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Charlie Ergen Quotes

Charlie Ergen

Charlie Ergen quotes: the co-founder of Dish Network offers the following advice.

“I believe it’s less risky long-term to embrace change.”

“You can put your head in the sand.  Or you can say, ‘Hey, the world is changing and let’s go out and change with the world.'”

“When you deal with change, you have a couple choices: you can lead it and make the rules, or you can be a fast follower, or you can be a slow follower.”

“One of the primary reasons people stop learning is that they worry about failing.  I can promise you that I’ve found failure to be my very best teacher.”

“I didn’t realize that companies have two kinds of paychecks.  One has your earnings with your taxes taken out, but the other doesn’t get deposited in your bank account, but rather in your body of experience.  I chose to take jobs that had a big paycheck but only paid a small dividend when it came to experience.  I had a boss that knew everything and therefore he had little to teach me.  When I realized I didn’t have the personality to work for a big company, I chose to retire at the age of 25, albeit, with not very much money, but lots of dreams.”

“Take the jobs where you will learn the most, and the other paycheck will take care of itself.”

“So many graduation speeches, you’ll hear about following your passion.  Well, if I had done that, I would be dealing blackjack in Vegas right now.  So, that is not what worked for me.  Rather, I would advise you to get really good at something and follow some advice from Dumbledore in Harry Potter.  It is our choices that show what we really are, far more than our abilities.”

“Never stop learning.  Be curious.  Try new things.  Get really good at something and have the nerve to go the whole hog.”

“Poker is a game where you don’t have to have the best hand to win.  Poker is really reading other people and reading human emotion, which certainly comes into play in business.”

“Blackjack is very scientific.  There’s always a right answer and a wrong answer.  Do you take a card, increase your bet, bet big or bet small.  There’s absolutely a right and wrong answer.”

“To use a poker analogy, if the deck is a bit stacked against you, spread the deck on the table and let everyone see the cards.”

“The world is changing.  I don’t, as a consumer, want advertising that’s not relevant.  If we’re going to take a side let’s take the side of the consumer.”

“We’re able now to provide local television channels to all Americans, so all 107 million households will be able to receive their local channels via satellite, which will give us true effective competition to the dominant cable providers, no matter where a person may live.”

“Ultimately, broadcasters and advertisers have to change the way they do business or they run the risk of linear TV becoming obsolete.”

“I don’t want to kill ads.  I think advertising is great, and I’m very aware that there’s multiple revenue streams in television – subscription and advertising.  But I also don’t want to put my head in the sand, and I think the world is changing.”

“Allowing your kids to watch TV doesn’t have to mean they have no choice but to see commercials for junk food and alcohol.”

“People will steal it if you don’t make it easy to buy it.”

“You either trust someone day one until they prove you wrong, or you say, ‘I don’t trust you until you show me I can trust you.’  I’m the latter.”

“There are only two kinds of employees that I’ve run across in 30 years.  There are ones that get results, and ones that make excuses.  If you’re in that second camp, you’re not going to like Dish.”

“I care about our employees more than anybody in my company.  I care about my kids, too, but that doesn’t mean I give them everything that they want.”

“It’s the story of The Cat in the Hat.  He comes back and brings a young cat in tow.  He says, ‘Young cat, keep your eyes open enough, oh the stuff you will learn, the most wonderful stuff.’  And then later on, ‘The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you will go.’”

“You had most of your language skills by the time you were five.  You had most of your vocabulary by the time you were 11.  And studies show that 40% of you will never read another book after today.  Therefore, advice number one, I encourage you to listen to The Cat in the Hat and spend the rest of your lives learning something new every day.  Never, never, stop learning.”

“I learned how to learn.  I was thrown into many new situations.  Some I had no experience with, and the only way to get out of that was to learn every day.  And this lesson continues to pay dividends every day.  I graduated with not the knowledge of how to become the CEO of a large company, but rather, with the ability and the confidence that I could learn whatever would be necessary to run a company.”

“Like Curious George, I’ve always wondered why something can’t be done.  Focusing on ‘we can,’ instead of ‘we can’t.’  Asking questions.  Doing a bit less talking and a lot more listening.  There is no question that the more curious you are, the better learner you will be.”

“Never lose that desire to interact and tangle with the world and continue to learn by doing, by being curious.”

“‘I do not like green eggs and ham.  Try them, try them and you may.  Say, I like green eggs and ham.  Thank you, thank you, Sam I am.’  With those words Dr. Seuss teaches another lesson about learning.  One must try things that you may think you will not want… or not really want to learn.”

“Fresh from failing the corporate world, I was encouraged to try something new – actually start my own business.  It wasn’t something that I knew I would like, but I didn’t like the alternative.  I spent the next two years traveling, asking questions, reading, playing poker, but most definitely learning.  When Jim DeFranco called one day, and he had seen a big satellite dish getting signals from outer space, I knew that was the business we were looking for.  So Jim and I promptly started EchoSphere Corporation, which later would become Dish Network.”

“Never do anything by halves, be outrageous, go whole hog, make sure everything you do is completely crazy, that it is unbelievable.”

“‘The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you will go.’  Without question, that is the single best piece of advice I can give you today.”

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