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Faith Hill Quotes

Audrey Faith McGraw

Faith Hill quotes: the country music star’s best quotes.

“I believe that you need to be the person you are and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  If you want something, go out and get it.  Follow your dreams, and never give up!”

“Stand up for what you believe.  Follow your gut, which most of the time is your heart talking.  This has been my hardest lesson.  I have given this advice and not always followed it myself.  The truth is, there is no other way.”

“In order to succeed, you can’t be afraid to fail.  Just do it and don’t let anybody tell you you can’t.”

“I have this strength that comes from knowledge.”

“Success is about evolution.  Change is healthy.  I like to reinvent myself.”

“I’m very competitive but in a very nice way.”

“When you have confidence in someone and their enthusiasm, it makes you want to work hard and not disappoint them, or anyone.”

“It’s not complicated to embrace life.  You just have to make the choice.”

“There are many lessons to learn.  Naming just one is next to impossible.  However, learning to love and be loved is a good starting point.  It will encompass much.”

“I have compassion and empathy for these struggles, the way in which climbing the ladder of life is so much harder for some people than we can imagine, when you have every stake in the world just thrown against you and you still feel like you’re never going to get out of it.”

“There’s no way for anyone to understand what can happen in one’s life until you’ve gotten your hands in the midst of it, you’ve tried to figure out your way.  How do you crawl out of a situation in which there’s no hope?   It’s difficult to get out of that darkness and get outside a situation that has enveloped your entire life.  You’re on a cycle you can’t seem to get off of.  Sometimes because of what that’s like, I’m not even sure people realize that they can want anything different.  I hope that makes sense.”

“Well, there are things I’ve done in the past I’m not proud of – and I could talk about them if I wanted to – but I don’t reveal my secrets.  I prefer certain things to remain personal; there have to be boundaries.  And I don’t think you need a scandal to have an interesting story.”

“It’s okay to take time for yourself.  We give so much of ourselves to others and we need to be fueled both physically and mentally.  If we are in balance, it helps us in all our interactions.”

“I try to find a reason to laugh each day.  Somehow, if you can incorporate laughter into your day, every day, it really helps.  It’s the little things in life that make me happy.”

“I have worries and fears just like everybody else.  But I have every reason to wake up each morning and be very happy.”

“When I wake up in a bad mood, I try not to stay in one.  Learn to make the best of what you have.”

“I don’t know why ‘happy’ can’t be a story.”

“I think beauty comes from within.  If you’re happy and look at life in the best way you can, even when there are problems, it can make you beautiful on the outside.”

“I feel the older you get, too, the more confident you become just in your own skin.”

“My family and my friends are most important to me.  These people are my foundation.”

“Before, my career came first.  All I had to think about was myself.  Now my children prevail.  It doesn’t mean my career is less important; I just have to position things differently.”

“Just like every mother out there, I try to prioritize, make a list, and start checking things off.  The stuff I don’t get done will just have to wait until tomorrow.”

“Marriage isn’t something you agree to do one day, and if things don’t go right, then it’s over.”

“I think what makes our marriage work amid all the glare is that my husband is my best friend.  He inspires everything in my life and enables me to do the best that I can.  I want to hang out with him more than anyone.”

“I constantly work at maintaining balance.  For me, my family comes first.  If my family is taken care of, then everything else usually falls into place.”

“I’m able to shift gears from mom to performer to mom pretty quickly.  It doesn’t bother me when the kids run in while I’m getting dressed.  And in terms of coming offstage, the minute you walk through the door and your kid runs into your arms, you’re smacked in the face with a dose of reality: it’s like, this is my real life.”

“So a lot of good things happen when you are growing up, and that’s what I like to say: I’m growing up.  I’m learning not to sweat the small things.  I know it sounds contrived, but it’s just so very, very true.”

“In the real world, it is harder to be taken seriously as a woman.  Use your brain and be smart about your choices.  There’s nothing wrong with being a good girl – it’s actually very attractive and sexy.”

“Taking better care of myself has helped a lot; there’s this quiet confidence that comes with it.  Once I saw the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, it just became so worth it to me, physically and psychologically.  I’ve just become conscious of what I put into my body, because I know what I put in it is also going to show on the outside.”

“Beauty for me has a lot to do with happiness and a certain confidence deep inside.”

“As a family, we always talk about being healthy and how beauty comes in so many different shapes and sizes.  We talk about being happy and active and how having a good mind is the most important thing.  I always tell the girls that having knowledge of things and ideas will serve them more than anything else in the long run.”

“I don’t want to sound like a Hallmark card, but to be able to wake up each day with food and shelter, that alone is good.  Forget aging and the fact that my butt is becoming a little more familiar with my knees than my tailbone.  If you are six feet above ground it’s a good day.  So, give me more!”

“Country music is the people’s music.  It just speaks about real life and about truth and it tells things how they really are.”

“I’ll walk off stage after a performance, and someone will say to me, ‘I’ve never seen you do that before,’ and sometimes I’m not even aware of what I’ve done.  It’s a matter of getting lost in the music and the moment.  It’s like therapy.  It’s a freeing of the soul.”

“I’m still proud of what I’ve done, even if it hasn’t been the biggest song on the radio or hasn’t gone to number one.”

“My goal as an artist is to always be true to who I am and give my fans music they will enjoy for a lifetime.”

“A little bit of stage fright, then I’m ready.”

Her husband’s quotes are solid too.

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