sign.”

“Think bigger.  Almost every person I look up to has answered the question, ‘What would you do differently?’  Think bigger.  Follow people doing bigger things and realize that they are not better than you – they simply thought big and acted accordingly.  Years of focus on themselves and their goals.”

“Time is the only thing we can’t get back.”

“Be the energy you want to attract in your life.  Spend time with those that lift your spirit, not dampen your spirit.  Life is too short.”

“Even while driving I’m learning.  The more successful I became the more I realized what I didn’t know.”

“The world owes you nothing.  If you’re binging on Netflix, scrolling social media all day, and still complaining – don’t be surprised you’re not hitting your goals!  Make a change in your input to change the output.  It’s the only way.”

“I rarely watch sports, TV shows, or reality TV.  I’m busy building my businesses, learning from books and podcasts – free by the way – so that my reality is better than the TV shows.”

“Work hard, party hard, laugh hard, cry hard.  You can have it all – don’t limit yourself.  Life is better when you are laughing.”

“The pessimist complains about the wind‬.  The optimist expects it to change‬.  The realist adjusts the sail.”

“Swap out some social media time, Netflix binging, etc. for spending time on your growth.  Soon enough, people around you will think it’s ‘magic’ but you know it was nothing but hard, focused work on personal growth.  In life, you can either have discipline or you can have regret.  You get to choose!  Are you willing to take yourself to the next level?”

“The American dream is alive.”

“Eight year overnight success.  I wake up each morning hungry to earn my keep, and I enjoy my life to the highest degree.”

“Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and focus on your growth.  Impact… and my contribution to my team… is what drives me.”

“Without goals, we are like a ship headed nowhere.  Take time each day to set goals by writing them down. This will increase your focus and productivity hugely.”

“Make Monday the best day of the week.  It all starts with your mindset!  But nothing becomes reality without daily action, no matter how small.  Just start.  We all start somewhere.”

“Friday is not a day off.  While everyone is winding down for the weekend, I’m winding up.  Owls hunt at night for a reason.”

“The more you avoid B-players, the more time you have to work on A-players – the most important being yourself.”

“Develop a habit to read.  First things first – you have to start reading.  Reading is the key.  You get to learn a lot in a short amount of time.  I can confidently say that reading is one of the best investments of your time.”

“Delaying gratification is nearly impossible nowadays, but if you’re able to do it for 5-10 years, you will realize the joy of achievement is addictive.”

Kobe is famous for waking up two hours before everyone else to get in that extra practice.  Don’t just be busy, but make deliberate progress – not just movement.  Eventually, people will see your results and think it was magic.  It happens every time.”

“Take some time every day – especially in the morning and at night before you sleep – to visualize and imagine how you want your life to be.  This will literally be a game-changer.”

“Pay careful attention to your self-talk.  We are always talking to ourselves and having conversations.  However, we do not realize that sometimes our self-talk can be very harmful.  Say kind words to yourself.”

“After selling my last company, I thought I’d retire and that ‘I won.’  In reality, it bought me the freedom to do anything I want and I realized the pursuit and impact is what I’m addicted to.”

“Understand the levers you control in life and use them to your advantage.  But don’t forget to enjoy the ride because the destination often makes you realize the ride was what excited you.”

“The first step in becoming rich… is realizing that, if you came from nothing, it is your greatest advantage.”

“Materials are just trophies that usually sit on the shelf collecting dust.  The real reward is your growth, your impact on others and your sense of pride to know you are becoming a better you each day.  Money is just one way to take score, and in my opinion, the least fulfilling.”

“Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”

“Reading helped me create a life for myself I could only imagine.  Reading hack: I use Audible audiobooks to listen to the book at 1.5 to 2x speed while reading and taking notes on the actual book itself.  This is how I’m able to digest so much information every week.”

“I work 15 hours a day because I love my team and I don’t want to let them down.”

“Goodwill is an instant multiplier effect.”

“People do business with people they like.  And if you associate yourself with people they follow, they’re more likely to like you.  It’s just basic psychology.”

“Recognition is infinitely valuable.”

“For me, I’m always thinking 10 years out.”

“I recognize that the world runs off of influence.  The more you can control influence, the more you can control your destiny.”

“I promise you the most important work is the work you don’t get paid for.”

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