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Eric Worre Quotes

Worre Networking Wisdom

Eric Worre quotes: Worre’s wisdom on business, motivation, network marketing, life in general.

“Network marketing isn’t perfect.  It’s just better.”

“Stop hoping to get lucky.  Decide to be good.”

“What’s bigger: your dreams or your excuses?”

“In network marketing, it doesn’t matter what works.  It only matters what duplicates.  Let this be a guiding principle for every network marketing professional.”

“Circumstance doesn’t matter.  Entrepreneurs adapt.”

“Take an honest look at how you manage your time.  It could be the difference between status quo and real wealth.”

“So network marketing is a pyramid scheme?  Tell me more about Corporate America.”

“If you are controlled by the opinions of others, you’ve placed a ceiling on your future.”

“There’s nothing that compares to the risk and reward ratio in our profession.”

“Personal development without action becomes useless.  Get out of your head and into action.”

“Be different.  Be focused.  Be determined.”

“Take a little bit of action and watch the fear fade away.”

“You can’t live an above average life with a below average effort.”

“Disconnect from negative associations and take charge.”

“If you succeed in this business, it’ll be because you made a decision to make something happen.”

“Look in your past for negative repeating patterns.  Break the pattern and you’re free to move to the next level.”

“Leadership is about being willing to watch other people and be coached.”

“Measure yourself against yourself.”

“You could get bitter about it, or better from it.”

“If you feel it’s really important to have the approval of ignorant people, then network marketing is the wrong profession for you.”

“To expand abroad, what you need to do is just start asking and never stop.”

“It’s not your opportunity; it’s their opportunity.”

“The fastest way to grow your business is to grow yourself.  Set a goal that will cause you to become more than you are today.”

“If you’re looking for answers, the best way to start is by asking questions.  Sounds simple yet so few people do it.”

“When you dance with the devil, the devil doesn’t change – the devil changes you.  Be careful who you become friends with because your friends will influence your life.”

“The good thing about winning in this profession is that you can’t win by hurting other people.  You can only win by helping them.”

“Network marketing can’t be learned.  It has to be discovered.  And the only way to discover it is through activity.  The learning is in the doing.”

“Once you believe, good things start to happen.”

“Become independent as quickly as possible.  If you have an upline that does everything for you, you don’t have to become anything.  If they help you long enough, you become dependent.  And that’s the last thing you want to become.”

“If you want to build a business, you’ve got to work your face off.  That’s the truth.”

“Have the courage to forgive yourself and stop letting the past define you.”

“You can’t just cross your fingers and hope for the best.”

“Champions say yes.  Champions tell the world.  Champions figure it out.  In that order.”

“The most powerful force on earth is your imagination.”

“Go against the grain.  Be a little bit rebellious towards the system.  Want more for your family and your legacy.”

“Learning is not going to grow a network; action is going to grow a network.  Learning is not going to create duplication; action is what’s going to create duplication.”

“The more you do it, the more comfortable and confident you will become.”

“The thief of network marketing success is lack of focus.”

“Walk away from the drama.”

“You’ll never get ahead if you don’t get started.  There’s never been a better time to start than today.”

“This is a real business.  But you have to have a real business mind.  This is the real world.  We have a gift.  Don’t slap it in the face.”

“Control what you can control; take charge in your own business.”

“To achieve your dreams, you must break out of your current comfort zone.”

“People in network marketing don’t earn simply on the size of their network.  They make money based on the strength of their network.”

“In network marketing, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish if we build each other up instead of tearing each other down.”

“Focus on the positive with everyone in your organization.  Guide them, direct them, and encourage them.”

“Believe in your team and in the goodness of people.  Understand what this profession can do for you.”

“No matter how outrageous your dreams and goals are right now, sooner or later, you will look back and realize you were thinking too small.  You are limitless.”

“Realize that paying attention to other people’s lives is the secret to success.”

“There is always a reason to quit, but there is also a reason to stay.”

“Blame is a dead end street.”

“Let go of the illusion of fear.  Let go of the illusion of other people’s opinions.  Decide to go all out.”

“Anything worthwhile takes time.”

“Are you going to hold back your opportunity for yourself or share it with the world?”

“Don’t ever let someone convince you that you can’t do something.”

“In my experience, the best goals for network marketing are daily goals.  Daily habits.  Daily activities.  A daily method of operation.”

“Don’t fall in love with potential.”

“The network marketing profession pays out approximately $200 million dollars in commissions to distributors every single day of the year.  Maybe it’s time you take a closer look.”

“Any time you want to get rid of bad behavior in your life?  Stop accepting it.”

“Your journey is to figure out how, exactly, you’re going to bring value to the world.  The journey is the thing.”

“Focus on their needs, not yours.”

“Thinking doesn’t create action.  Movement creates action.”

“Beware of the dream killers.”

“Just because you own a business doesn’t mean the business owns your life.”

“Not everyone will become a six figure earner.  But anyone can.”

“Becoming rich is hard.  Staying broke is hard.  Choose your hard.”

“Give more value to the world than you ever ask for in return.”

“You don’t grow your network.  You grow your people and they grow the network.”

“No one is going to knock on your door and force you to be successful.  You have to go out there and fight for it.”

“Yes, your dreams should inspire you.  But at the same time, if they don’t scare you a little bit, you’re aiming too low.”

“It can take an average of 4 to 6 exposures for the average prospect to join.”

“If you are uncomfortable promoting your product or service to someone you know and love, that means you don’t believe in that product or service.  Either find a way to build that belief or do something else.”

“In network marketing, the truth is more than enough.  There’s no need to exaggerate.”

“Success in network marketing isn’t about luck or timing.  It’s about skills.”

“Don’t let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big.”

“If you ask questions, you don’t have to be an expert.”

“Be the champion of your product or service.  Lead by example.”

“An entrepreneur that isn’t interested in selling stuff isn’t an entrepreneur.”

“Face those fears.  Build that confidence.  Make it happen.  I believe in you.”

“Just decide you’re going to do it.”

“Treat your business with the respect it deserves.”

“My number one investment was in me.”

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