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Melissa Etheridge Quotes

Melissa Lou Etheridge

Melissa Etheridge quotes: the singer’s best sayings.

“Believe in yourself and what you feel.  Your power will come from that.”

“The sweetness is in having success with something you truly believe in.”

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to be a certain way.  Be unique.  Be what you feel.”

“I think I’d like to be inspirational to anyone who has a dream, anyone who wants to make more of their life than maybe what is set out in front of them.  And you can!”

“Oh yeah.  It’s important to see what you’ve done and say, ‘Yeah, I did that, now I have more goals to strive for.’  It’s also good to be grateful for what you’ve done.”

“Joy is the most important thing in our life.  We cannot exist without joy, without creativity.”

“The only thing that stays the same is change.”

“Don’t let people who live in fear and hate govern how you live.”

“I’m exploring the maturity, the wisdom that just comes from having gone around the sun 50 times.  My experience is, ‘Oh, I’m never really going to get it right.  I’m never going to get it done.’  But that’s not the point here.  The point is the journey.”

“What’s happening right now, this month, I check in and go, ‘Hey.  You are at the top of a wave right now.  Look around and enjoy it because it’s not going to stay.’  The wave goes away.  It does not dictate how good I am or my worth.  It’s just the way it happens.”

“There will always be someone else with a different view than you.  I appreciate them and would never say that they are wrong.  I hope that they would give me that courtesy also.”

“My faith is that I am on this earth, and I am an energy that is moving forward and can make choices and I’m in control.  I know that whatever darkness I have, I will have at least as much light because that’s just the way it is.”

“I think I’ve been on a path ever since I was born, a path of high stress.  I put myself, my career, it was a big old juicy carrot right in front of me for all of my life.”

“Expectations are just planned disappointments.  I have tried and succeeded mostly in my life to stay in the moment.  To reach for what I wanted and to go for that, yet I certainly learned along the way that celebrity or success of fame or whatever you wanna call it, is a graph that just goes up and down.  And you have to be able to go down with it too, because you cannot sustain the high part at all.  At the end of the day, you gotta lock it up and go play with your kids.”

“There’s a point when your tape of life runs off the reel and there’s this stillness of your own – I got to know myself.”

“I’ve sold my soul for freedom.  It’s lonely, but it’s sweet.”

“I feel my heart break to see a nation ripped apart by it’s own greatest strength – it’s diversity.”

“Gay people are born everyday.  You will never legislate that away.”

“Well, if I can inspire or help someone stand on their own and say, ‘This is who I am,’ then I’m blessed.  I love that I can help people.  It’s not a problem at all to be labeled that way.”

“I’ve been a rock star since you were very young.  But I’ve never encountered anything as powerful as cancer.”

“Cancer is an opportunity to sit down and look into yourself and find the answers.  Yes, it’s serious, but it’s not the end-all.”

“I can look at cancer as a disease that picks me out and ask, ‘Why me?’ or I can look at it through love and say, ‘This is a wake-up call.  This is my body telling me: hey, you’re out of balance here.  It’s time to get in line with yourself.'”

“Once I overcame breast cancer, I wasn’t afraid of anything anymore.”

“I don’t fear death.  I have a lot more to do.”

“I don’t have a bucket list because it is my dedication to live every day of my life there.  I don’t have a bucket list because I’m doing it that day.  I don’t want to go to bed and say, ‘Oh, I wish I had done this.'”

“The sign says, ‘Do not enter, no trespassing allowed.’  With visions of redemption I walk against the crowd.”

“I’m one step ahead of my past, two steps behind my dream.”

“I am a songwriter.  I do get to put my personal experiences in song.”

“The songs are inspired by my experiences.  Sometimes they are more than my real-life and, conversely, my life is more than just my songs.”

“Life happens, and I write about it wherever I am.”

Bruce Springsteen has always been so nice to me, which is crazy, because he’s one of my heroes.  I’ll never forget being at a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony the year Bruce and Paul McCartney were inducted.  We were at the bar, and Bruce was talking to Paul, and he turned to me and said, ‘I can’t believe I’m talking to Paul McCartney!’  I thought, ‘I can’t believe I’m talking to Bruce Springsteen, who’s talking to Paul McCartney!'”

“I’m very fortunate that I have a wonderful family around me and loved ones.”

“People ask me, ‘Is being a parent the be-all, end-all?’  And I say, ‘Oh, it definitely is up to the person, and it is difficult, it can be very difficult, and it can be extremely healing.’  That’s what I have found, that the children are mirrors.  Everyone is a mirror, but children especially because they’re day and night and all day long.”

“I’m so cool that the kids come to my bedroom and go, ‘Mom!  Turn the music down!”

“Mothers, tell your children: be quick, you must be strong.  Life is full of wonder, love is never wrong.  Remember how they taught you, how much of it was fear.  Refuse to hand it down – the legacy stops here.”

“You are more powerful than you know; you are beautiful just as you are.”

“Life is full of wonder, love is never wrong.”

“There is no fear when you choose love.  The more you choose love, the more love is in your life.  It gets easier and easier.”

“We are getting older, and we are getting wiser, and we are getting freer.  And when you get the wisdom and the truth, then you get the freedom and you get power, and then look out.  Look out.”

“I’d say don’t sweat the small stuff.  Love yourself as much as you want others to love you… and do more sit ups!”

“Be strong, believe in who you are; be strong, believe in what you feel.”

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