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Sally Field Quotes

Sally Margaret

Sally Field quotes: on aging, acting, family, money, and more.

“Louis Armstrong said you have to live a life.  And that’s right.  If you don’t live a life, you don’t got nothin’ to come out your horn.”

“You have to give up the life you planned to find the life that’s waiting for you.”

“Your opportunities present themselves.  Frustration may be your blessing in disguise, your gold.  Because then you have to look in other areas.”

“You just do the best you can with what you’ve got… and sometimes magic strikes.”

“Don’t think for one minute, whoever you are, that you’re not important.  You’re so vitally important to stand up and be heard and do what it is you do.”

“And I realized that sometimes the greatest triumphs in your life come in on little cat feet and sit on silent haunches and it’s up to you to see it before it moves on.”

Fear is where the information is.”

“Change is never easy.  How can you change who you are and learn what it takes to get up, over and over, if you can’t allow yourself to feel how much it hurts to be knocked down?”

“You lose your habitual behavior, which allowed you to sort of zone out.  You have to be here, you have to be now, you have to be present.”

“The people who stand on the sidelines and criticize aren’t actually in the arena, spilling their blood.  It’s your courage and skill that got you there.”

“I think when you’re reaching outside of something you’re comfortable doing, you’re just heading towards a light.  I don’t think you stop to justify it.”

“To be excellent at anything, it must cost you something.”

“When you’ve had a career that lasts a while, the hard times impact you so greatly, especially if you allow yourself to feel them; they sock you in the stomach.  The challenge is always to move forward out of them.  But you do the work and your life such a terrible disservice if you aren’t able to feel the good.  You would never have the strength to move onto the next place unless you took a moment to stop and say, ‘Something good is happening here.  I have been successful.  I am seen and appreciated.'”

“I must go to what desperately frightens me – the chance of failure.”

“I was raised to sense what someone wanted me to be and be that kind of person.  It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else’s eyes.”

“I find that I’m not as worried anymore about what other people think.  That’s a comfortable place to be.  And I’m starting to let go of the feeling that I need to push myself to do things I don’t want to do – an impulse that has always been linked to the feeling that I’m not enough.”

“I never really address myself to any image anybody has of me.  That’s like fighting with ghosts.”

“You try to get rid of the things that are weighing you down.”

“I started to repeat to myself, ‘If I’m not where I want to be, it’s because I’m not good enough… yet.’  Which meant… it was up to me.”

“I had to let my ego go a long time ago.”

“I didn’t back into being an actor, I was born one.  When I was born, the doctor looked at my mother and said, ‘Congratulations, you have an actor!'”

“I grew up in a show business family, but we were working-class show business.  There was nothing glamorous about it.  You had great things one day and the next day, nothing.”

“Acting has been my lover and best friend.  My confidant and my tormentor.  It has given me support and broken my heart and mended it.”

“I find that’s one of the great things about acting – you have the opportunity to stand in somebody else’s shoes.  Each character faces a dilemma in her life, and as an actor you’re able to step into that character’s skin, look through her eyes.  You leave transformed, a different person, because once you live a little bit of someone’s life, it changes you.”

“I really have no ulterior motive in taking on certain roles.  I have no larger issue that I really want to show people.  I’m an actor, that’s all.  I just do what I do.”

“You are getting older.  It’s time to embrace who you are, all that you have become and all you are going to be, and being respectful of your health is part of moving into this phase of your life.”

“I don’t want to run away from getting older.  I want to run toward it.  I don’t want 60 to be the new 40.  Sixty isn’t 40 – 60 is 60.  And that’s okay.  There are things and places for me to explore that I haven’t yet.  It’s about celebrating the gift of having today.”

“It means so much to be able to speak out to women my age, because we have so much to give.  Our earth, our community, our country, this world needs women.  Women standing up for themselves is the beginning of standing up for the world.  And health is part of it – demanding that you know more about your own health.  At this stage of your life, it’s invaluable.”

“I think any time you just pause for a moment, it’s a positive thing.  It’s a good time to write in a journal.  So, once a month, you sit down for that hour and write in your journal about this month that just passed.  That’s an important reflection, an important time for yourself.”

“Motherhood is given the brush-off in our society.  ‘Oh, I’m just a mom,’ you hear women say.  ‘Just’ a mom?’  Please!  Being a mom is everything.  It’s mentorship, it’s inspirational, it’s our hope for the future.”

“To watch how lovingly your children parent their own children is to know profound achievement.”

“You just need to have a soul that cares about the future more than you care about yourself.  That’s what mothering is – laying down your life for the young so they can grow up into full people.”

“I so believe that older women have tremendous value to their families, their community, their country, the world.  We need them.  Right now.  There’s a lot of value that comes from rearing your kids or taking care of your parents, making a living – it all accumulates into having a great deal of information about being alive.”

“I know that I love my family.  I think that I’m a pretty good actor, and I’m sure that I love acting.  My family and acting are the two things that matter most.”

“I’m certainly doing what I’ve always wanted to do, what I worked my whole life to be doing.  There’s something in me that’s hungry enough to still be here.”

“Quit thinking about your weight and start thinking about your worth and who you are and what you haven’t done yet.  What you want to accomplish.”

“Get over it.  Get on with your life.”

“The whole world is waiting.  The whole world needs you.”

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