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Farrah Fawcett Quotes

Farrah Leni Fawcett

Farrah Fawcett quotes: Jill Munroe’s most shared quotes.

“You have to eventually grow up and take control of your life.”

“Everything has positive and negative consequences.”

“When you do bad things, bad things happen to you.”

“I find that, for me, personally—and this is in everyday life—if I’m not growing, if I can’t be stimulated in a conversation, then I am bored.”

“To be rude to someone is not my nature.”

“I think that when you’re kind of just shoved out there and you have to be tough and you’re facing tough people and people are saying bad things about you, that all of a sudden, you have to become a little less sweet.”

“God gave women intuition and femininity.  Used properly, the combination easily jumbles the brain of any man I’ve ever met.”

“The reason that the all-American boy prefers beauty to brains is that he can see better than he can think.”

“Looking a certain way is a blessing and a curse.”

“I thought Marilyn Monroe was the most beautiful woman in the world and Elizabeth Taylor was breathtaking.  But when I see myself on the screen, I say: ‘Oh shoot!  What are they talking about?'”

“I am proud of what I have got and I need an audience.”

“I became famous almost before I had a craft.”

“I feel like Alice in Wonderland, really.  Everything is surreal.”

“What would you do if someone said to you: ‘You’re so popular right now that you can be on the cover of every magazine, but if you do that, you might get overexposed and a backlash will develop.’  That’s life.”

“I’m too passionate about my work.  Acting takes not only concentration, it takes creativity.  It takes… your soul.”

“I don’t think an actor ever wants to establish an image.  That certainly hurt me, and yet that is also what made me successful and eventually able to do more challenging roles.”

“It would almost be sinful to say that I regretted doing Charlie’s Angels because it did so much for my career.”

“My number one goal is to love, support and be there for my son.”

“Everyday is a good day, just some days are better.”

“I was thinking I would miss the rain.  I wonder if you can experience the rain in Heaven, if God will let you dip your wings down.  I will not go gently into that goodnight.”

“But I must never forget how blessed I have been.  God has given me gifts and happiness, beyond any of my simple desires.”

“Don’t give up, no matter what they say to you.  Keep fighting!”

“Cancer is a disease that is mysterious, headstrong and makes its own rules.  Cancer is my own private war.  The strain, the nausea, the fever take turns challenging my strength, my mind and my spirit.”

“Throughout the journey of my life, I have maintained a strong faith in the power of the human spirit to overcome adversity.  I deeply believe in one’s own positive will to overcome even the most daunting challenges.”

“In the face of excruciating pain and uncertainty, I never lost hope, and it never occurred to me to stop fighting.  Not ever.”

“This experience has also humbled me by giving me a true understanding of what millions of others face each day in their own fight against cancer.”

“As much as I would have liked to have kept my cancer private, I now realize that I have a certain responsibility to those who are fighting their own fights and may be able to benefit from learning about mine.”

“I’m holding onto the hope that there is some reason that I got cancer and there is something—that may not be very clear to me right now—but that I will do.”

“It is seriously time for a miracle.”

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