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Abdul Farooqi Quotes

Abdul Samad

Abdul Farooqi quotes: The Modern Millionaires co-creator on all the things.

“My advice when we come across haters.  (1) Congratulate yourself because you’re now doing something right.  (2) Put your head down and work.  (3) Start an online business or help people out.  (4) Get paid, get your momma a car, give your daddy a hug, buy a G-Wagon or a Lambo, and keep dreaming big while they sit in their grandma’s little basement with their hands down their pants.”

“How we do The ONE Thing: (1) Block entire day to get the one thing done.  (2) Love the work, not the byproduct.  (3) Remove yourself from the world to get things done.  Don’t come back to the grid till the project is done.”

“Forever grateful for my ‘todays.’  Because, not too long ago, I was going to bed, praying for this reality.”

“Life is about moments.  Moments when you’re feeling happy, excited, adventurous.  But when you find someone pretty darn amazing to share these moments with?  You get moments 2.0.”

“Very rarely do you get a biz partner where you’re both enjoying the building process… even more than just the profits.”

“Not too long ago, I wished for a life well-traveled.  Didn’t know all those dreams would become a reality so fast.  Amazing what can happen when you: (1) Find a mentor.  (2) Stick to a plan.  (3) Give the middle finger to the man.”

“Sometimes… it takes a tough, grueling challenge to make you appreciative of life and all it has to offer.”

“We get so many chances to succeed… and if something doesn’t go according to plan, and you fail, you can still get by… come back smarter… and get another chance to make it.  We only really fail if we give up and stop investing in ourselves.  We have an unfair advantage, yet most of us don’t attempt to make the most of it.  When things get tough, our primitive brains wanna roll over and give in to the most safe option.  We continue to stick to what we know.  We continue the same routine that is making us plateau and slowly killing our dreams.  I know some of you still got that ‘dreamer’ in you.  So this is for you.”

“Dudes like Wim Hof climbing Mount Everest in undies… swimming for hours in icy lakes… David Blaine staying under water for 17 minutes… our lazy monkey minds want to dismiss these feats as ‘magic tricks.’  These are not magic tricks, these are real people doing real things our bodies are capable of.  We can isolate the impulses of our monkey minds and show who’s actually in charge.  True growth starts happening once you go past the internal limit your mind sets for you.  You start showing it what’s possible.  The internal limit, say, is set at 50% potential of what your body can do.  You go past it, your mind starts freaking out.  You hit 60%, 70%, and you show the mind, ‘Look!  I’m still going!  I can do this.’  Most people will stop at the internal speed limit your mind has set for you and never ever reach their full potential.  Once you show the mind who’s boss, it begins to get the damn idea… that this dude just ain’t stopping.  You start commanding it, rather than it commanding you.  And it’s the same way with every single thing.  The monkey mind sends an electric impulse to give up.  It takes a microsecond to quit.  But it sabotages you for life.  In your relationships, in exercise, in business, in forming any better habits.  Think about that next time you’re struggling for that next step, next rep, next idea, next grind.  Dig deep and show who’s boss.”

“The trick of ‘the system’ is to make you trade your time with friends and family… for the never-ending 9-to-5 grind.  Don’t believe it.  Build your freedom machine.”

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